50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50.

50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50

Gifts under $50! This gift guide is my biggest, as most of the gifts I will give this year are around that $50 and under price point. And ohhhhhh there are a lot of gifts here! I hope you enjoy this roundup, I had a lot of fun pulling it together.  We have beauty gifts! And books! And home things. Also clothes and even some fun kitschy holiday earrings. I like to think there’s something for everyone in here and am really just so proud of how it turned out. Happy gifting.

(For more great gift ideas check out these under $25 gifts!!!)

50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50

50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50

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On the spirits front I love this kit which is basically a Chambord Royale in a box.

OR the Haus sampler where you get four smaller bottles of their apéritifs for just $40. (Read my full review of Haus and most of the flavors in this blog post… the sampler set is really pretty).

One new to me small business I’m loving is Wolf Ceramics! Everything they sell is lovely but this sunrise mug is especially gorgeous. Also, this CHEESE BOARD is stunning. Or, a bottle of my favorite olive oil. You can read my full Brightland review, but the lemon is definitely my favorite.

At the opposite end of the spectrum I love my Bala bangles so much and think they’d be a great gift as fancy ankle/wrist weights aren’t something everyone would necessarily buy for themself. And for after that workout nothing is better than the neck hammock!

50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50

The Haus apéritif sampler set would make such a great gift.

You get four 200ml bottles (each bottle is good for three or so drinks) for $40, and you can choose exactly which four flavors you want. You could even break up the four bottles to give as gifts. Read my full Haus review right this way…

50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50

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50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50

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I am deeply into the new Martinique pajamas from Sant and Abel – this eye mask is so fun… you’ll feel as though you’re waking up at The Beverly Hills Hotel wearing it? Maybe that’s a stretch but we’ve all got to scratch that travel itch somehow, right?

I also think an Aquis hair towel would make such a great gift.

It really cuts down on dry time and makes the recipient’s life easier… but you know, spending $40 on a hair towel feels kinda splurgy so it’s something they wouldn’t maybe buy for themselves. Also along those pampering lines… this bath tray. It’s everything. Makes even the tiniest NYC bathtub (hand raised) feel luxurious. And on the small business front you cannot go wrong with this body scrub. The lemongrass scent is heavenly!

50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50

This Herbivore coconut milk soak is one of my all time favorite baths and was meant to go in yesterday’s under $25 gift guide but I messed up; I had thought it was more expensive. I also love the “matching” new body scrub. So sugary and delicious smelling (like real coconut, not artificial coconut flavor), the pair is divine.

50 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $50

Maison Louis Marie No. 4

twenty seven // twenty eight (take 15% off with code GRACE15)// twenty nine // thirty // thirty one // thirty two // thirty three // thirty four // thirty five // thirty six // thirty seven // thirty eight // thirty nine // forty // forty one // forty two // forty three // forty four // forty five // forty six // forty seven // forty eight // forty nine // fifty

You know I LOVE a candle.

My favorite candle of all time is the Maison Louis Marie No. 4 one. It just smells so good. Major sexy fireplace vibes. Marie Hunter Beauty is a phenomenal small (Black-owned) beauty brand and I love her candles. The tuberose is one of my go-to’s. Also for the candle lover, this little device is so handy!

Or what about a fun puzzle? The perfect gift of 2020.

Whiled.co is my friend Alisha’s company and they have so many cool puzzles, all designed by up and coming artists. I love this Ladies Who Lounge one, by Anna Leovy. You can take 15% off sitewide at Whiled with code GRACE15 through 12/31! Two more puzzles I love are this Champagne Problems one (which is going to give your recipient problems – it’s HARD!) or this gorgeous Jonathan Adler one. Chic chic chic. OR another fun quarantine gift idea… how about a homemade candle making kit? ALSO these playing cards. I don’t even play cards but they’re so chic that I want them!

And I can’t say enough good things about my favorite fleece/sweater pullover. I can’t recommend it enough and think it would be such a great gift. I think these fun bulb earrings are kind of fabulous, too. And I don’t do a lot of holiday-themed fashion (besides socks) but really like these!

