My New Favorite Thing About Blue Apron.

My New Favorite Thing About Blue Apron

Created in partnership with Blue Apron!

My New Favorite Thing About Blue Apron

If you follow me on Instagram, last week I talked about Blue Apron’s new customization feature which I just think is so cool. How many times have you gone to select a meal and thought “oh well this dish would just be perfect if it just….”

  • had vegetables instead of potatoes…
  • a different fish…
  • let me pick chickpea pasta instead of traditional pasta…

You get the point! Well now, you can do it.

Blue Apron launched customization this month and I absolutely love it. You know by now that I’m a huge huge fan of their service. I had it in Brooklyn (see my first blog post here!) and now again in Charleston. I love their service so much. And I feel like it’s made me a better cook! I’ve learned to pair ingredients I wouldn’t usually think to pair together, I love that the kits have everything you need so that you don’t waste food but also get exactly what you need and don’t have to spend time trying to track down more difficult to find ingredients, and… it’s FUN. I’ve said this before: I am not a bad cook but I am not a creative cook… this puts the fun and creativity back into it.

This week, I made their Tilapia with Brown Butter, Swiss Chard, and Garlic Rice – except, I swapped it for salmon. To be honest, every time I make tilapia I mess it up… it just gets a little too dry. Salmon is (for me) easier to cook, and probably my favorite fish.

My New Favorite Thing About Blue Apron

I think this may have been one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. Garlic rice… and that sauce is DELICIOUS!

Note: not every meal is customizable. After you sign up you will want to check out the meals available and look for the customization arrows to see how and if a meal can be customized! This is such a thoughtful, smart new feature!

Use my link to get $60 off your first 3 boxes!!!

My New Favorite Thing About Blue Apron My New Favorite Thing About Blue Apron American ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service American ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service American ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service

photography by Clay Austin // Created in partnership with Blue Apron!

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  1. Blue Apron’s meals always look so good! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.22.20 Reply
  2. Becky:

    I live alone, are the meals portioned for a certain number of people or is that something you can choose? What do you do? Thanks!! It looks delicious!

    12.22.20 Reply
    • Hi! I live alone too! The meals are portioned for two but I usually get three meals out of them. I usually just eat the leftovers the next day (always delicious) and my fav for the paninis is to make both and then freeze the second one to enjoy the next time I just don’t feel like cooking.

      12.22.20 Reply
  3. Ellie:

    Grace – what white shoes are you wearing here??

    12.22.20 Reply
  4. This actually really makes me want to try Blue Apron again! I did it for a while a few years ago but really did always want to make a change to the menu.

    12.23.20 Reply
  5. Love this article! We are on a mission to try all the meal delivery kits and Blue Apron is next on our list! Also, high-key freaking out over your plates and glassware. So, so pretty!

    12.23.20 Reply
    • Oh thank you! They are actually one of my friends… she let me shoot at her house… they’re from Juliska!

      1.4.21 Reply
  6. Now that plate of food looks absolutely delicious!

    Danielle xx

    12.26.20 Reply