My Winter Beauty Routine.


I don’t know about you guys but as soon as winter (real winter – a combination of dry heat indoors and that biting cold wind that hits your skin the second you step outside), I have to change up my skincare routine. Today I wanted to share the products I’m currently using every day (and loving)… my morning routine, my evening routine, and the products I use every week as a treat. I test a LOT of products for the blog for review here, but I try to keep my routine pretty consistent to keep my skin from freaking out. If I’m testing a new moisturizer, I keep my cleanser and serum consistent… if I’m trying a new serum, I keep my cleanser and moisturizer consistent, and so on and so forth. Besides minimizing freak-out, it helps me to understand how well a product is working as the rest of my routine has stayed the same. For more recommendations, check out my holy grail beauty products. I wrote that post over a year ago and still stand behind everything I said… but these are the products I am relying upon right now!

My Winter Skincare Routine // Grace Atwood, The Stripe. My morning + evening routines, and the best face masks.

At night, I try my best to always do a double cleanse. It makes my skin feel SO good, and really “takes the day off.” I am currently really into Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil. I will massage it all over my skin, really let it sink in (and loosen up any dirt/oil/makeup) and then add a bit of water to emulsify it into a frothy milk. I rinse it off and then use Tracie Martyn’s Purifying Cleanser. I love this one as it is all natural and smells like witch hazel… but it literally takes the redness out of your skin (my skin is prone to redness and this is a life saver).

After that, I will pat my skin dry and then use one of L’Oreal’s Peel Pads. I am obsessed with these… they are actual magic. My skin gets very dry if I don’t exfoliate every day and these do so, gently. On top of that, these give it such a nice glow! When I am done with my face and neck I actually like to run them over the back of my arms. The back of my arms tend to get bumpy and doing this has really helped to keep them nice and smooth. One important thing to note is that I use these at night. If you use them during the day you MUST use SPF afterward to protect your skin. The 10% glycolic acid can leave your skin feeling very vulnerable.

I left this out of the collage but if I remember, I will apply 3-4 drops of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Repair Serum before moisturizing. Clearly, I don’t always remember this but this serum is one of my all time favs – it does a great job retexturing your skin while adding extra moisture. Next, I use Caudalie’s Resveratrol Lift Cream to moisturize. I am not sure if this actually lifts my skin but I know that it leaves it soft and silky and ultra hydrated, without any grease.

After moisturizer, I always, always apply a few drops of Vintner’s Daughter. I like to use the brand’s push-press technology. I rub the serum between my hands to warm it up and then I use my full hands to push the serum into my skin. Vintner’s Daughter is one of my holy grail products – it is a miracle worker and leaves my skin feeling so so good!

Last but not least are my balms! I love this eye balm (it is so hydrating!!) and this lip balm too. My lips and undereye area are both really prone to dryness and I would be lost without either of these products!! I cannot say enough good things about either… I keep an extra of each in my handbag as well.

My Winter Skincare Routine // Grace Atwood, The Stripe. My morning + evening routines, and the best face masks.

My morning routine is a lot less complex. If I even wash my face (I often don’t, as my skin is already clean from the night before), I will just use a little bit of the Tracie Martyn cleanser. If I don’t wash my face I will just splash it with cold water.

I’ll pat my skin dry and then apply a few drops of SK-II’s Treatment Essence (another holy grail product, I swear this is the fountain of youth!!) The best way to apply this product is to shake a few drops into the palm of your hand and then pat all over your skin (don’t rub it in!!) with your finger tips. Continue patting until it is dry. Next, I will use this moisturizer from thisworks. I love that it’s very basic and gentle but also contains SPF… your perfect day cream!

After that, it’s just a lighter eye cream (the perfect base if I’m applying concealer) and then (of course) more Baume de Rose. I joke to my friends that if I were to die or have blood work done, Baume de Rose would most definitely show up in the reports. I am completely addicted.

My Winter Skincare Routine // Grace Atwood, The Stripe. My morning + evening routines, and the best face masks.

Masks are my favorite. If it’s a good week I will do a mask nearly every day (one of the perks of working from home… I can sit and edit photos with a face mask on with no one to judge me – without losing any productivity). I love doing masks, and think that regular masking can really make a difference in the way your skin looks + feels. It was tough to narrow down but here are my five current favorites.

SK-II sheet masks more or less cure all sins. Upon using this mask, my skin is immediately plumped up (no sign of fine lines) but the mask is also packed with Pitera which has long-term anti-aging benefits. This mask is very expensive so I don’t do it very often…. occasionally my friends at SK-II will send me a few, and occasionally I will treat myself to the 5-pack. I try to use this once a month. It’s cheaper than a facial and really, really works.

If my skin is dull or needs extra exfoliation, I absolutely adore this Enzyme Exfoliant mask from Tracie Martyn. (If you can’t tell, she’s becoming a major favorite of mine). I start it like a scrub (exfoliating my face all over) and then let it sit for 15 minutes or so (until it dries). Instantly, my skin is smooth, soft, and luminous… and redness is majorly diminished.

For a big night (or after a big night) I live for Roloxin’s masks. You take the single use packet and massage it to loosen the mask and ready it for application, and then apply all over. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and BOOM – I swear… it’s like a face lift that lasts for 24 hours… and it also instantly zaps any bloating. It’s magical. The results are not permanent, but when you have a big event and/or need a quick fix I l-o-v-e these!

