10 Ways to Make Your Morning Better.


I am not a morning person at all. I wish I were. If I had my way I would stay up all night working, and sleep until ten or eleven. Alas, adulting… this is just not an option! Today (as part of my BIC Soleil partnership + their mission to help you “Make Your Own Sun”), I am going to share ten ways that you can make your morning a little bit better. I really admire those people who naturally wake up early with a spring in their step, ready to tackle the day. In my own family, my mom and sisters are the morning people, whereas my dad and I are the night owls. I can get myself there… it just takes a little work! Me, I have to fake it. That being said, these little tricks will have you up and at ’em and set the stage for a brighter, better day! (I’d love to hear your tricks too… leave a comment below!)

ONE // JUST GET UP: Actually just getting out of bed is probably the hardest part. But once you’ve done it, you are halfway there! I had a bad habit of lounging in bed long after I had woken up… checking all of my social media stuff in the morning. Now I make myself get up, get started, and then I’m allowed to look at that stuff (once I’ve showered and made my coffee).

TWO // PICK OUT YOUR CLOTHES AND DO YOUR “BEAUTY PREP” THE NIGHT BEFORE: If I have a big day planned, I will shower, shave my legs, moisturize, pluck my eyebrows… do all the more time-consuming beauty stuff the evening before. I’ll also pick out my outfit. This makes getting dressed a little easier before the coffee kicks in and, I have a cute outfit planned out, I’m excited to put it on… it sounds a bit frivolous but I have always found that having a good outfit planned sets the stage for a great day. This is especially helpful with accessories… when I’m rushed in the morning, I forget to put on jewelry!

THREE // HAVE A GO-TO MORNING PLAYLIST. Music has such a transformative effect on my mood. It will cheer me up if I’m in a bad mood, motivate me if I’m feeling sluggish, calm me down if I’m stressed, and so on and so forth. It really is amazing! As a part of this project with BIC, I actually got to put together a playlist with Spotify… filled with fun tracks to help brighten up your morning and motivate you to conquer the day. You can add it on Spotify here… I’m so happy with how it turned out (and how the little landing page looks – so cool)!

FOUR // WEAR BRIGHT COLORS. Color also has a profound impact on my mood. I have a few “go-to” outfits that I can throw on if I don’t remember to pre-plan. Right now, a yellow dress with bright, bold earrings is my favorite instant mood-lifter, but here are a few other easy outfit combinations that I love: a blue and white striped tee with an emerald green skirt… a white tee or button down, jeans, and bright red pumps… or a big statement necklace over one of my favorite printed mid-dresses. Having outfits that I know will look good (and make me feel good) makes my getting-ready routine so much easier.

FIVE // SPEND FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE BED CLEANING UP. Waking up to a clean living space is such a mood-elevator/game-changer… enough said!

SIX // SWEAT! Getting my workout out of the way is both the best and the worst. It’s hard getting there, but I never regret a morning workout. Everyone has different ways to motivate. Mine is to meet a friend for a class. Kat and I take 8:30am barre or Pilates at least once a week, and I’ll often take classes with PR reps in lieu of coffee/drinks. The craziest motivation story? I once met someone who actually sleeps in their workout gear. I mean I guess it’s a time-saver? Hey, whatever works! Getting up an extra hour early is never fun, but it will make the rest of your day so, so much better.

BIC Mornings1

SEVEN  // MAKE A DELICIOUS SMOOTHIE I am kind of the smoothie queen. My recipe is pretty simple but it’s so easy and yummy. I just take a cup of coconut milk, a big handful of fresh spinach, a little bit of Greek Yogurt, a bit of protein powder and whatever fruit or frozen fruit I have laying around. Right now it’s pineapple and mango. It’s healthy, delicious, and relaxing to sip as I get ready.

EIGHT // AVOID EMAIL. This is something I am still working on, but it makes a big difference and can really help to set the tone for your day. There is nothing more stressful than waking up and immediately looking at an overflowing inbox and having to make decisions. Give yourself some time to breathe before jumping right in.

NINE // ALL OF THE COFFEE. My coffee machine is still my most favorite thing ever. I usually have two cups at home. If I’m feeling fancy I will froth my coconut milk to make it a latte.

TEN // HAVE A RITUAL YOU LOOK FORWARD TO. Maybe it’s that second mug of coffee. Maybe it’s meditating (all of my friends are using meditation apps – have you tried any that you like?) Maybe it’s reading blogs. It doesn’t matter what your ritual is… what matters is that it’s something you genuinely enjoy doing. If you do this part well, mornings will gradually become something you start look forward to, as opposed to a chore. Gradually, being the key word. 😉

What are your favorite morning rituals? I would love to hear your tips!

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  1. Regine Karpel:
    6.29.16 Reply
  2. Amanda S.:

    Love all of these tips – preparation the night before really does help.

    6.29.16 Reply
  3. terri martin:

    Great tips – thank you!!!

    6.29.16 Reply
  4. Rachel Long:

    Yes, I need these! Thank you – not a morning person at ALL.

    6.29.16 Reply
  5. Elisa:

    I always pick out my outfit the night before and it helps so much!

    6.29.16 Reply
  6. I am not a morning person at all but for my job I have a really early start time. I definitely am attached to my coffee and I like to also write in a gratitude journal, I feel like it always helps me start on a positive note instead of bemoaning the fact that it’s so early. These are great tips! XO -Kim

    6.29.16 Reply
  7. Great tips! I check my social media in the morning while having breakfast; I like seeing what my friends are up to.

    Similar to the music idea, I load up podcasts into my mp3 player to listen to on the way to work. It’s not the most cheery fare (I’m loving Lore, The Black Tapes, Tanis, and Criminal) but I love it. 🙂

    6.29.16 Reply
  8. Great tips. Very practical too. I liked hearing about you going to workout classes with PR reps lmao and the one about the person sleeping in their workout gear was hilarious and also kind of genius provided it’s comfy!

    I personally feel ready when I’m wearing my workout gear.


    6.29.16 Reply
  9. Im a HUGE fan of these morning routine post! I even watch endless videos on youtube about morning routines. Loving all the the tips that you shared. I used to make a smoothie every morning and now I don’t have much time anymore, but it seriously made a huge difference in my day.


    6.29.16 Reply
  10. Betsy:

    I love your playlist!

    I’m a total morning person but having small children has been a game changer. I really have to structure my morning. Without a routine, all is lost.

    6.29.16 Reply
  11. These are great tips! I have a bad habit of not getting up right away after I wake up and lounging around. Def need to work on it!


    6.29.16 Reply
  12. Loving the playlist, lady! And Amen to a coffee boost!

    6.30.16 Reply
  13. One of my favs is, just knowing that my morning commute will be timed well. A smooth ride to work, always keeps me at peace. Preparing as you stated, makes that possible.

    7.17.16 Reply
  14. Patrizia Gutierrez:

    I start my day off with gratitude and joy. I thank my God with all the joy in my heart for giving me another day of Life. I live with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Everyday of not getting a flareup is a blessing.

    7.28.16 Reply
  15. Lisa LeMacher:

    Great and helpful tips

    11.2.16 Reply
  16. Michelle Evans:

    Very beautiful. Must did!!!

    11.21.16 Reply
  17. Michelle Evans:

    Happy to have found this

    11.21.16 Reply
  18. Loved your page, or pages. Thank you.
    Charlotte cheshire

    12.17.16 Reply