What’s Your Fav “Secret” Dinner?

Whats Your Fav "Secret" Dinner?
What’s Your Fav “Secret” Dinner?

Something that has come up with friends recently has been the meal you eat alone, when no one is there to judge you or comment. Like the anonymous friend who loves her “wine and cheese:” drinking a glass of wine while she bites into a string cheese (bites, not pulls, that’s the key). This conversation is one that I relate to very much… and always love hearing other peoples’ answers!

What’s Your Fav “Secret” Dinner?

When it’s hot, I will literally eat a bowl of tomatoes (like one or two whole tomatoes cut up into chunks) with olive oil and some salt. I really, really love tomatoes.  And burrata or mozzarella if I have it. (But that isn’t weird… tomatoes + mozzarella is totally fine, borderline gourmet. It’s eating two whole tomatoes cut up that might be a little strange.

My weirdest one is that if I am feeling like a snackmonster sometimes I will eat a whole container of Whole Foods’ tzatziki dip with pretzels and veggies as dinner. I mean… it’s mostly greek yogurt? The best snack but a whole container does feel just a little excessive.

Least weird but still important to list: I’ve always loved breakfast for dinner. Nothing is more satisfying than making a homemade breakfast sandwich for dinner: an egg or two and cheddar cheese on a buttered English muffin. My friend Molly felt the same, saying she loves to make a few scrambled eggs (with as much cheese as possible) + some greens (to not feel like a total monster).

(Please, please… tell me yours… I’m so curious!)

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  1. meena says 8.18.21

    I quite literally ate a pint of ice cream last night for dinner after realizing it was only Tuesday… Another go to is buttered noodles, something so satisfying and reminiscent about it. But the wine and cheese your friend does, that’s on my list for my next long day dinner 🙂

    • Morgan says 8.18.21

      Buttered noodles is mine!! Usually cavatappi (my favorite noodle), but will also rock with a farfalle, fusilli, penne, rigatoni. Cooked al dente with lots of butter and maybe some parmesan cheese. I… want to go make a bowl right now

      • Ari says 8.18.21

        Add a little garlic salt next time – perfection!!

        • Stephanie says 8.18.21

          We love buttered noodles with a touch of garlic salt!

  2. Olivia says 8.18.21

    A classic of mine is noodles with powdered Parmesan cheese (like the Kraft stuff that comes in a green bottle)

  3. Margaret says 8.18.21

    On the rare occasions where I can eat dinner alone, I tell myself I should eat something my husband dislikes (goat cheese) or that my kids won’t touch (spicy). But I always reach for Annie’s mac and cheese. The whole box to myself!
    I also love really simple nachos. Just a plate of tortilla chips, baked or even just microwaved with beans and cheese, pickled jalapeños and pico de gallo on the side.

  4. Cait says 8.18.21

    Trader Joes frozen orange chicken! I call it my “alone meal” aka I eat it when I am alone. It’s the best! I eat the whole bag solo and feel zero shame lol.

    • Emma says 8.18.21

      OMG YES. I’m not the only one haha! I can’t believe that bag supposedly serves 3…I also love a ball of burrata with chopped tomatoes, basil, balsamic and a whole crusty baguette rubbed in garlic. Another classic for me is frozen pepperoni pizza with ranch and it must be Home Run Inn pizza with Hidden Valley Ranch.

  5. Megan says 8.18.21

    Hear me out: brown rice, black beans, whatever veggies i have in the fridge, some shredded cheese and an egg. And then whatever seasonings I’m feeling. Kind of like a protein bowl? lol

    • Olivia says 8.18.21

      Omg I love this so much!! These kind of meals are my go to on a Friday night with no plans and the house to myself Jack’s frozen pizza (pepperoni) or cheese melted over chips with black beans or salsa or whatever I have.

    • Melissa says 8.19.21

      Mine used to be rice and beans with a fried egg and tajin on top. But lately I’ve been into 1/2 an avocado with feta crumbles, ruby red sauerkraut and simple mills almond crackers

  6. Dana B says 8.18.21

    I am a total monster: Kraft mac and cheese, straight out of the blue box, powder cheese packet included. Grab a fork out of the drawer, stand at my stove, eat it right out of the pot. Amen.

