You Need to Know About: Editorialist

What happens when the Accessories Director (Kate Davidson Hudson) and Senior Accessories Editor (Stefania Allen) of Elle Magazine leave to do their own thing?  Editorialist.  It’s a hybrid ecommerce site / online magazine, which focuses on luxury accessories.  The debut issue features a style profile on Kelly Wearstler, tastemaker picks from Miroslava Duma, and a sick bag guide.  The best (most dangerous part?)  Every story is shop-able.  If you can’t buy it on the site, just head to their concierge.  We’re seeing a HUGE trend with commerce + editorial coming together more and more every day (this and this being a prime example) and I think we are going to be seeing quite a bit more from this gorgeous new site.  I for one, will be watching this one very closely.


The shop features a highly edited assortment of some of my favorite brands (Jennifer Fisher, Lanvin, and oh hello new friend, Lele Sadoughi!) Admittedly, there are very few things on the site that I could actually afford (this!?) but it’s not always about shopping… it’s about inspiration!

A few faves:  Earrings // Nail Ring // Fur // Sunglasses // Scarab Necklace // Panther Studs // Nail Cuff (might actually snag this bad boy…) // Brass + Silver Cuff


Images taken from Editorialist.  This is not a sponsored post.  Kills me to have to tell you that, but you never know, these days.  I’ll always tell you if something I’m writing about is sponsored content.  The truth is, everyone at work was buzzing about it… our cooler-than-me fashion director especially.   

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  1. Alyssa says 2.20.13

    My whole office was chirping about this the other day and I keep meaning to check it out!!

  2. Jessie Springer says 2.20.13

    You had me hooked at the first sight of fur & tortoiseshell!

    Jessie Holmes Springer

  3. Kenzie Lee says 2.20.13

    Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to take a look!

    X Kenzie

  4. Lauren says 2.20.13

    ohhh thanks for the info! will have to check it out!

  5. christin says 2.20.13

    i love this idea. i think this may be the future of publishing.

  6. viv says 2.20.13

    This is amazing! Thanks for introducing me!

  7. Sarah says 2.20.13

    Very cool! Nice to get inspiration from but I’m in the same boat – probably can’t afford most of it.

  8. rita says 2.20.13

    thanks for sharing – excited to check this out!

  9. Kristina says 2.20.13

    I love those glasses, they’re simple but still so unique.


    Kristina does the Internets

  10. Illumine says 2.20.13

    simply brilliant

  11. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar says 2.20.13

    FAB! I am loving everything.

  12. the zhush says 2.20.13

    woe. yes…yes I DID need to know about this! thanks:)

  13. Chelsea says 2.20.13

    Even if I can’t always afford pieces like these I love to browse! How gorgeous are those sunnies?! Thanks for sharing.

    Chelsea & The City

  14. Nikki Rappaport says 2.20.13

    Awesome to learn about this. Thanks!

  15. The Pocket Stylist says 2.21.13

    Loving these sunnies!!! I think I must get them