10 Christmas Cranberry Cocktail Ideas.

Christmas Cranberry Cocktails

Today I am sharing a round-up of TEN fun and festive Christmas cranberry cocktails! Two are my own recipes, the remaining eight are favorites from other websites. Cranberries are a popular ingredient during the holiday season. They are versatile and festive; a nice way to add a little bit of holiday magic to whatever you are drinking. (Honestly, if you are feeling lazy, I even find that popping a couple fresh cranberries into a glass of bubbly makes it feel more special!).

PS – Two more cold weather favorites from previous years are this penicillin cocktail and my Christmas martini recipe. Also: how to make eggnog (this is my grandfather’s recipe; it is incredible!)

PPS – This post has my holiday hosting essentials!

10 Christmas Cranberry Cocktails!

Frozen Cranberry Margarita | Christmas Cranberry Cocktails

Frozen Cranberry Margarita!

This one I accidentally “invented” while trying to figure out what to do with some leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. It is so so yummy!


  • 4 oz Tequila
  • 2 oz Triple Sec or orange liqueur.
  • 2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 2 big handfuls ice
  • 1/2 can cranberry sauce
  • Margarita Salts
  • Lime Wedge


Step 1 : Blend

Put everything into the blender and blend on high!

Step 2: Prepare your glasses.

Rim two glasses with syrup or lime juice; dip in margarita salts.

Step 3: Serve!

Split the cocktail between the two glasses; garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy!

Cranberry champagne cocktail

Cranberry champagne cocktail

To be totally honest, this one feels more like a way to fancy up champagne or prosecco than a full on recipe but… it’s delightful (and easy!) so I had to include. I really love elderflower!


  • 4 oz champagne or prosecco
  • 1 oz. Elderflower liqueur
  • 1/2 oz cranberry juice
  • 5 fresh cranberries
  • Sprig of rosemary


Pour each ingredient into a glass and enjoy!

The New York Times' Cranberry Vodka Martini

The New York Times’ Cranberry Vodka Martini

Simple, easy, and sophisticated. This cranberry vodka martini is festive and fun (and in my opinion) more sophisticated than a Cosmopolitan.

Christmas Cranberry Cocktail Ideas

christmas cranberry cocktail

This cranberry cocktail recipe is not only pretty but it’s really unique; combining cranberries, orange liqueur, and cinammon simple syrup. So yummy.

Mistletoe Martini

Mistletoe Martini

This one is nice as it is light — not heavy at all! I love that it uses elderflower liqueur, and of course… fresh cranberries!

Well Plated's Christmas Punch

Well Plated’s Christmas Punch

I looove making this as it is perfect for a holiday party. When I’m entertaining a bigger group, I like to do a big batch cocktail to keep things easy… I always get a little bit stressed trying to mix individual cocktails while greeting my guests. You can omit the rum if you’d like (that is what I do!)

Cranberry Mimosa

Cranberry Mimosa

I love the idea of making these mimosas on Christmas Day. Such a fun way to get a little bit festive. The cucumber strip provides the perfect touch of green but (in my opinion!) feels unique and creative.

Half baked harvest's spiced cranberry thyme moscow mule

Half baked harvest’s spiced cranberry thyme moscow mule

I love a moscow mule and this is such a fun (and pretty!) take for the holidays. This is another good one to batch ahead of time!

Spiced Cranberry Paloma Cocktail | Christmas Cranberry Cocktails

Joy oliver’s Spiced Cranberry Paloma Cocktail

Finally, some tequila (my personal favorite!). This one is so yummy as it combines tequila, grapefruit juice (get fresh squeezed if you can!), and cranberries. Just so yummy. I had never thought about a cranberry flavored Paloma but it works so, so well!

Cranberry Sangria Punch | Christmas Cranberry Cocktails

Southern Living’s Cranberry Sangria Punch

This is another super yummy one to batch! So delicious and so festive!

There you have it! What are your favorite holiday cocktails to make?

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