    • Cynthia says 8.18.21

      AMEN! It’s the best, especially right out of the pot!

    • Cassie says 8.18.21

      Add a hot dog, so absurd, so good.

      • Sarah says 8.24.21

        Not absurd because it just makes it that much better!

  7. Katrina says 8.18.21

    “Trashy Quesadilla” = 2 tortillas, cheese, ranch dressing, siracha, microwaved.
    Naan pizza = Naan, mozzarella, tomato sauce, maybe pepperoni or basil, in the toaster oven.

    Both with a non-alcoholic beer on the side, because I’m pregnant & classy like that.

    • Elizabeth says 8.18.21

      SAME! Always microwaved. The crunchy stove top version tastes better, but it’s too much work. I sometimes crumble tortilla chips in it so it’s like a trashy crunch wrap supreme. And lots of hot sauce on top. Some mashed avocado to dip it in if I’m feeling “fancy.” Lolololol

  8. Heidi says 8.18.21

    Annie’s mac and cheese. Purple box or bust. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll add mushrooms/broccoli or go spicy with avo, black beans and salsa.
    …but 9/10 times it’s just the mac shining solo. Simple pleasures.

    • Stacy says 8.18.21

      I had exactly this last night! And if you’re not eating the entire box… you’re doing it wrong haha.

  9. Laura says 8.18.21

    Cheese and crackers 100%! I love the red chili crackers from Trader Joes (they’re like a grown-up ritz w a little kick) paired with their tapas cheese sampler, yum yum.

    • Lisa says 8.18.21

      Same! But I just do Wheat Thins or Triscuits and plain old cheddar cheese – usually store brand!

    • Shana says 8.18.21

      Same! my ‘go to” crackers are the simply rice crackers (cracked pepper rectangles) with a large chunk of cheese, preferably white cheddar, while standing at the kitchen counter mmmmm so good!

  10. Kristin says 8.18.21

    I ALWAYS go for pasta with my favorite jarred sauce. A healthy dose of grated parmesan on top. Total comfort food. Sometimes I mix some garlic hummus into the sauce for some extra flavor and texture. If I”m feeling fancy, I will also add some of the frozen Texas toast 🙂

    • Laura says 8.18.21

      Stirring hummus into pasta is such a great hack that does not get enough attention! Stirring it into red sauce makes a great creamy pink sauce, and whisking it into a little hot pasta water plus grated parm makes an excellent, healthier Alfredo-like sauce.

      • Chelsea says 8.18.21

        I did not know this hack and I am trying it!!

  11. Rebecca says 8.18.21

    OMG love this! My husband’s not a big fan of shrimp, but my guiltiest foodie pleasure is shrimp scampi. So it’s become a little tradition that I’ll make a big bowl for dinner if he’s ever out for an evening and I have our place to myself for the night. That or ordering in sushi take out!

  12. Alexandra says 8.18.21

    Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi are definitely mine. Throw them in a pan with a little oil straight from the freezer. I’ll eat a whole bag and tell myself they’re “healthy” if I throw in some spinach or pesto. But really it’s glorified pasta lol

  13. Ann says 8.18.21

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup (Campbell’s from the can )

    Or Kraft Mac and cheese

    Or Stouffer’s lasagna

    I’m a monster

    • Jen says 8.19.21

      Stouffer’s lasagna (or Annie’s) is what came to my mind too!

  14. Cynthia says 8.18.21

    Love this post! So relatable and so comforting to know we all do this. Peanut Butter & crackers with a glass of wine. Kraft Mac & Cheese with a glass of wine. OR, the totally secret meal, a box of Chicken In a Biscuit crackers AND a glass of wine. Bon Apetit!

    • Kim says 8.19.21

      OMG! Those crackers!

