10 Amazing Dresses from Target, My New Fav Murder Show, + More.

10 Amazing Dreses from Target, My New Fav Murder Show

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Today’s post is a little hodge podge of fun things I am really loving right now. A snack I’ve been eating a lot of, an easy thing to help you be more sustainable, the best TV show (the new season is coming on FRIDAY), and very importantly… ten gorgeous dresses from Target. I am so impressed by their dresses right now, so many good ones! In other news, I fly home from California this afternoon. Sad to leave but I miss Tyrion and my family and am looking forward to some quiet time at home in my apartment. XOXO

10 Amazing Dresses from Target, My New Fav Murder Show, + More.

Grilled Peaches | 10 Amazing Dreses from Target, My New Fav Murder Show

Grilled Peaches

It is peach season and I have been really into grilling my peaches! Like many of my cooking adventures, it started with a Blue Apron recipe… I made these shrimp tacos with a peach salsa, which required grilling peaches and peppers. Last week I was given a box of gorgeous peaches from The Peach Truck and have been frantically trying to use them all up (I leave for New York tomorrow morning). Adding grilled peaches to my salads has been a delicious way to use them. I cut the peach in half, take out the peach, and grill for 3 minutes or so on each side. The peach gets juicy, a little charred, and even more delicious.

Truth Be Told on Apple TV

Truth Be Told on Apple TV

Oh my goodness I cannot get enough of Truth Be Told on Apple TV. Octavia Spencer plays a journalist turned true crime podcaster. It has all the best things: Murder! Podcasting! Intense family dynamics (and a killer cast – Octavia Spencer is amazing, and in the first season Lizzie Caplan and Aaron Paul star). Highly recommend bingeing the first season now (so good), the second season (with Kate Hudson!) comes out August 20th (here is a little preview of the new season).

10 Amazing Dresses from Target

10 Amazing Dresses from Target

Target has SO many killer dresses right now (many of which would translate so well to fall, just add boots, tights, and a cardigan or jacket. I went on a little in-flight shopping bender and ordered four. I will do a try-on when they get here to let you know what works and what doesn’t but I wanted to post them now as all the good stuff seems to sell out quite quickly! Here are my personal favorites. And in case you were wondering I ordered this one (in white), this one, this one (in navy floral), and this one (in teal)… I find that Target dresses run a little large so I ordered a small in all four.

collage details: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wraps

This is an old Amazon favorite but a good one! These beeswax wraps are the best. I bought a year or two ago (I know it was pre-pandemic but can’t be sure when) and they’re still in perfect shape. They take the place of plastic wrap, are super easy to clean, and a great way to use just a little less plastic wrap (I haven’t needed saran wrap since buying these).

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  1. Pat Schwab says 8.16.21

    This is the 2nd year we ordered peaches from The Peach Truck. They are so delicious. We made peach cobbler and ate a ton. Last year we made peach jam and canned it and enjoyed it all year. They are so good grilled with ice cream. I love dress number one in the green and it has pockets. Do you have to iron all these 100% cotton dresses? That is what is keeping me from ordering.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.17.21

      I don’t, at least not most of the time… usually I try to hang them up straight out of the dryer and they’re fine. Worst case scenario, run over them with my steamer just a little.

  2. Shana says 8.16.21

    I bought my first beeswax wraps at The Daily in Charleston on a trip 2 years ago! Still use them, they are in great shape and love them 🙂 Also ate at The Daily almost every day when we were there because it was so tasty!

  3. Emma says 8.16.21

    Fun fact, that tv show is based on the book “Are You Sleeping” and it was SO good. I have yet to watch the show but I love Octavia Spencer and the cast just seems phenomenal. Maybe one of those shows that lives up to the book! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30753570-are-you-sleeping

  4. Sarah says 8.16.21

    OMG, two episodes into Truth Be Told and I’m totally hooked!! Thank you for recommending this- I have no idea how I hadn’t heard about it until now.