8 Beauty Products I Love Right Now.

Just a few things I’ve tried recently and absolutely LOVED.

8 Beauty Products I Love Right Now

one // Farmacy Beauty’s Green Clean, in Strawberry Shortcake

This is cheating, sort of, as this was already one of my absolute favorite cleansers. It’s affordable, takes off all my makeup, and doesn’t strip the skin. But the strawberry fragrance = heaven. I really hate that it is limited edition and am planning to stockpile this as it just smells too good!

two // Westman Atelier’s brand new highlighter is just so good.

It’s just…effortless? (I got the peach). Just a couple drops and you’ll have a nice all over glow. It is hands down my number one favorite highlighter at the moment and probably the best makeup launch of the year if you ask me.

three // Rhode Skincare!

have to say… I LOVE these products? I worry that it’s not anti-aging enough for me and my 40+ skin but for daytime I do the 3 steps (milk, serum, cream) and I do feel like it does what it claims to do: my skin looks like a glazed donut. So glowy and radiant. It’s really hydrating too. I still do Bader at night but love this for day. I feel like it’s this generation’s Clinique 3 step (like Glossier was for young millennials). But it gives my 41-year old skin loads of hydration and glow. Read my longer review here.

four // NYX Butter Gloss

An under $5 gem! I love this lip gloss. It feels like butter (duh) and leaves my lips super soft. I’m a big fan of Tiramisu which is not at all similar to the color of tiramisu but more of a pretty pink.

five // Ami Cole’s Mascara

I love this for an everyday mascara. It gives great length and shine, without too much drama. Bonus points for the happy orange packaging and $19 price tag.

six // Ware SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen

I have never been a big mineral SPF person but absolutely love this. The consistency is perfect (it absorbs FAST and feels like nothing) and I love the subtle tint. It gives you that perfect no makeup summer glow (plus rock solid sun protection).

seven // Kosas Wet Stick

This is a very glossy, hydrating lipstick. It really does look wet. I really really like this, Malibu is my perfect pink!

eight // Soft Services Buffing Bar and Smoothing Solution

Oh my. I knew I’d like this brand but I didn’t know I’d like it this much. Don’t sleep on the buffing bar. I am not a big bar soap person but this is like a pumice stone for the body. It almost hurts a little (I promise, in a good way) and it leaves your skin baby smooth… like the ladies of a Turkish Hammam have scrubbed you clean.

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  1. The Reluctant Blogger:

    So many fantastic items sweetie!

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