Winter Frosé Recipe.

winter frosé recipe | lambrusco, blood orange, cantaloupe - the stripe blog

Frosé, in case you missed it, was all the rage this summer in New York. Frosé is essentially a wine slushie, composed of rosé, vermouth, and strawberries. It was Bar Primi who invented it, and all summer long it was impossible to find a spot at their bar as everyone just had to go in and try it. (I later heard from the bartender there that some people would go in, order it, take a photo for Instagram and leave without even drinking it.) I mean, okay? I guesssss I can understand – I love a good Instagram shot and all but I just wouldn’t let that go to waste! Inspired by Bar Primi’s frosé, I posted my own frosé recipe back in August. It ended up being one of my most popular posts from 2016, and I think it’s pretty darn delicious.

Flash forward six months later, and I was back at the bar of Bar Primi and low and behold… they’d created a winter frosé, using Lambrusco (a sparkling red) and blood oranges. So delicious, and as a red wine drinker, I actually liked it better – it’s less sweet and a bit more warm (warm in flavor, not temperature, ha ha) Obviously, I had to at least attempt to recreate it myself. Below is my recipe, and I gotta say… it’s just as good!

winter frosé recipe - ingredients: lambrusco wine, blood orange, cantaloupe | the stripe blog

You’ll need:

  • One Bottle Lambrusco (I used i Quercioli but I’m not brand loyal here).
  • 3 oz vermouth
  • 1 oz water
  • Two blood oranges
  • 1/4 cantaloupe
  • 1 Glade Slider Gallon Freezer Bag (this is IMPORTANT!!)

winter frosé recipe with lambrusco

Pour the wine into the freezer bag and seal. Freeze overnight.

winter frosé recipe - frozen wine

The next day, add the frozen wine, vermouth, water and (cut-up, de-seeded) fruit to the blender. Puree on high until you have a nice slushie consistency.

how to make winter frosé | the stripe blog

how to make winter frosé | the stripe blog

Serve immediately, preferably with a slice of blood orange.

how to make winter frosé with lambrosco and blood oranges | the stripe blog

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    Frosé sounds really delicious. I didn’t know what it was – thank you for introducing me to it.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.8.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      haha, I hope you try making it! So yummy!

      3.9.17 Reply
  2. diana pearl:

    I love Bar Primi’s frosé — both the winter and summer! So, so good. Now I have to make this one at home!

    x diana //

    3.8.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I love it too! I hope you try my recipe, I think you will find they are very similar.

      3.9.17 Reply