  15. Katie says 8.18.21

    I too love the boxed pasta. Another good one is Campbell’s tomato soup made with milk, with an ungodly amount of cheese. Trader Joe’s turkey corn dogs or frozen classy “pastry pups.” My bestie and I call the scrambled egg with whatever (or just plain) “single girl eggs” and I would say that that is less of a guilty pleasure and more just being practical!

    • Caitlin Maxwell says 8.18.21

      I love those turkey corn dogs too!!

  16. Alex says 8.18.21

    Current obsession is the pirate’s booty white cheddar puffs. I’ll add some fruit to “make it legit” But just let me go ham on a bag of that booty (Costco size, naturally) and I am a happy, happy girl!

  17. Emily says 8.18.21

    Oh I haven’t done this in forever – but stop and get a big thing of frozen yogurt (with ALL the toppings) then throw it in the freezer and eat it after i eat an entire bag of popcorn. trashy TV must be included.

  18. Erin says 8.18.21

    An embarrassing amount of angel hair pasta topped with store bought pesto with a bit of parm grated and lemon squeezed on top. 🙂

  19. Marissa says 8.18.21

    I feel like so many of these comments are very normal so I fear writing this. But mine is goldfish mixed with chocolate chips. It’s the best salty sweet combo. Also cinnamon sugar toast (a not so weird one), is so wholesome and brings back childhood memories. If I’m really down to trash my body my go to alone food is Burger King drive thru: Impossible Whopper, onion rings, and a fountain sprite. My god that hits.

    • Madelyn says 8.18.21

      Now THIS is the content I was looking for!!

    • Elizabeth says 8.18.21

      Goldfish and chocolate is one of my favorite snacks, too!

    • Jenn says 8.18.21

      I thought I was the only one who loved goldfish and chocolate chips! Happy to find my people here

    • KG says 8.20.21

      You are not alone! I usually go for Cheezits and chocolate chips 🙂

  20. Krystal says 8.18.21

    Mine is “cheesy chips” – corn chips with melted cheese! Sometimes with green onions if I’m feeling fancy.

  21. Maire says 8.18.21

    The Olivia Pope dinner: Popcorn + Wine, or also a frozen cheese pizza: must be Red Baron or Home Run Inn.

  22. Emily Ashton says 8.18.21

    This is weird, and other than the pasta/mac and cheese refrains below, I LOVE a can of chicken noodle soup dumped into rice. It’s SO good and SO comforting, and my husband always wants to heat up the chicken noodle soup separately and add stuff to the mix when I want to have it when he’s home and it’s just the pure unadulterated version and the appropriate temperature when you just make the rice and do the dump!! haha

    • Christina says 8.18.21

      This sounds soooo good. Must try!

  23. Darcy says 8.18.21

    I make tuna salad with a big slice of tomato and melt cheddar on it. That’s not weird but the weird part is I don’t put in on a sandwich or bread of any kind…I just put tinfoil on a pan and pop it on to melt the cheese…and then scoop it off the pan to eat

  24. Christina says 8.18.21

    Omg so many. Egg on toast. Annie’s Mac and cheese white cheddar straight from the pot, sometimes with extra cheese. My most secret being powdered mashed potatoes (Idaho brand) and adding shredded cheese to it.

  25. Wenjia says 8.18.21

    I will eat a whole bag of popcorn and wine for dinner!

    • Sarah T says 8.18.21

      This is my go-to. I can’t do it around my husband because popcorn makes me so unwell for two days after I eat it but there’s nothing I crave more when I’m alone . Topped with olive oil and nutritional yeast. Side of red wine. The absolute best.

  26. Tracy says 8.18.21

    In hot weather, I have been known to devour 2 pounds of cherries for dinner. Other times, instant rice with butter and hot sauce. I’m not proud but I’m not ashamed either!

  27. Katie says 8.18.21

    I often have an adult lunchable snack plate for dinner. I’m a big fan of breakfast for dinner. Also, saltines with peanut butter. No shame!

