5 Fun Goals For Summer!

5 Fun Goals For Summer with Darrell Lea Real Twists

Last summer was my big summer of travel. So this summer, everyone is all like, “WHERE ARE YOU GOING NEXT!?” And I’m like ummm, “actually… nowhere?!” Business was slower than usual last summer so I took advantage of that and traveled all over the place. I had the best time, but for me, that life is not sustainable. I get tired, I like my routine, and also it’s expensive and it’s hard to take on brand work when you’re always gone! This summer, I’m quite slammed with work and besides our live show travel, am happily staying put. I have a trip to Cape Cod with my family in August but otherwise I am staying local and pretty thrilled about that!

Today, in collaboration with Darrell Lea Real Twists (they just launched this May), I’m sharing five small things I want to accomplish this summer. I have to tell you – Real Twists are DELICIOUS. Honestly, I love candy, especially anything soft and chewy, and have always been a big Twizzlers fan. I like these even better (and feel better indulging in them given the simple ingredient list with minimal processed foods, no GMOs, no HFCS, no artificial colors or flavors, etc). They’re sweet but not too sweet and come in two flavors: strawberry + grape. The strawberry is my FAVORITE… I like to take a few to the park or the movies. So yummy.

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5 Fun Goals For Summer

5 Fun Goals For Summer with Darrell Lea Real Twists

one // get to the park every week!

Here in Williamsburg, Domino Park is my happy place. I love being by the water, I love the taco stand there, and it’s so close to home. I’ll go with a book, or just lay down and listen to a podcast. It’s amazing how a place that is so close to the city can be so relaxing and calming, even when it is crowded.

two // read at least six books a month.

I read a lot, and a lot of that is for the podcast, but when work gets busy I read less… opting to melt into the couch and watch TV instead. Honestly, I want to make sure I keep my reading game strong. I make time to read by reading for an hour before bed at night, and of course I read more when I travel and am on the plane/train.

Fun Goals For Summer with Darrell Lea Real Twists

three // take a more localized yoga retreat.

With our live shows etc., I truly have no desire to get on a plane and go somewhere exotic. But I do love a retreat. I am planning to sign up for a retreat in the Hamptons once I get a better handle on my July schedule! I really love a yoga retreat – I’ve talked about this before but it’s a great way to get away and unplug a bit while also working on physical goals/getting in shape.

four // get to the bookstore more!

I think it’s important when possible to buy books at local book sellers and similar to the park, walking into a bookstore and just wandering around and browsing is so relaxing. My favorite bookstore in my neighborhood is McNally-Jackson.

five // host regular dinner parties.

The upside of being here more than usual is that I get to entertain more! I LOVE connecting people and have built a fun network of (mostly) women here. I love getting everyone for tacos & tequila on the patio… or something more substantial (aka actually cooking!!)

Grace Attwood is wearing a red floral dress

Darrell Lea Real Twists

What are your (fun!) goals for this summer?

Grace Atwood is featuring Darrell Lea Real Twists Grace Atwood is featuring Darrell Lea Real Twists

Grace Atwood is featuring Darrell Lea Real Twists

Created in partnership with Darrell Lea. Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Sounds like great goals to have this summer! I hope to visit the bookstore more too – definitely going to read more these few months! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.19.19 Reply
  2. I’m a sucker for candy!!!

    6.19.19 Reply
  3. Ashley Brooke:

    Love this dress/shoe combo! So cute!!

    xx – AB

    6.19.19 Reply
  4. I need to get back on my reading tip. That is a goal of mine too. I don’t read six books a month, but I want to read at least 2-3 per month.

    6.19.19 Reply
  5. Ooh, Twizzlers are my favorite so I’ll have to try these. I always love when there’s a more natural option that’s just as good, if not better 🙂

    briana | youngsophisticate.com

    6.19.19 Reply
  6. Shanna Howell:

    Do you know of any great yoga retreats locally?

    6.19.19 Reply
    • Hey Shannon! I always suggest going through your local yoga studio! Sky Ting, Yoga Vida, Yoga For Bad People, and lots of other studios host them. I think it’s super personal and is all really based on finding a teacher you love and then taking the retreats that they host.

      6.19.19 Reply
  7. Love this and love how you make it a priority to read even when you’re busy!

    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

    6.19.19 Reply
  8. Fun post… and I’ll about a better version of Twizzlers… they’re Adam and I’s favorite!
    And, I’ve gotten into hot yoga lately and it’s been my favorite addition to my summer routine.


    6.19.19 Reply
  9. Jessica Camerata:

    I want to do more picnics with friends for sure. I’ve sadly only done them for “content” for My Style Vita and my photographer and I LOVED It but we could’ve used some real friends there too ha! I still want to do another yoga retreat, the lululemon one I did was AMAZING and has set the bar super high. Need to find one that’s in a new to me city so it can serve dual purpose of seeing someplace new too.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    6.19.19 Reply
  10. This is the kind of candy I can convince myself is ‘healthy,’ so I’m on board, ha! I love your summer list!

    6.19.19 Reply
  11. This is such a fun list! We’ve been getting the same question and we are both happy to say NOWHERE & enjoy the time home here in SF. I love all of these goals and want to apply some of them over here. I’m trying to get walks in to the ocean more and explore new neighborhoods here this summer! x Shannon • http://www.essellesse.com

    6.19.19 Reply
  12. Ruchi:

    Healthy candy? Duh, of course. Hosting more dinner parties, reading more and mentoring more colleagues is my summer goal 🙂

    6.19.19 Reply
  13. Lisa Autumn:

    Reading in the park is one of my fave things to do in the summer 🙂

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    6.20.19 Reply
  14. Emily:

    You sold out the real twists on Amazon!!!
    Don’t worry I have an email alert on now

    6.20.19 Reply
  15. Heidi:

    Very strange to see you being sponsored by an Australian confectionary company. Having grown up with this brand, the last thing I’d ever associate Darrell Lea with is simple / clean (I hate that term!) ingredients.

    6.20.19 Reply
  16. Sarah:

    Oh this is such a great idea! I’m going to create my own goals for the summer! Love the bookstore goal, need to do this more often!

    6.21.19 Reply
  17. Grace, your summer goals are awesome! I love that you are taking advantage of being in town more! I’m hoping to spend a lot of time outside- whether is is walks or trips to the park or some of the beer gardens here in Boston- we only have so many nice days a year in Boston, I want to take advantage 🙂
    xoxo, Jenna

    6.23.19 Reply