Tyrion’s Favorite Things.

tyrion's favorite things | the stripe

Today we are taking a page out of Oprah’s book and rounding up Tyrion’s favorite things! I can’t give you all a car but rest assured, Tyrion is sending you all a big snuggle from his post under the couch. Last time around I shared some photos of him at home… and why having a pet is just the best. Today, we are going to talk about his favorite things. He’s such a weird cat… (but aren’t all cats!?) but also.. the best. He is my best little pal and makes every day a little bit brighter, especially since I work from home.

ONE // Being up high. This is something we haven’t resolved in my new apartment yet as he really misses the loft bed. He loves to climb and be up high and a week ago he actually got up on top of my fridge (still trying to figure out how he did that!) When we lived in the city he spent most of the day up in the loft… napping, playing, basically lording over his minion (me). He loved climbing up and down the ladder and when he’d get wild would run up and down and up and down.

TWO // Sprints! Every night, without fail, he goes for a little run…. back and forth and back and forth… running from my bedroom, through the kitchen, and down onto the floor… as fast as he can. My favorite is when he slides, which happens a lot on the tile floor in the kitchen… he goes flying!!!

tyrion's favorite things | the stripe

THREE // Mirrors! Since moving to Brooklyn, Tyrion has become a bit obsessed with his reflection. So vain! The mirror is nothing new, but he absolutely loves it. I frequently catch him staring at his own reflection and sometimes getting up on his back legs to get a better glance. It’s one of the cutest and most hilarious things.tyrion's favorite things | the stripe

FOUR // Hiding. Tyrion loves to hide; and it’s something he really excels at. Behind the couch, in the closet, under the bed… he has found a few favorite spots in the new apartment. He is a total scaredy cat and anything (besides me) will make him hide… the UPS man, having friends over… all of it is just very scary! 😉

tyrion's favorite things | the stripe tyrion's favorite things | the stripe

FIVE // Meal Time! For such a small cat, Tyrion has a big appetite. I mentioned a couple months ago that I transitioned him over to IAMS Oral Care Complete™. I’ve been feeding him IAMS™ since he was a baby) and he really loves it. It’s great for his teeth (and breath, haha) and is designed to combat cats #1 health issue (did you know that oral care is the #1 health issue facing cats? I didn’t until partnering up with IAMS™!) It has ideal calcium and mineral levels to keep his teeth and gums happy and the kibble itself is larger and crunchier. And best of all, he loves his food so I never have trouble getting him to eat!

tyrion's favorite things | the stripe

SIX // His Wire Toy. Tyrion LOVES his wire toy. Loves it. It’s such a funny, inexpensive little toy but it is his absolute favorite-favorite. He goes completely wild for it. It’s just a piece of wire with these little cardboard things on it, but it has provided him with endless hours of entertainment. Best $2.99 ever.tyrion's favorite things | the stripe tyrion's favorite things | the stripe

photos 1, 7, + 8 by Trent Bailey.

Created in partnership with IAMS.

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Spring Date Night.

Ooof… dating! What do you wear on first dates? What about second dates? Skin or no? Dress or pants? Color or black?

These are the questions I have been asking myself over the past few weeks. I’m pretty recently single and am trying to navigate the minefield that is dating. I’ve even texted Grace a couple of times wondering… what in the heck do you put on profile bios? What about your Instagram bio? It’s a lot of pressure, and sometimes I feel the only good thing about dates are getting dressed up and getting to meet someone new.

Anyway, it seems that springtime is dating season,  and there are so many couples out & about.Whether your date is with a beau, a stranger, or just a close girlfriend, I’ve rounded up a ton of picks that will fit within an under $100 budget. This lace top, for example, is incredible, and I can’t get over this dress that is a dead ringer for Reformation at a fraction of the cost.



Top: Mango Linen Ruffle Sleeve Dress // Lace Flare Sleeve Top // BaubleBar Choker // Mango Crossbody Bag // Bobi Black Off The Shoulder Dress // Nails Inc Polish in Chelsea Lane // Stripe Off The Shoulder Top // Black Croc Print Crossbody Bag 

Middle: White Ruffle Top Dress // Pink One Shoulder Bodysuit // Gold Chain Link Bracelet  // Pink High Neck Dress  // Blue Sandals // Cognac Bag

Bottom: BaubleBar Crystal Earrings // Navy Silk Slip Dress // Mango Floral Romper // Mango Gold Sandal Heels 

featured image

Ellie Mae Jacket.

ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe
jacket // camisole // jeans // bag // heels

Happy Monday! This was a really fun weekend. On Friday night I stayed in binge watching Billions (I just started watching the second season – it is so so good – the most amazing cast and a great plot). On Saturday my sister and I went shopping – she is speaking on a panel in Atlanta next week so I helped her pick out shoes (she went with these!)  And then my kitchen islands came from IKEA… so more #adulting and furniture assembly. That evening, my bff and I were treated to some pampering via Nexxus and then went to the premiere of House of Z (the new Zac Posen documentary). It was so good! Zac has gotten a bit (understatement) of a bad rep in the fashion industry… this made me feel a lot more compassionate toward him and want to see him succeed. I definitely recommend seeing if if you can.