    • Kate says 8.18.21

      Saltines with peanut butter and jelly! So good

  28. Heather says 8.18.21

    Oh I LOVE this! Definitely team breakfast for dinner, making myself a little egg sandwich. I also love a cheese/cracker/veggie plate. The worst one is probably “noodle surprise” when I make elbows, throw in some veggies, chicken nuggets if I have them and some cheese. So random, sounds awful but so yummy/comforting haha.

  29. Skylar says 8.18.21

    One whole bag of the most buttery popcorn & a Diet Pepsi! Plus Reese’s pieces to eat with each bite of popcorn —if I have them!

    • Lindsay S. says 8.18.21

      Skylar, please be my best friend cause this is mine, too! Diet Pepsi forever, it is so much better than Diet Coke. (And yes you CAN taste a difference!)

  30. Elizabeth says 8.18.21

    Living for these comments! I’m also a big fan of Annie’s Mac n Cheese for a solo dinner. I love the white cheddar! And yes I eat the entire thing. My other fave is this Smitten kitchen recipe: https://smittenkitchen.com/2015/08/takeout-style-sesame-noodles-with-cucumber/ Had it last night! My boyfriend does like it but for some reason it’s just total “eat by myself and watch tv” dinner.

  31. Jana says 8.18.21

    Buttered rice (jasmine rice cooked in chicken bouillon, trust me) or Annie’s Mac and cheese (shells only!!) with pepper.

  32. Madelyn says 8.18.21

    A bottle of cava (yes, a bottle) and an entire box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese with a few dashes of Frank’s Red Hot. Hey man, go big or go home.

  33. Leigh says 8.18.21

    I have a few of these embarrassing meals that are on too frequent of a rotation, especially since I live alone and don’t cook traditional meals for myself too often…

    I love a DiGornio pizza and usually will pick one up for dinner after a midweek evening grocery store run

    Tortellini en brodo- basically just boil frozen tortellini in chicken broth, add some pancetta and baby spinach and call it a day

    McDonalds M&M McFlurry and fries

  34. Allison says 8.18.21

    Chips and queso.

  35. Molly says 8.18.21

    Annie’s purple box is always a go-to for me (with peas!). But when I have the house to myself, my favorite “alone” meal is making an individual serving of the party dip that is cream cheese, cream cheese and shredded cheese with lots of tortilla chips, HAHA. Garbage person.

    • Audrey says 8.18.21

      Omg YES! My mom used to sneak peas into our mac and cheese and now it is such a comfort meal! Boyfriend absolutely despises peas so I only eat it when I’m alone but gosh it is the best

    • Molly says 8.18.21

      ** cream cheese, salsa and shredded cheese!

  36. Eleanor says 8.18.21

    Like the goldfish/choc chip (will have to try this) poster I’m slightly ashamed compared to these other normal sounding dinners, lol. I’m over here making “Wheat Thin Pizza” any chance I get (ie when I’m only cooking for myself). Marinara, pepper flakes, and cheese on wheat thins, “cooked” in the microwave for 1 min. Pizza flavor with a little crunch in bite sized processed bites, mmmm. The best!

    • Sarah T says 8.18.21

      This brings me back to the year 1998 when we were devouring chips topped with cheddar cheese and salsa microwaved after school and I am HERE FOR IT. Trying pizza crackers next lol

    • Joanna says 8.19.21

      I’ve totally made “wheat thin nachos”.

  37. Rachel says 8.18.21

    Is it weird that I want my family to leave the house for the night because I’m craving one of my secret dinners now? Always a carb, always copious amounts of cheese, always with wine.

  38. Maureen says 8.18.21

    For my Alone Dinner I love 2 steamed artichokes with a huge bowl of dipping sauce (mayo, tons of parm, squeeze of lemon, pepper). Let’s be honest, the artichoke leaves are really just a vehicle for the dip 🙂

  39. Jenni says 8.18.21

    Kale + Fries courtesy of TJs. I sauté 1/2 a bag of the TJs kale in soy sauce and then douse in sriracha and toasted sesame seeds. This is paired with the TJs frozen fries prepared in my air fryer, also dipped in sriracha.

