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Do you guys watch the show Younger, on TV Land? It’s one of my favorites. First of all, it’s just around 25 minutes long, making it the perfect show to put on before bed. Secondly, the characters all work in publishing (which my mom did, and I always wanted to do). And third, because wow – I really identify with the main character, Liza (played by Sutton Foster).

If you are not familiar with the plot, here is a brief synopsis: The show is based around the main character Liza’s life. She’s a forty year old single mother, fresh out of a divorce. She moves to Brooklyn (crashing with her hilarious/awesome best friend, played by Debi Mazar), and attempts to get a job as a publishing assistant. Alas, nobody wants to hire a 40 year old assistant. One evening she is out in Brooklyn at a bar and is mistaken for being much younger. In a desperate move, she applies for another job, pretending to be 26. Of course, she immediately lands it. Throughout the show, she befriends a fellow assistant (played by Hilary Duff), dates a hot younger guy, and has this intense chemistry with her (super hot, more age-appropriate) boss. In the season 2 finale, she finds herself in a bit of a love triangle. I cannot wait for the show to start back up again on 9/28!

So I’ve never lied about my age or dated a much younger guy. But next week, I am entering a new demographic box… moving on up, from 18-34, to 35-44. And I kind of just have to wonder how that happened! I am at this weird place in my life, straddling life between my younger millenial friends who are in their twenties and my fellow mid thirty-something friends. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really relate to anyone. My college friends are nearly all married, with at least one or two kids. Getting them out of the house is a struggle, and I’m usually home by 10pm if we hang out. They don’t all quite understand what I do for a living, and many have just joined Instagram. Meanwhile, my millennial friends are all over Snapchat (I’m working on my Snapchat game), listen to crazy electronic music that gives me a headache, and are always telling me about all the apps I need to be on (anyone remember Peach?). And I’m the one perpetually canceling on them. “I’m just too tired.” It’s a funny spot to be in.

Outfit Details: Susanna Monaco Crop Top // Ganni Skirt // Hermes H Watch // Clare V Leopard Clutch // Sole Society Brigitte Wedge Boots (c/o) // Krewe Julia Cateye Sunglases

Look for Less: Top // Skirt // Clutch // (These boots are already a great deal!)


The fashion on the show is pretty great. Liza and Kelsey (Hilary Duff’s character) are always mixing things up and wearing the most fun pieces. Today’s outfit is maybe slightly age inappropriate, but I love it. I wore it to a dinner with (younger!) blogger friends during fashion week and was right at home. I’ve said it before but I always balance a crop top with long sleeves to prevent showing too much. It reminds me of something Liza would wear.

As with anything in life, the only thing you can do is embrace it. I love my older friends and my younger friends. My “older” friends (using quotes as I still don’t think we’re all that old!) have known me since I first moved to the city. They know the old funny stories. My “younger” friends keep me young. I wouldn’t be “me” without either crew. It’s a great balance to have.






photography by Trent Bailey.

This post is brought to you by TV Land’s Younger. Binge Seasons 1 and 2 now On Demand and on The TV Land App and get ready for the Season 3 premiere on September 28th.

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  1. Jessica says 9.21.16

    I live in the UK, so I haven’t seen this as it’s not on one of our main channels. I have read about it in various magazines….and it sounds really interesting!

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      You should check it out on itunes! It’s a really fun show. Xx

  2. Amy @ Girl for Granted says 9.21.16

    HELLO!! You look incredible Grace! Side note, Zara often have coloured leather/faux leather skirts in a very similar cut to the one you’re wearing here – I have a moss green one! xx

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Aw, thank you, Amy!!! And great tip. I love Zara! Kelly found a very similar one from Free People as well. Xoxo

  3. Jenn Lake says 9.21.16

    Love the pop of leopard in that clutch! So cute!

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Thank you Jenn!!! xoxo

  4. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says 9.21.16

    You reminded me how much I’ve been wanting to watch that show! Thanks girl! Also, I love the outfit! If you’ve got the body for it, age does not matter! 😀

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Oh good!! I hope you enjoy it… it’s one of my faves. Besides the fashion, so many cute guys, too! Well, just two – her younger bf and dreamy boss!

  5. francesca says 9.21.16

    love the skirt!


    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Thank you!

  6. Thuy says 9.21.16

    Your outlook and attitude on your weird in between age is refreshing. I love that you said you wouldn’t be you without either crew and that it’s a great balance to have. I find it narrow-minded for people to view having friends exactly or close enough to your age as being the right thing to have. That’s messed. My friend age range is probably 4 years younger as the max that way and 4 years older as the max the other way. But most of the time, I identify with older friends (as I’m usually pretty mellow and serious) but other times it’s fun to hang with the younger kids 😉 (because I can be immature if I’m in the mood or they just help take the seriousness out of life for me when I need it!) Also, it must be frustrating to have people not get what you do. I get annoyed when something like that comes up and I find myself refusing to breach the topic anymore if we can’t speak on the same wavelength. I run my blog as a hobby right now and I’m in the marketing/advertising industry but may move to tech after I learn coding! 🙂

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Aw thank you so much for the thoughtful comment, Thuy! Glad you enjoyed the post. Xoxo

  7. Jessica says 9.21.16

    Enjoy your new demographic Grace! This is where FOMO starts to really fade, and you begin figuring out what is most important to you. You seem to have a pretty good handle on all of that already though!

