Who are your Fav Funny Women to Follow?

Funny Women to Follow
Fav Funny Women to Follow

Last night I wasn’t certain what today’s blog post would be about and then I found myself in the bathtub, scrolling instagram, going down quite the instagram rabbithole. It started with @drunkauntoverseas (one of the amazing childfree accounts I started following a couple weeks ago). They reposted this video by Caitlin Reilly impersonating “the baby shower of the girl who bullied you in high school” and I just screamed laughing. It lead to me sitting in the tub for another thirty minutes, just watching all of her impersonation videos. I’ve never hit follow so quickly… she is hilarious (and so talented!) and whew – her impersonations are dead on!!!

Below I am sharing three recent fav funny female follows who I can’t get enough of… but more importantly, tell me yours in the comments! I feel like this is something we could all benefit from right now. I am all for the election coverage and vote vote vote content but our feeds need a little levity, too!

Fav Funny Women to Follow


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Caitlin Reilly (mentioned above) is a GD genius.

I think I’m most obsessed with her WASP Mom character, though her LA Mom is pretty great too.


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Mary-Alice Farina is too good.

Her Miranda Priestly impersonation… wow. Scary scary good!


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Taylor Wolfe cracks me up, especially with her Influencer Lingo series.

It’s so good.


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Jazmyn W’s White House HR series was just too good…

These videos cracked me up so much!

OK go… tell me your funny favs!!!!

photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Thanks for the recs! I don’t really follow any funny women on Instagram – I get all my funny content through TikTok! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ashley says 10.20.20

    Heather McMahan is my favorite person on Instagram – she’s so funny and real!

    • Sharon says 10.20.20

      Yes to Heather McMahan! Her instagram stories are hilarious, and quite possibly better because of Covid.

      I also love Jackie Schimmel podcast. It’s hilarious. Her IG is good as well, but the podcast is GOLD.

    • Ana S. says 10.20.20

      The women you recommended are not diverse..

      • Perry says 10.20.20

        This was my observation as well. Sigh. Those diversity/anti-racism initiatives seem to have dried up as well.

      • Rose says 10.20.20

        I get that it could be more diverse, but the first woman is Asian.

    • Elizabeth Scanlon says 10.20.20

      Heather is giving me life in COVID. The best!

  3. Lindsey Hughes says 10.20.20

    Sarah Cooper! She “lip syncs” Trump’s ramblings – she is SO funny.

  4. Ok love this post! And now I have new accounts to follow! Thanks Grace! xoxo Cathy

  5. Pia Padukone says 10.20.20

    Sarah Cooper is hilarious! And she has a Netflix special coming out this month!

  6. Stacey says 10.20.20

    Taylor Strecker, Andrea Lavinthal, Jessie Jolles, and Ilana Glazer!

  7. Elizabeth says 10.20.20

    Taylor Wolfe has been one of my favs for years! I also (sometimes more serious, but def also funny too) like Kate Kennedy!

  8. Becca says 10.20.20

    @Celestebarber on IG! She recreates model/celeb pics as an average woman and shows the side by side, she is hilarious!

  9. Kait says 10.20.20

    Heather McMahan has such funny daily stories, just commenting on her life. She’ll never fail to make you giggle and smile!! IG: @heatherkmcmahan

  10. Sarah K says 10.20.20

    Heather McMahan will forever and always be one of my favorite Instagram follows! She is just hilarious ALWAYS!

  11. Allie C says 10.20.20

    Heather McMahan!!!!!

  12. Bryn says 10.20.20

    Love this post! I also follow Becky Robinson aka Entitled Housewife- her videos have me cackling!!

  13. Brennan says 10.20.20

    Heather McMahan for SURE! Her podcast leaves me in tears too!

  14. Kerry says 10.20.20

    I second Celeste Barber – she is such a breath of fresh air and always always makes me laugh @celestebarber

  15. Rebecca Lately says 10.20.20

    Drunkauntoverseas is hilarious! You should check out @iambaker on Instagram. She does food content but recently started a ‘your content is terrible’ series that is HILARIOUS!!

  16. Berkley says 10.20.20

    Heather McMahan (@heatherkmcmahan) 1000%! Funniest person on instagram!

  17. Rachel says 10.20.20

    AverageFashionBlogger on IG – Courtney!

  18. Robin says 10.20.20

    Becky Robinson ( her “entitled housewife” character is ) and Heather McMahan.

  19. Liz says 10.20.20

    Another vote for Heather McMahan, her stories bring a smile to my face every day. I also love Becky Robinson and her “Entitled Housewife” videos, Ally Hickson posts funny/very accurate mood boards every week, and “HelloTefi” is a great follow on Instagram and TikTok. I also enjoy Caitlin Reilly’s videos!

  20. Emma says 10.20.20

    I think you shared @chloeiscrazy and I canNOT stop watching her old impressions, she’s such a chameleon! New favorite is @majimb.o and omg I giggle every time I watch her stories. Celebrities are doing videos with her voice over about the pandemic and she is just so funny. This was such a fun post, Grace!

  21. Theodora says 10.20.20

    Ah, my soul needed this post.

    This woman does hilarious LA v NY videos. https://www.instagram.com/michaelaboutrosghali/?hl=en

    Does “my soul needed this post” make me too LA now? 🙂

  22. Katie says 10.20.20

    Do you follow Ziwe? Her interview series over IGTV is so good/funny/insightful/smart/biting/etc. https://www.vulture.com/article/ziwe-fumudoh-interview-comedians-you-should-know-2020.html.

    • Rachel says 10.22.20

      Yesss how could I forget to include her!

  23. Dana Mannarino says 10.20.20

    Omg the Miranda Priestly ones are TOO GOOD. I crack up!

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

  24. Tierney says 10.20.20

    @gertiebird She has several recurring characters in different scenarios. She’s very funny. I can’t wait to check out a few from this comments section!

  25. Shari says 10.20.20

    Hands down Heather McMahan. She kills me. Always makes me giggle. I love how silly she is.

    Taylor Wolfe is hilarious too. The influencer lingo gets me every time.

  26. Judy Werner says 10.20.20

    We do need to laugh. I crack up from @catandnat two Canadian moms who are hilarious. Also, @thelesliejordan just a very funny man. And your turned me on to @thesdailytay who has been really enjoyable.

  27. Lisa Autumn says 10.22.20

    Haha I am obsessed with Wasp Mom!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com