    • Hayley says 8.18.21

      Oh I do something very like this but I add a huge helping of kimchi! So delicious. When I’m craving veges and I’m alone I’ll cut up and roast a whole broccoli, topped with tahini. And my trash meal is a fried egg sandwich with melted cheese and pickles and mustard…I basically try to replicate a McDonald’s cheeseburger but with egg.

  40. Mykayla says 8.18.21

    Frozen bang bang shrimp from Target on a corn tortilla, and call it shrimp tacos! Maybe I’ll throw a little “slaw” of bagged salad if I happen to have some on top.

  41. Stephanie says 8.18.21

    Chips and dip…like the entire container of dip. Queso (out of a jar) is always delicious but my go to lately is TJ’s Buffalo chicken dip.

    Also, I recently rediscovered spaghetti-o’s and have been eating those. They have a godly amount of sugar in them so it’s dinner and dessert rolled into one. If it’s been a bad day, a beer/hard cider/wine and a popsicle or two is dinner. My husband judges me so much for this.

  42. Kiersten says 8.18.21

    Reading these comments are the best! Mine is a GOOD baguette with salted butter. On a bad night, it’s sugar cereal (preferably Apple Jacks). I don’t trust anyone who has included vegetables in their secret dinners hahaha!

  43. mary says 8.18.21

    I love a bowl of frozen broccoli or cauliflower rice with a slice of white American cheese melted on top.

  44. Steph says 8.18.21

    Old school .50 cent Ramen with chickpeas… I can only do it when my husband isn’t home!

  45. Hayley says 8.18.21

    When my husband is working late or going out after work, I love to just make a big bowl of fries, and top with cheese and gravy. I really miss him working in the office because now I have to make actual food every day!

    • Ana says 8.19.21

      Poutine!! I order takeout poutine with pulled pork, plus a bottle of rosé. Maybe a chewy choc chip cookie after? Perfect

  46. Shauna says 8.18.21

    I never met a potato that disappointed me. I will forever be happy with a dinner of a couple boiled potatoes (red if we’re feeling fancy) with a little butter, S&P. Though they don’t even need it. Irish Perfection.

  47. Melinda says 8.18.21

    This is my kind of post! While I love to bake, I don’t enjoy cooking and minimize it as much as possible. Lately my ‘alone’ meal has been a loaf of fresh baguette or French bread from a bakery with COLD butter or TJ’s black pepper toscana cheese. Hard to go wrong with delicious and fresh bread. I don’t normally eat a whole loaf in 1 sitting, but I have come close to it 😉

    I also love breakfast for dinner whether that’s eggs, breakfast burritos (with air fried TJs tater tots inside), waffles, pancakes, french toast or something else.

    Other nights, I will simply have ice cream for dinner.

  48. Sarah says 8.18.21

    Ramen noodles! Not fancy, restaurant ramen but the kind from the box you buy at Costco for $5 that has 100 packages. Sometimes I add a few “fresh” herbs but usually I just add water! I also love the Lipton noodle packages.

  49. Lynn says 8.18.21

    Grilled cheese and pineapple like my grandma made me in a round stove top griddle . Delicious ! Cottage cheese and flat cold noodles sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar ! Lol

  50. Grace McCrocklin says 8.18.21

    I am one of those “cook to live” people (instead of “live to cook) so my secret dinner will NEVER be one I make myself, ha! I’m either McDonalds Oreo Mcflurry + med fry + diet coke, OR Taco Bell Crunchwrap AND Burrito Supreme. I do it in honor of all those poor women on the Titanic who shoo’d away the dessert cart – life’s too short! 🙂

  51. Andrea says 8.18.21

    Kraft Mac n cheese spirals, white jasmine rice with butter and salt, and bagel bites! They’re the best!

  52. mimi says 8.18.21

    My alone meal is either- 2 poached eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning sprinkled on them and served on 2 pieces of toast OR steak & bake potato with the works- generally I go to Outback restaurant for this one.

