The Beverly Hills Hotel.

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A bucket list can really be anything – mountains you want to climb, once-in-a-lifetime adventures you want to take, people you want to meet… and so on and so forth. My own list contains all of those things, but one thing I have always wanted to do was stay at The Beverly Hills Hotel. I’ve been fascinated by old school Hollywood glamour for as long as I can remember and this hotel is as old school Hollywood as it gets. From the iconic sign to my love affair with Slim Aarons‘ photography to my obsession with all things Martinique, it has been one of my dream destinations for quite some time. When I went to LA for the SAG Awards with L’Oreal, I decided to go out one night early and splurge on a one night stay there. Spoiler alert: It was everything I dreamed of and probably more!

First, a little history for you: the hotel (affectionately known as The Pink Palace) was built in 1912 – before there really even was a Beverly Hills. The city of Beverly Hills literally grew up around the hotel after that. I literally get chills thinking about who has stayed there. All of the big names. The Beatles, Howard Hughes, Marilyn Monroe (Bungalow 7 was her favorite), Elizabeth Taylor (she honeymooned there… six times!), and so on and so forth. The hotel boasts 208 guest rooms and 23 private bungalows… along with three restaurants that are iconic in their own ways (The Cabana Cafe, The Polo Club, The Fountain Coffee Room).

PS – For something fun and even more history around the hotel and its famous guests, I loved reading this: The Most Infamous Moments in the Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows.

a stay at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel / cheese plate | The Stripe Blog

When I booked my room I didn’t mention my blog (occasionally I will reach out to hotel properties ahead of time to see if they offer a media rate). I didn’t do this because it was The Beverly Hills Hotel. I mean, come on – they don’t need me. It’s one of the most famous hotels in the world. But then, something amazing happened. At check in, they upgraded me (from their least expensive room, ha ha) to one of the private bungalows. This sounds dramatic but I nearly cried. Having wanted to stay there all my life, it was an absolute dream. As it turns out they google all of their guests and they liked my Instagram page. So I got an upgrade… and a cheese plate! I realize I am (still) being dramatic, but this was probably one of the coolest things that has ever happen to me, blogging-wise.

the Beverly Hills Hotel - Grace Atwood | The Stripe

the beverly hills hotel - the stripe blog

Beverly Hills Hotel - private bungalows / the stripe

the Beverly Hills Hotel private bungalow / bedroom - The Stripe

Beverly Hills Hotel - bathroom - The Stripe

the Beverly Hills Hotel - Faye Dunaway Slim Aarons / The Stripe

Speaking of Slim Aarons – I love this shot of Faye Dunaway by the pool.

Beverly Hills Hotel pool area

Beverly Hills Hotel - pool and cabanas

The Beverly Hills Hotel - pool area and umbrellas | The Stripe

Beverly Hills Hotel - poolside cabanas

Beverly Hills Hotel - breakfast in bed

Beverly Hills Hotel sign | The Stripe

photos 1, 3, 4, 14 by Felicia Lasala.

My Favorite Post-Workout Smoothie.

I remember when I first started working out with my trainer. She put me on a verrrrry clean meal plan (which I need to be better at sticking to, especially after Europe)! I had a really hard time at first. I am more of a savory person so I didn’t expect myself to miss a little something sweet as much as I did, but I suddenly had a major craving for sweets. And so she turned me onto the Peanut Butter Split smoothie at Juice Generation. It’s become my favorite. Either I will stop at Juice Generation on my way home from a workout or make this as soon as I get home. Note that Alex recommends having this right after you work out, as a meal... and preferably before 5pm (I’m not supposed to have carbs after 5pm when I’m sticking to my plan. The best time to have carbs is right after a workout. I typically work out with her around 10:30am and then have this for lunch at noon.


  • One cup milk of your choice (my favorite is coconut milk)
  • One frozen organic banana
  • One scoop protein powder (I love this one)
  • 2 Tbsp. organic Peanutbutter (I love Justin’s)
  • 3-4 ice cubes

Blend it all in a high-power blender* and you’re done! So so yummy, and so healthy!

*This Vitamix is my favorite! The to-go smoothie container is fantastic and the smaller size is great if you live in a smaller space like I do. It’s much smaller than the original but just as effective.

(In case you want to pin this for later, I made you a little graphic. 😉 )

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