11 Black Content Creators I Love Following.

Black Content Creators
Makeda from Glamazon Diaries

Hi! Today on the podcast we interviewed Ayana Lage. Ayana’s videos went viral a couple weeks ago, quadrupling her Instagram following in a matter of days, and we wanted to sit down and talk to her about how that felt. Ayana talks to us about anti-racism on social media, going viral, and being a Black influencer right now. She also answers your questions about how the average person can use their social media presence to support Black Lives Matter and support anti-racist activism. I hope you’ll check out the interview, I really enjoyed learning more about her!

In the meantime, today I wanted to take a minute to highlight a few of my personal favorite Black content creators! I think you’ll really enjoy their work! (Also: this list could be much longer! And I’ll do another one if that’s something you’d be interested in. I just find that like with Instagram stories, when a list gets too long, people lose interest, which is why I just stuck to 11 today!)

11 Black Content Creators I Love Following


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Ayana Lage

Ayana Lage is a freelance marketer and writer in Tampa. More recently, a few of her videos about Black Lives Matter went viral. (Definitely check them out if you have not already: she talks about everything from virtue signaling to microaggressions, and her stance on Blackout Tuesday, and more to come!) She joins us today to talk about the intensity of the last few weeks, and her thoughts on it all. Everything from how it feels to go viral, what brands can do to be more inclusive (and who is doing it right!), and how growth on her platform is affecting her life personally and professionally. She answers your questions about how the regular person can use their social media presence to support Black Lives Matter and support anti-racist activism. Do yourself a favor and check out her videos and follow her for continued education and insight.


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Danielle Prescod

Danielle and I met on a yoga retreat a couple years ago. I love how outspoken she is about pretty much everything from plastic straws (she’s shamed me) to diversity, inclusivity, and activism. Her stories are my favorite and she is also a past podcast guest!


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Akilah Hughes

We met Akilah when she came on our podcast last year! Since then she’s moved to LA and is now the co-host of the What a Day podcast (with Crooked Media). She’s both extremely hilarious and extreemly informed which makes for the perfect combination, especially for her podcast and Instagram stories.


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Janelle Marie Lloyd // @waityouneedthis

Janelle is and has been one of the most stylish people in my feed for a long time now. She got her start working in the buying office at Bloomingdale’s and has done freelance styling for brands like Ralph Lauren and Club Monaco. Besides Instagram she also has a beautiful blog.


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Kellie Brown // @Itsmekellieb

Kellie has been one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram for a long time. She has a fantastic blog + wildly popular Youtube channel, a line of MERCH, but what I’m personally most enamored with is her home account. She has the best interiors style. She’s also a past Bad on Paper podcast, go check out our interview with her!


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Tiffany Ima 

I was only introduced to Tiffany a week or two ago (what is time?) but quickly fell in love with her account because of her honest, no BS attitude and BODY POSITIVITY. She is amazing. Her “normal” content is usually around wellness and body positivity but she’s had some incredibly helpful (and again, no BS!) anti-racism content recently. She has a blog, too!


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Hayet Rida

Becca introduced me to Hayet! Hayet is a plus-size blogger based in Chicago and I love her content so so much! I really love her bright colorful style and also, her body positivity and honesty regarding diet culture. She has been a fantastic addition to my feed, and also has a gorgeous website/blog.

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Venita Aspen

Venita basically does everything. She is a freelance model, she has her own creative agency… she has her own blog… I don’t really know if there’s anything she can’t do?  I love following her and am constantly impressed by her work.


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Makeda // @glamazondiaries

Makeda is someone I’ve followed for a while now and I love her bright, colorful style. I’m really happy she’s kept up her blog; she started way before me- back in 2007! I like how she mixes up expensive and inexpensive and how she manages to wear bold, outspoken outfits and then pair them with bold outspoken captions like this post about VOTING!


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Alicia Tenise

Alicia is another one who I’ve followed for a while. She is based in the Virginia/DC area and I love her bright, colorful style. Her blog is fantastic and recently she’s written some important posts like how to be an ally going forward as well as this incredible list of influencers of color to follow!


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Sai De Silva // @scoutthecity

I will be honest, I think Sai and I are better friends than we actually are because I STALK her stories. They’re always packed with good info (wellness! recipes!) and humor (her “pool” in the backyard) as well as her adorable kids. I also love her blog!

Would love to hear your current favorite follows on Instagram!

PS- Nine women who inspire me share what they love about themselves!

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  1. Impressive ladies. Thanks for highlighting these incredible women and including me on the list.

    6.17.20 Reply
  2. Kayla:

    Thanks for the ideas for who to follow! FYI you mistyped a couple of the IG handles 🙂

    6.17.20 Reply
  3. Love these! Some of these beautiful ladies I already followed but wow – how have I not known Scout the City and Venita Aspen till now. Thanks for the recs!!

    xoxo – Kelly

    6.17.20 Reply
  4. Wendy:

    Jet Set Sarah is awesome- she’s got super fun style, is a runner, and travel writer!

    6.17.20 Reply
  5. Brb, following them real quick! Thanks for supporting these creators! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.17.20 Reply
  6. Jen:

    Thanks so much for sharing, excited for some great new follows! I also love following Elaine Welteroth. I think with your love of world of magazines you might enjoy her memoir too.

    6.17.20 Reply