  53. Rebecca says 8.18.21

    OMG. I have soooo many. First up BK drive thru. Cheeseburger, small onion rings, vanilla shake. Second; an entire box of Annie’s Mac and cheese. The white cheese. Third; a tomato sandwich on white bread with mayo, chips, a pickle, vanilla ice cream. I could go on, Grace. There are not enough slime nights for my secret dinners.

    • Rebecca says 8.18.21

      Alone nights, Grace. Not slime nights. Although my slime making skills are .

  54. Cindy says 8.18.21

    Can of Spaghettio’s with cheddar goldfish crackers…two of my childhood favorites mixed together can’t be wrong! I’m also delighted at the number of people who eat Kraft Mac n cheese straight out of the pot! Also a Tombstone frozen pizza.

    • Stacey says 8.18.21

      So glad to see another Spaghettios fan! My go-to is the one with hot dogs in it.

  55. Lisa says 8.18.21

    Stovetop stuffing. If you want to really go for it melt some cheese on top. Or a baked potato with cheese and bacon. Copious amounts of cheese and crackers never diaaspoint. If ordering in the dominos 2 @ $5.99 special thin and crispy bbq chicken pizza and specialty chicken classic hot Buffalo. Basically I live for these kind of meals.

  56. Sydney says 8.18.21

    I loved reading the comments! Here are my favorite alone meals (not eaten all together lol):

    A takeout order of a whole specialty sushi roll from my hometown place (shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy crawfish, snow crab, AND eel sauce) with a side of asparagus tempura.

    A bag of popcorn + a can of regular coke (a special treat for me lol) and a movie favorite like Parent Trap or Father of the Bride.

    Half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food (I can only handle half a pint or I give myself a stomach ache since I never have real dairy).

    Buttered noodles (preferably bow ties or lasagna) with a sprinkle of Tony’s, a sprinkle of basil or Italian seasoning, and some powdered Parmesan cheese.

  57. Courtney says 8.18.21

    I’m a mom of two busy kids, and I cook a lot. Darn those well rounded meals haha. So when I’m alone for dinner for some strange reason, my favorite is Merkts port wine cheese spread and a box of Triscuits and a big glass of Cabernet. And if you don’t know this cheese spread, look it up. It’s from Wisconsin, the land of cheese, and it’s amazing!

    • Shana says 8.19.21

      As a Wisconsinite now living in Texas the cheddar and port wine spread is the BEST! I always sneak 2 in my suitcase when I go up to visit 🙂

  58. Danielle says 8.18.21

    Either Kraft Mac n Cheese or just a bowl of microwave popcorn. Both are amazing but reserved for only certain circumstances!

  59. Sara says 8.18.21

    Honestly thought it was normal but I got a lot of grief when I decided to make my “secret” meal with others around. Cottage cheese (a little Splenda/stevia and vanilla) + sugar free strawberry jello, strawberries and pretzels. If I’m feeling extra I’ll put the cottage cheese in the food processor to make it smooth.

    • LS says 8.20.21

      Oh my gosh, I cannot believe someone else does this too! I am obsessed with cottage cheese, but I don’t like chunks of anything, and I like it sweet. I mix cottage cheese with a little fruit juice, jam, or fruit puree, and process until smooth!

  60. Kaelyn says 8.18.21

    A big bowl of tomatoes seems totally normal to me, although I cut them into slices and put them on a plate. Here’s a strange easy breakfast…eggo waffles with a slice of melted american cheese on top. (Kraft singles)

  61. Allison says 8.18.21

    I love greens, but I also have a mega sweet tooth. I also appreciate my sweets more when I have some balance and don’t overdo it, so my “secret dinner” is usually something like roasted broccolini or brussels sprouts followed by an ice cream sundae.

  62. Kelly says 8.18.21

    I usually order in if I’m eating alone – chimichangas or tacos with chips, queso, red salsa, *and* white salsa because let’s face it, the chips and dips are the best part! If I’m not ordering, I’m super into trashy frozen foods – White Castle cheeseburgers with Nando’s perinaise for dipping, or Bagel Bites drizzled with Mike’s Hot Honey, dipped in ranch.