I left Sunday open which turned into a yummy ramen lunch at Ippudo (my first time – howww!? Those pork buns!) and a fun afternoon in the city. I say this a lot but the weekends where you don’t have real, scheduled plans always end up being my favorite… spontaneous plans are always the best kind.

But anyway. Have you heard of Ellie Mae? I love their jackets so much. Each piece is so unique and chic but the yellow pattern + blush faux leather trim on this one really spoke to me. I paired it with simple favs… this pretty cami and my go-to-skinny jeans.

Outfit Details: Ellie Mae Bijou Dobby Striped Jacket c/o // Tibi Camisole // Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans // Manolo Blahnik Pumps // Chloe Bag // Julie Vos Earrings // Julie Vos Pendant Necklace // Julie Vos Cuff // Julie Vos Bali Link Bracelet

ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe ellie mae jackets | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

Weekend Reading.

happy weekend and happy Earth Day, friends! I’m getting ready for my upcoming press trip to Mexico… working on a fun story with Fairmont Mayakoba around their bee sustainability program. The resort actually cultivates rare bees which produce a special type of honey known for its medicinal purposes. The honey is then used in spa treatments at the resort (and the kitchen too!) And I get to go there and write about it… I can’t wait! This weekend will be low key. Last night I stayed in doing a bit of work and tonight I’m going to the Tribeca Film Festival (to the premiere of House of Z) with Nexxus and one of my best friends. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great… enjoy! xoxo

A new favorite little white dress… just size way down… I got a size small and it’s slightly big.

If you loved When Harry Met Sally as much as I did, and you live in New York, this piece will crack you up.

Easy SEO tips for bloggers. (This post is really helpful, too!)

Gahhhhhh! Obsessed with these pineapple earrings.

Julia rounded up the prettiest yellow pieces… my favorite color for Spring!

When I first spotted this dress I was certain it was Zimmermann. It’s not… it’s way more affordable!

Oh my goodness – Liz’s angel food cake is so pretty – yum!

How to train your mind to remember.

To all the cat moms in the house: we need this mug.

How fun are these Target design hacks? I want to do them all – especially those hanging planters for my new patio space.

How to succeed when others want you to fail.

I scooped up this off the shoulder top in blush and love it so much that I’m thinking of getting the blue one too.

Holy moly – this is a scary accurate description of my dating life. If you’re single and living in NYC, you probably should read it.

Love that Wayne Pate did the (lemon!) fabric on this Whit dress. It’s so pretty!

Julia did such a great job styling a black maxi dress two different ways.

With or without a sunburn, this oatmeal chamomile bath sounds pretty divine.

This (under $100!) wrap dress is perfect for Spring.

How inspiring is this: an 18 year old just received an NCAA college scholarship – for football. So awesome.

These slides are the perfect mix of a shower shoe and a silky bow. Somehow they work!

Loooved this simple (and affordable) dress for weddings + garden parties on Mackenzie!

Why are other people’s food diaries so fun to read? This one was a good one.

The prettiest (all natural!) makeup palette – it has everything you need!

Planning a trip? This clever site tells you the best places to visit every month.

The perfect classic trench for Spring.

I really needed to read Dana’s post (and tips) about body confidence.

This smoothie bowl recipe is healthy – and looks delicious!

Tiers of blue… this dress is so pretty and such a great price.


Flamingos and Unicorns (and Brooklyn Life so Far).

hutch lena dress | the stripe
dress // cuff // bag // heels // sunglasses

Happy Friday, friends! I’m so happy the weekend is here mostly because it means that the mail man won’t be coming and I get a little break from redecorating. The big thing this week was that my TV came and I had cable installed. I’ve actually never had cable (except for when I lived with my ex boyfriend) so this is a sort of wonderful development. I watched the entire season of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix (so good!!) in between working + rearranging, and that was just such a fun treat!

I love my new home. I didn’t realize how happy moving would make me until I actually moved out. I like that I can go into the city every day if I want to, but I like coming home to my more quiet neighborhood.  I know my mailman’s name, the UPS guy’s name, the names of everyone at my cozy little coffee shop (okay, the wine store too!) and I’ve only been here two weeks. It’s such a nice change of pace. I also didn’t realize how much Williamsburg has to offer until I moved. The Whole Foods is amazing, we have a Sweetgreen and a By Chloe… there’s even a Le Labo and a Credo Beauty. Basically, it’s awesome.

Outfit Details: Hutch Lena Dress (c/o) // Senreve Bag (c/o) // CandyShop Vintage Cuff (c/o) // Dune London Sandals // Celine Sunglasses

(More fun flamingo pieces below!)

hutch lena dress, candyshop vintage unicorn cuff | grace atwood, the stripe

I hope you guys have fun weekend plans… I’m excited to lay low! The only really plans I have is that my best friend and I are going to the premiere of the new Zac Posen documentary (with Nexxus!) at the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow night. I can’t wait… it looks really good!

hutch lena dress, candyshop vintage unicorn cuff | grace atwood, the stripe

This unicorn cuff is from my friend Deirdre’s latest collection. She is so amazingly talented. I love the unicorn collar too!

hutch lena dress, candyshop vintage unicorn cuff | grace atwood, the stripe hutch lena dress, candyshop vintage unicorn cuff | grace atwood, the stripehutch lena dress, candyshop vintage unicorn cuff | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Lydia Hudgens.