Tula Mask Review.

Tula Mask Review

Recently, Tula did some good things that I aligned with on a personal level and I decided to place an order. I had (and still for the most part still do feel this way) felt that Tula is better for younger skin, which is why I haven’t spent a ton of time trying out their products. In my head, their skincare was akin to Glossier’s: for the youth! (Or at least, for those with combination or acne prone skin). I am 40 and my skin runs very dry and I need heavy duty dermatological-grade products.

As background, I already liked the cleanser a lot (I tried it way back in the day when they first launched and recently got a travel size one in a gift bag). Cleansers aren’t something I get fanatical about as they are on your skin for so little time). If it takes my makeup off without any stripping, I’m happy. I also tried out the eye sticks (review here!) a while back and was medium on those.

I decided I would try out three of their masks and have to tell you… all in all, I was pretty impressed. I also REALLY like the strawberry lip balm. It smells like strawberries and give your lips a pretty sheer rosy-red popsicle-ish sheen.

Tula Mask Review

So Smooth Resurfacing & Brightening Fruit Enzyme Mask

This is probably my favorite mask that I tried from Tula. It reminds me SO much of the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (which you know is my holy grail favorite) but you get more product (1.7 oz vs. 1.0 oz) for much less money ($34 vs $65). I love a good resurfacing mask and this is a good one – leaves skin smooth and BRIGHT. Also, the pump vs jar (I hate jars!) is much more convenient/a better experience. I would say that this is slightly less effective than the Tata but when you consider the value and that it isn’t in a jar, I am cool with that?

The instructions say to leave it on for 8-10 minutes but I prefer to leave it on for a full 20-30 (like you would with the Tata mask). Again, the Tata mask is slightly better but if I tested them blindly I probably would have a hard time telling you the difference between the two. This is a big statement: no resurfacing mask I’ve tried thus far has come close to the Tata!

Self-Care Sunday Nourishing Eye Mask

This one came highly recommended by TIBAL (whose recommendations I always enjoy), so it was the first thing I tried. Per ush, she’s right – this is a good one. First of all, I really like using it after the resurfacing mask. Generally, when I do a face mask I go all out and double mask… starting with something to detoxify and/or resurface and then using a nourishing, hydrating mask to restore moisturizer and plump up the skin. This reminds me a lot of the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask or even the Sicily Black Rose Mask (yes, seriously… it compares pretty well to my favorite splurgey, $180 mask). What I like most about it is how plump and dewy the skin looks after using it.

The plumping effect minimizes fine lines and your skin just feels really really GOOD. It hydrates deeply (so this would be great if you are hungover or have been flying a lot) and just feels so good on the skin. You can use it overnight if you’d like. I like to do this while watching TV or reading before bed… leaving it on for 30 minutes or longer (sometimes an hour or two!) and then rinsing it off and applying my night cream. This would also be great before a big event. I really love this. My only gripe is that it has this iridescent finish which for me feels more like “kids stuff” than “serious skincare” but what do I know!

Claydate Detoxing & Toning Face Mask Stick

I wanted to love this one. A big barrier for me with clay masks is that I hate sticking my fingers into the jars of mud (I know, I know, I’m pathetic). Using a paintbrush or spatula has helped me to get over this. So the idea of a clay mask that comes in stick form was extremely appealing to me. But in all honesty, this didn’t really do much. My skin felt toned afterward, but you can get that with a cotton pad and toner or witch hazel. I liked it (it felt really good, the application was nice) but it didn’t detoxify my pores the way that say, the Fresh Umbrian Clay mask (messy but amazing, probably my favorite clay mask) did. I am keeping this and will use it up but was underwhelmed. I’d say you can probably skip this one.

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  1. Sarah R:

    I really appreciate this honest review! I had tried a few TULA products in the past and wasn’t too impressed, but I trust your skincare recs. So I think I might have to try the resurfacing and nourishing masks!

    2.17.22 Reply
  2. Marisa:

    Very excited to have found a dupe for the Tata Harper mask!!

    2.17.22 Reply
  3. Appreciate the review. I’ve tried Tula’s products late last summer and didn’t have success. My face broke out which I was really sad about after investing so much in skincare. My esthetician recommended I do a little bit more research and I’m so glad I did. I’m now using medical grade skincare and my skin has bounced back.

    2.18.22 Reply