    • Katie says 8.19.21

      Bagel bites were my go to growing up (rip pizza rolls you’re just not good much like hot pockets)… So hard to not get one to explode from being too melted though.

      I am lactose and casein intolerant but the honey and ranch dip sounds so good w bagel bites. Brand name is key here. Aldi bagel bites are just kind of bad. My parents buy Aldi brand chips because “they kind of stink so you eat fewer which is good.”

  63. Skye says 8.18.21

    Nachos! Tortilla chips, salsa spooned over (a little on each chip), lots of shredded cheddar and/or jack cheese and 1 minute in the microwave! The best!

  64. Steph says 8.18.21

    Annie’s mac + cheese (turquoise box with rice noodles) topped with a bit ketchup. Sounds gross but it’s amazing and very Canadian.

    Also love solo take out Pad Thai, and eating the other half for breakfast!

  65. Brenda says 8.18.21

    Pirates booty, Swedish fish, and some sort of crunchy chocolate snack. Eat with abandon.

  66. Cait says 8.18.21

    I love steamed broccoli with marinara sauce. No pasta or rice. Just a bag of frozen broccoli with pasta sauce add salt/pepper. It makes me so happy & every person I’ve ever lived with thinks it’s so weird.
    I’ve also been known to just eat watermelon for dinner in the summer. Like a whole watermelon.

  67. Carly says 8.18.21

    Ooh what a good topic! For me, it’s usually either an entire bowl of popcorn or nachos. Sometimes I go classic with chips and cheese, other times I make what I call triscuit nachos which is just cheese melted on triscuits. And the nachos are usually accompanied by a glass of orange juice, because for some reason I feel like cheese and oj really go well together lol!

  68. Lisa Ann says 8.18.21

    I’m impressed, most of these sound normal and pretty good to me. Kraft and Annie’s are classy, when my husband is gone I got for Velveeta shells and cheese. Straight from the pan, and if it’s a really rough night– also, right off of my baby’s high chair, whatever he hasn’t eaten.

  69. Shelley says 8.18.21

    Bowties with salted Kerrygold butter, lots of fresh lemon and grated fresh parm. Wait? This sounds like a meal, but it’s always felt like it wasn’t a legitimate dinner.

    Also, lightly toasted bread with Bonne Aman four fruits jam. Period. Best dinner ever.

  70. Anne says 8.19.21

    CPK’s BBQ chicken pizza (frozen)
    Annie’s mac & cheese
    McDonald’s chicken nuggets & fries with an obscene amount of ketchup. Especially appealing if I’m PMS’ing!

  71. Laura says 8.19.21

    Scrambled eggs, carrot sticks, and red wine. My husband used to travel for work constantly and this was my solo dinner so many nights.

  72. Kaitlin Lopez says 8.19.21

    these comments are so fun to read! my #1 alone meal is two fried eggs over medium on 2 slices of toasted ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with butter, and my #2 is a giant vat of stovetop popcorn with tons of butter and salt. however, last july when i was profoundly pregnant, sweaty, tired of being pregnant, and sick of literally all food, my husband was out and i had dark chocolate bark thins dipped into peanut butter for dinner. it hit the spot. i went into labor later that night so maybe it was the key to getting things moving?!

  73. Nicole says 8.19.21

    These were my college go-to dinners when i had no money, and they’re my meals when my husband leaves so i can be my disgusting self–an entire pack of instant mashed potatoes or an entire box of chicken rice-a-roni in a giant bowl covered with A1 sauce. So much sodium, so much goodness.

  74. katie says 8.19.21

    adult lunchables are my go-to. Throw whatever I’ve got on a plate to snack on: cheese, fruit, chips, salami, m&ms, crackers, pickles. No judgement, the plate is yours!! As long as it doesn’t require more than taking it out of a bag. The poor woman’s version of a fancy shark-cute-ah-ree board

    runner ups: buttered noodles, tomato toast, chips and cheese (literally tostitos with shredded cheese on top; add bacon or ham or onions if fancy), popcorn (yes, it is a meal. again, no judgement here), kraft mac n cheese, or a mcdonalds quarter pounder with diet coke and fries for those rough nights to name a few.