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Yesssss… I am looking forward to it! 😉

  8. aurelia says 9.21.16

    You Look adorable!! XOX

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Thank you!!

  9. Jada Nicola says 9.21.16
    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      So happy to hear that!

  10. Cy says 9.21.16

    I love that show and you look adorable! Sexy girl! It totally works.

  11. Cy says 9.21.16

    I’m 55 and I have friends in their late twenties and friends in their late sixties. I also hang out with my dad’s girlfriend and she is 75. It’s so fun, stimulating and inspiring to have friends of all ages. I’m a young 50 something true, but it’s really about energy and things in common. I love being more mellow with my older friends, but if I want to check out a new trendy place my younger friends are more spontaneous.

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      I love that outlook. It really is about a person’s energy + mutual interests. It’s great having friends in all age ranges. And thank you for your sweet comment earlier, too! Have a great night, Cy. Your comments always make my day. Xoxo

  12. Elizabeth says 9.21.16

    I love that show, and you look amazing Grace!

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      THanks, Elizabeth! xx

  13. Tanya Jimenez says 9.21.16

    Love your post! Great outfit and your writing always makes me smile.

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Aw thank you Tanya!!! 🙂

  14. KR says 9.21.16

    I’m so happy you decided to air Younger in September …awesome that we do not have to wait til January. YOUNGER

  15. Jackie (York Avenue) says 9.21.16

    SUCH a fan of Younger! I won’t even mention how many times I’ve watched all of the episodes (waaaay too many), so I’m definitely ready for the new ones. I think the fashion is a big part of what makes it so good – it’s Pat Field from Sex and the City so it’s no wonder the clothes are amazing!

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Same here. It is such a good show. And I love that they are a little shorter so that you can either a) watch before bed and not fall asleep, or b) watch several at a time!! With you on Pat Field -she’s so, so super talented.

  16. alyson says 9.21.16

    First, LOVE your outfit… it’s SO cute, and stylish, and two: totally hear you in the straddling two worlds. Yup, I have kids but I’m in that weird blogging zone where people are legit a decade younger than me/us. Weird place.

    Anyway, obsessed with Younger in such a profound way and super excited for it to return. AND, so cool you got to collab with the show. xo


    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Aw thanks lady! I know you can relate — it’s so funny and strange. But awesome, too. The show is one of my absolute favorites – I was so excited when they asked me to collaborate! Hope all is well in your world! Xoxo

  17. Tess Felber says 9.21.16

    I binged both seasons of younger in less than 4 days- it’s so good and I’m so excited for it to come back on!! But can we please talk about how much of a babe you look in this outfit!? Someone please sign this girl up to be an extra in Younger!!
    xx Tess |
    Sequins are the New Black

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      OMG good for you. It’s such a great show! I’m so happy it’s back next week. And thank you – that is so sweet of you to say!!!

  18. Ravi Roshan Jaiswal says 9.22.16

    Hi Grace,

    Sorry, I had no idea about Younger show on TV, but glad to know this perfect show. Thanks for making aware about it. Reading this synopsis by you, was really interesting and I enjoyed lot. Your top, skirt and clutch is perfectly suiting on you. This dress comes with quite impressive look and I would like remind you that it is going to the perfect choice for girls who love fashion.

    The photos of you with this fabulous dress and fashion accessories, is captured very well and all have a great matching.

    The color of your top and skirt is awesome and girl need to wear such perfect combination of outfits and fashion accessories. Thanks for reminding the Younger TV show.

    With best wishes,
    – Ravi.

  19. Rachel says 9.22.16

    I LOVE Younger! Are you by any chance going to the premier on Monday?

    • graceatwood says 9.23.16

      I am not, but I would imagine it will be amazing! Have fun!!!

  20. jillian says 9.22.16

    i love that show 🙂

    • graceatwood says 9.23.16

      yay, me too! It’s such a fun one. xx

  21. Elana says 9.22.16

    I absolutely love Younger! It’s become one of my favorite shows! I really want Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster to start singing in one episode.

    • graceatwood says 9.23.16

      So glad you love it too! That would be amazing if they did that!!!

  22. Ali says 9.23.16

    Haha. Love this post. Me and Jack love this show (actually found it first then got our entire family to watch it – and we’re all obsessed actually). Sutton Foster is amazing – she’s in a play in NYC right now so we’re going to see that too.

    I feel the same way being ‘older’ then some of my young friends who I mostly met through grad school since I’m on the older end of that. I think that you generally have to find friends in the same life stage (ie single and going out, trying to meet people) rather then maybe where some friends are at our age (kids, married, many now moved out of NYC). If you don’t find friends in this same life stage it can get pretty lonely (on both sides! Have heard about many friends needing couple friends out in the burbs since they don’t know anyone).

    And – happy birthday!

    (Jack’s blog above!)

    • graceatwood says 9.25.16

      Hi Ali! It was so nice meeting you the other night! And totally agree regarding finding friends who are at the same life stage – that’s the perfect way to put it!!!