I’ve highlighted a bunch of books here and they are all amazing BUT The Encyclopedia of New York gets a special shout-out. It’s a fascinating read (I’ve learned so much paging through it) and timely as I know I’m personally feeling a lot of nostalgia for the way the city was (and will be again!). Or for any fan of the royals… Elizabeth Holmes’ new book, which is an absolute feast for the eyes with photos. And lastly: Caroline Hirons’ book about skincare. I’ve learned so much from her (and this book) and can’t recommend it enough.

Lastly, for the kiddos: Magnatiles. You cannot go wrong with these. Just trust me.

essential oil mist

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Bala bangles

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photo by Allie Provost.


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  1. Peggy D:

    So nice to see things that aren’t just the same old items every other blogger is pushing. Thanks for doing some serious legwork and for being thoughtful and conscientious with your choices.

    11.11.20 Reply
    • Thank you!!! I put a lot of work into these and it means a lot to me when readers notice. 🙂

      11.11.20 Reply
  2. Val:

    Just purchased the Haus sampler and Brightland olive oil! Thanks again for the lovely gift guide!

    11.11.20 Reply
  3. Clare:

    Having so much fun reading these! Loves the $25 Guide as well and look forward to the others xo

    11.11.20 Reply
  4. So many ideas! Thanks so much, Grace. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    11.11.20 Reply
  5. Jessica Camerata:

    That sunrise mug is so cute. Such great gift ideas. And I may finally have to pull the trigger on this damn olive oil you’re obsessed with ha!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    11.11.20 Reply
  6. Kate:

    OBSESSED. Such amazing finds. Thank you Grace!!

    11.11.20 Reply
  7. Becca:

    Wow Grace thanks for putting so much work into these gift guides it really shows! I think those Magna-Tiles are so cool for my nieces and I wouldn’t mind playing with them too! And I think I need to pull the trigger on the neck hammock, my neck is normally tight and being on the computer all day has only made it worse. Thanks again Grace.

    11.11.20 Reply
    • Honestly, I could play with magna tiles every day and I’ve never met a child that doesn’t love them!!!

      Also, the neck hammock is liifffffe… makes such a difference!

      11.11.20 Reply
  8. marcella:

    OK I want it all!!!! I don’t normally buy christmas gifts for friends but honestly might this year because there’s so much cute stuff!! And also, I may get something for myself 🙂

    11.11.20 Reply
  9. Madeleine:

    Hi Grace! Thanks for introducing me to Sant and Abel PJs, they’re so pretty! Do they ever go on sale?

    11.11.20 Reply
    • I am honestly not sure! I will keep an eye out and definitely will share if/when they do!

      11.11.20 Reply
  10. Sinyala:

    OMG! Such a great curation! I want them all! Can’t wait for the rest of the gift guides but also scared for my bank balance. <3

    11.11.20 Reply
  11. Emma:

    This is a fantastic guide, thank you Grace! I feel like there are so many things to get my family and friends. Question on Brightland Olive Oil: I want to order a few of them, do you feel like I need to get them now so I have time for them to arrive before mid-Dec? I’m guessing shipping will be slower this year than normal but I didn’t know if I should be should be shopping 6 weeks out.

    11.11.20 Reply
    • I honestly don’t know! It’s always shipped pretty quickly for me. Does it say something on the website? Perhaps send their customer service a note?

      11.11.20 Reply
  12. Hilary:

    Hi Grace, amazing guide, thank you for the incredible effort and thought! I’m having trouble with the link for #11 (the accessories tray) and can’t seem to access it from a desktop or my phone … just me?? I’d love to say I’m looking at it as a gift for someone else, but I’d love it as an organizer for myself :). Can you let us know the name/website or an alternative link? Is anyone else having trouble? Many thanks … it’s just one of many things on this list I’m tempted by and will very likely be purchasing!

    11.11.20 Reply
  13. Laura:

    Love this guide! So many great ideas!

    11.11.20 Reply
  14. Loving this guide, cannot believe the holiday season is almost upon us


    11.12.20 Reply
  15. I needed this post with some good ideas for affordbale gifts! Thank you for putting it together.
    Also, now that I see the Bala weights, I kind of fancy the idea of getting them for myself…☺️

    The Career Edit

    11.15.20 Reply