Purification isn’t a huge concern for me (my skin is very dry and rarely gets oily) but on occasion (especially if I’m traveling a lot) my skin will go haywire and break out and when that happens I reach for Peter Thomas Roth’s Irish Moor Mud. I’ll apply a thick layer and leave on for about fifteen minutes. When I take it off, my pores are smaller and my skin is glowing. It’s magical. I should note that it does not dry (this threw me for a loop the first time) so don’t worry if it still wet when you go to take it off.

Last but not least, my go-to, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask. This mask is just… the best. It leaves my skin firmer, tighter, and absolutely glowing. And it really does what it says it does… resurfacing. My skin can get that weird/awful rough sandpaper consistency if I’m not taking good care of it (or if I’m dehydrated). The fruit acids in the mask gently resurface and dissolve any dead skin cells, immediately leaving your skin glowy and smooth.

PS – This post is in no way sponsored by L’Oreal, but I’m required by FTC law to disclose our long-term partnership with you! Sponsored or not, those peel pads are amazing and I couldn’t not include them.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says 12.28.16

    Thank you for sharing! I’m going to check out some of the products you’re using.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • graceatwood says 12.28.16

      so glad to hear that! Let me know if you have any questions! xx

  2. Marta says 12.28.16

    They all seem like great products!

    • graceatwood says 12.28.16

      They are!! Thanks Marta!

  3. Jess R says 12.28.16

    These are my favorite kind of posts! Love hearing about your routine and new skincare products to try. I’m curious if you’ve tried the Dr. Dennis Gross face peel pads and how those compare to the L’oreal ones you mentioned? Love the price point of L’oreal and would love if its comparable!

    • Jess R says 12.28.16

      One other quick question! Do the L’oreal pads replace regular exfoliation? Or do you use it in addition to? Thanks!!

      • graceatwood says 12.28.16

        That’s a really good question! If I use the L’Oreal pads every day I don’t need to exfoliate manually (I look at it as manual exfoliation (grains) vs. chemical exfoliation (peels, acids, etc). That being said when I am traveling, etc. I am not always diligent about using peel pads and my face can get a little rough. In that case I will use either the Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant that I talked about under “treat” or this Shaffali scrub! xo

    • graceatwood says 12.28.16

      Yes, I have!!! I like the L’Oreal ones better. The only ones I have tried that I like as much as the L’Oreal ones are Pixi’s Glow pads (also a great price!

  4. Grace says 12.28.16

    The makeup look in the to pic is no joke – sooo gorgeous! One of my New Years resolutions is going to be to step up my skincare regime, so this post came at the perfect time. I definitely have to look into serums and eye creams. You’re never too young to start!

    Diary of a Would-Be Gallerist

    • graceatwood says 12.28.16

      I completely agree on both counts (1 – her makeup, 2 – it’s never too young to start!!!)

      And, great name!!! 😉 xo

  5. Jessika @ Beauty by Jessika says 12.28.16

    Grace … you are the only other person i’ve virtually met that doesn’t wash your face with a cleanser in the morning! As an oily girl, my skin has responded so well to this method and i’ve been doing it for over a year two years now. I love the Kiehl’s Cleansing Oil, too. I use that first and then I go in with Murad’s time release cleanser to double cleanse at night. Jessika /

    • graceatwood says 12.29.16

      Oh my gosh really? That’s so funny. It’s also funny as my skin is really dry. If you spend the time to properly care for your skin before bedtime it just doesn’t really feel necessary. I am glad to hear it works for all skin types.

  6. Cy says 12.29.16

    More great products to try! I’m going for the eye balm, the traciM cleanser and I love the idea of natural moistureizer with spf. I really liked the L’Oréal pads( bought at your suggestion, but the one product that does the same for me is the Pixi glow tonic( again at your suggestion, yeah!) I have always had combination, oily t zone. Good skin, bigger pores. I swear, I haven’t had a black head since I started using it! My skin has become much drier as I am getting older, so I’ve been really into oils and balms lately too. Thanks for all your hard work, skin experiments! We appreciate it!

    • graceatwood says 12.29.16

      Oooh I hope you love ’em, Cy!!!

      I agree about the Pixi Glow Tonic. If you use that, you don’t need to use the L’Oreal pads – it would be overkill.

      I’ve always LOVED oils and balms as my skin is naturally dry, but even my oily-skin friends are starting to get hooked on the oils… the right ones won’t make you break out.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, excited to hear what you think about the other products. 🙂 x

  7. Emily says 12.29.16

    Love these posts!

    I’m interested in using the SkII essence, Estee Lauder Serum, and the Vintner’s Daughter…is it overkill to use all 3 each night?

    Do you use the SKII essence and Vintner’s Daughter am and pm?


    • graceatwood says 12.29.16

      Hi Emily!
      Happy to clarify! In the post, I stated which products I use morning and night… SK-II I use in the morning, and Vintner’s Daughter in the evening.

      I personally don’t think that it’s overkill to use all 3 although I save SK-II for the mornings and use the other two at night as they are much richer. SK-II is lighter – it’s a treatment essence, it feels like water. The Estee Lauder Serum is pretty light as well… I use it before moisturizer, and then after moisturizing I lock everything in with a layer of Vintner’s Daughter (which is much heavier, like an oil… it’s a great final step as it’s so rich in emollients… it will lock your serum and moisturizer in, allowing them to do their best work!)

      Hope that helps!