“You’ll have it Forever!”

have it forever

I find that when I’m out shopping with my girlfriends, and they say “Oh, but you’ll have it forever,” it’s usually not true. I am guilty of saying it myself, but how many things do you actually hold onto forever? Maybe a really great designer bag, a pair of shoes that you can get re-soled every year… or a piece of furniture or jewelry.. but really, these days, things just aren’t made to last forever. Am I right? Let’s ban that statement for a bit, shall we? Along those lines, I won’t say that you’ll actually have these pieces forever (maybe the Manolos?) but you will certainly wear them for a very long time, until they fall apart. Cozy waffle knit cashmere, the necklace that broke Pinterest, the ultimate suede heels, and the prettiest champagne silk dress, I could go on… (the belt you can wear over everything from coats to jumpsuits to dresses?) These babies will earn their cost per wear.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

(It’s worth noting that I’ve been wearing Ariel Gordon’s pearl ear jackets for the past week straight. They’re perfect.)

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  1. jillian:

    i really want to invest in some nice gloves this winter!

    10.8.14 Reply
  2. I need that blush pink dress in my life ASAP! How gorgeous! Love this roundup :o)

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    10.8.14 Reply
  3. Beautiful dress! Slightly Gatsby style


    10.8.14 Reply
  4. The picks in this roundup are 100% my style! I just love the cuff and earrings (gotta love pearls with an edge) and that dress is too dreamy- thanks for adding to my fall “wish list”! 😉 haha XO, D

    10.8.14 Reply
  5. Been thinking of investing in some Manolos as of recently. A black or blue pair to start

    10.8.14 Reply
  6. Falling in love with those suede pumps! And I’m head over heels already for all the pastel pink items everywhere. Love this dress you’ve picked.

    – Lilly

    10.8.14 Reply
  7. I never invested in a piece of clothing! Maybe I should do it soon 😛

    10.8.14 Reply
  8. I love the color scheme. If you really take care of your stuff it can last a very long time. I tend to keep things because I know that trends are constantly changing and come back. Maybe that’s the hoarder in me talking.

    10.9.14 Reply
  9. I love/need that blush collar!

    10.9.14 Reply
  10. I just got that exact Dylan Lex necklace and it. Is. Amazing. Like, redonks amazing. I will def be wearing it until it falls apart!!

    10.11.14 Reply