Z is for Zara…

Oh Zara.  They totally nailed it this past Spring.  The bright colors, the stripes, the color blocking… it was all out amazing.  I only invested in a few key pieces (striped skirt, kelly green blazer, leather tote,) and I have worn all three to death.  Annnnnyyway…  things have been so crazy with the big move in, my sister’s wedding, and then (hello!) NYFW insanity, that I have not even been able to address Zara’s new and amazing ecommerce site.  It launched September 7th, and it’s incredible!

I spent a solid hour looking through the entire site and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites… (okay, so what if there are ten pieces that caught my eye in particular… way too much goodness on that site.)

1.  Sheepskin Gilet  2.  Emerald “Studio” Dress (looks like it’s Issa!!)  3.  Mustard V Back Dress  4.  Gold Tunic  5.  Silk Lace Top  6.  Mini Skirt  7. Leather Trousers  8.  Metallic Dress  9. Crochet Top  10.  Sequin Mini Skirt

It seems like metallics, lace, gold, color, and sequins are the predominant themes…  I can totally get behind that!  Even though I have a Zara on my way home from work… the ecommerce site makes me beyond-words-happy.

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