5 of my Favorite Face Masks.

5 of my Favorite Face Masks
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Today I wanted to share 5 of my absolute favorite face masks. I probably do a face mask at least 3-4 times a week? The Tata resurfacing mask at least once a week. The Clarins depuffing mask before every shoot and sometimes on a weekend morning if I overdid it the night before. The Fresh clay mask if I am breaking out or about to get my period. I could go on. But I love a face mask. Oftentimes I’ll do it in the tub, other times… while I’m working. This is such a perk of the job, I am very often at home not seeing a soul… why not throw on a face mask!?

5 of my favorite face masks

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

I am a broken record but this is my favorite face mask, hands down. I did find a less expensive alternative (featured in this post!), but I still prefer this. I like to apply just the thinnest layer with a brush (love this brush!), and leave it on for a long time (30-45 minutes). When you rinse it off your skin is incredibly smooth, ultra glowy, AND tighter. It really does such a good job tightening everything up… both from a firming perspective, and tightening the look of the pores on your nose (this is a concern for me!). The tightening effect is temporary, but really really noticeable!

Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask

I have dry lizard person skin so don’t do very many clay masks (I’m much more concerned with dullness, dryness, and perpetual exfoliation!). That being said, I use this when I am PMSing, spontaneously breaking out, ETC. It is the best when your skin is feeling out of balance. It sucks up dirt and oil (and is a great spot treatment on a breakout) but it’s also very gentle and won’t wreak havoc on dry skin.

Clarins Depuffing Mask

I have become such an evangelist for this mask. I filmed this reel showing how I use it but truly, it is a godsend. Like I said, I use it anytime I have a shoot, and also the morning after a big night where my face is puffy from too many dirty martinis and/or salty foods. Nothing compares to it. I bought two during the Sephora sale… I’m shocked it isn’t sold out yet as this mask always sells out, even at regular price!

Biossance Glycolic Mask

What I love about this mask is that it exfoliates but also moisturizes at the same time. So when you take it off, your skin is smoother and definitely a lot more radiant and even… but also, soft! (I’d say this is the big difference between it and the Tata; the Tata is not at all hydrating… I often follow it up with a moisture mask. But I love the Tata for other reasons, specifically how much it tightens up your skin!

SK-II Sheet Mask

These are quite expensive and to be honest I am not a huge sheet mask person as I hate sitting still (and you really have to sit still while doing a face mask). That being said, this mask makes you look younger in a way I can’t even explain… pretty much instantly. I hate saying that but it is true. Of course the results don’t last more than a day but fine lines are temporarily erased and your skin just looks plump, dewy, and glowy.

Also… some funny behind the scenes below. We were shooting the photos for this story. I knew that I wanted to be in my murder robe, reading with a mask on. Mid-shoot Laura asked, “Wait. don’t you want your knife???” I was confused at first. She laughed and said, “you’re in your murder robe. you need your knife!” I don’t think she thought I would seriously want my knife, but I said yes and here we are. We were both just completely cracking up.

5 of my Favorite Face Masks Grace Atwood facial masks

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photography by Laura Saur.


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  1. Anna:

    I love the stats mask. I stopped using it along with a bunch of stuff when I became pregnant (not sure if it’s unsafe – I just stopped a lot of acids). I look forward to using it again! Your mask application looks so precise! Is there a reason you don’t apply it all the way to hair line or on the bridge of your nose? Thanks!

    4.8.22 Reply
    • Oh lol – that is just for the photo shoot – we wanted to apply it in a cute way. 😉

      4.8.22 Reply
  2. Caroline:

    THE KNIFE!!!! ☠️

    Love the photos you two have been creating together. A good team!

    4.8.22 Reply
  3. Orla:

    I have to say, I don’t like the knife.

    However, I totally agree with you that actors this day and age should not wear fat suits! And you should totally report that Uber driver. He cannot be trusted and could pose a danger to someone.

    4.8.22 Reply
  4. I am going to have to try some of these out!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    4.8.22 Reply
  5. Katie:

    OMG the knife! Cracking up! I’ve been loving the sense of fun Laura and you seem to have…it totally translates into the most vibrant photos!

    4.8.22 Reply