    Just please don’t tell my doctor. as far as he needs to know my diet is super healthy and organic.

  75. Rachel says 8.19.21

    One of my guiltiest is chocolate chip muffin mix — the kind that you just have to add water to. Instead of scooping it into muffin tins, it gets scooped in my mouth. I’ve been doing it since college and know if I eat the whole bowl I’ll get a stomach ache which is … strangely satisfying.

  76. Laura says 8.19.21

    My alone meal is Trader Joe’s Linguine with Clam Sauce and a big glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I eat the entire thing! 🙂

  77. LeeAnne Lower says 8.19.21

    My go-to secret meals are either a can of black beans heated up in the microwave with cheese then topped with salsa and eaten with tortilla chips as the “spoon” or a baguette that I stuff with both butter and brie.

  78. Briana says 8.19.21

    My favorite dinner to indulge in when no one is around is a pepperoni and black olive pizza from Dominos! Unlike everyone else in the house, I lOVE the dominos doughy and seasoned (with salt) crust. Cheesy bread also ranks pretty high on the list of I know I shouldn’t but I need comfort in my stomach.
    I always seem to buy and indulge when no one is around. Take away the hassle (IMO) of cooking and I’m ready to relax.

  79. Erin says 8.19.21

    Mine is definitely what I call snack dinner. Which is… a variety of snacks that don’t go together at all thematically or nutritionally in any way. I gather it all together on the coffee table like a Pinterest snack board made by a crazy person which is part of the fun.

  80. Kim says 8.19.21

    Fritos and bean dip!

    • Pat Schwab says 8.20.21

      I love bean dip- I will eat a whole can myself with Fritos. Now I need to buy some, yum. Do you make your own bean dip?

  81. Jes says 8.20.21

    I like to say I’m having tapas when really I’m just eating triscuits, sharp cheddar, turkey bacon, and cut up apple. It’s fancy!!!

  82. emma godfrey says 8.20.21

    Peanut butter right off a spoon, straight from the jar. Must be Jiff, not the healthy no sugar kind. Add in a Diet Coke and it’s a feast!!

    • Amy says 8.22.21

      I take this one step further. Spoonful of peanut butter with a squirt of reddi whip whipped cream on top of it. Amazing. (And agree on the diet coke with it!)

  83. Kaitlin F says 8.20.21

    I have popcorn for dinner almost every time I’m home alone :p I’ll try to make a green smoothie as well to balance it out if I have the ingredients.

    Another weekly secret meal is my go-to pantry WFH lunch – chili & hoisin egg wrap! Cover the bottom of a frying pan with two scrambled eggs, throw down tortilla spread with chili oil and hoisin sauce, flip over once eggs are cooked, roll with green onion or leafy lettuce.

  84. Jessica says 8.20.21

    Homemade dumplings with brown butter, so good!

  85. Pat Schwab says 8.20.21

    Really good tomatoes on bread with mayo and salted are delish. I love to just eat cheese and apple slices or a plate with cheese. pickles, crackers, and fruit just for me because why not. I need to try the tzatziki dip because that sounds delish for a solo dinner.

  86. M. says 8.20.21

    I put butter on my crackers when I’m alone. I’m newly married and did this in front of my husband and he looked horrified.

    Also Swiss miss hot coco w like double coco.

  87. Lisa Autumn says 8.22.21

    Girl I totally get you with the tomatoes haha… I am the same!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  88. Laura says 8.24.21

    I inherited this secret meal from my mom & it’s such an easy lazy meal. Wheat Thins + either fragments of deli cheese or just sprinkle a liberal amount of shredded cheese. Zap for 10-15 seconds. And my special touch, which makes it weird…. add raisins. I don’t know why, but I love it dearly.