Worth It.


When it comes to investment purchases, I splurge on the things I can wear over and over again: bags, shoes, blazers and jackets… or simple but great pieces (the perfect black dress, a great white blouse) that a) can be worn year-round, and b) aren’t overly trendy and will stand the test of time.

There are certain designers I always gravitate towards: Helmut Lang and Theory make some of the most timeless yet modern feeling things I own, SEA‘s pieces are thoughtfully made + really special, and Rebecca Taylor‘s feminine dresses always fit me perfectly. For denim, if I’m going to splurge, it’s always Rag & Bone. Jewelry is mostly an area where I buy more affordable, trend-driven pieces… but from time to time I’ll save up for something delicate from Catbird, Helen Ficalora, or (my new favorite) Mociun.

On the beauty front, I splurge mostly on skincare. I live for Tata Harper’s products, splurge on the small tub of La Mer every year or two (it’s amazing for a hangover or really dry skin), and have become a devout Neulash user over the past few months. I also have a thing for my fragrances. I alternate between three scents… Le Labo Santal 33, Coqui Coqui’s Coco Coco, and Bobbi Brown Beach. Whew.

Annnd on the splurge front, I get asked about this all the time via email, so I’ll just say now… my Manolo Blahnik BB pumps and Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals (the slightly lower heel) are the most comfortable heels I own. Both are major splurges, but if you take good care of them (have a cobbler apply a thin rubber tread to the bottom, and get the nubs on the heels replaced as they show wear) you will have them forever.

(Next week, I’ll have a  roundup of my favorite things to save on.)

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  1. Sarah Lagen says 7.15.15

    I always have a really hard time deciding if I should splurg or not… so I dont then typically kick myself in the butt later for missing it! These are great picks (especially those shoes!!) Thank’s for sharing!

  2. Casey Sharbaugh says 7.15.15

    Le Labo is so worth it! Plus, I find that you need less since it lasts so much longer than other perfumes. It is significantly cheaper in France, if you make it there 😉


    • graceatwood says 7.15.15

      Oh, I didn’t realize that – good to know for next time!!

  3. HMC says 7.15.15

    I love all of these picks–and if you love Bobbi Brown’s Beach, you should definitely check out Finn & Co (www.thefaceoffinn.com). Their white sands lotion/oil smells heavenly and lasts all day (and it’s paraben/sulfate/etc. free). I discovered them on vacation in Maine.

    • graceatwood says 7.15.15

      Um, yum… that sounds amazing. Off to check them out now – thanks!!

  4. Heidi says 7.15.15

    You make some great points. That white dress is gorgeous!

    Wishes & Reality

  5. alyson says 7.15.15

    Gah, I need to start saving in order to start splurging. I’m so hard on my shoes so I’m always hesitant to spend more than 150 on heels — they always get destroyed (like the tips of a pointy toe, or I’ll scratch the heel #clumsy) but these are all such classics. Agree re: RT; best dresses!


    • graceatwood says 7.15.15

      You’ll be surprised. I am a total klutz AND live in the city and the tips of my shoes are all fine. One thing: all my pointy Manolos are either suede or patent leather and I think those are a little bit harder to damage/scratch up than calfskin. And if you scratch the heel, that’s SO easy to fix. The cobbler can fix for like, $10. It’s a big investment BUT I think that they would be worth saving up for. (I still literally have my first pair of expensive shoes – Louboutins that I bought seven years ago!) xo

  6. Lauren says 7.15.15

    Hi Grace, what’s the official color name of your brown Sac Du Jour? I love it!

    • graceatwood says 7.15.15

      Hi Lauren, It’s called “tan!” Haha, so boring. I bought it at Neiman Marcus in February and they’re sold out… but I just did a quick scan of the internet and no one seems to have it. It’s so sad that it’s no longer available as I personally like it so much better than all of the other colors (besides black, of course!) Sorry I can’t be more helpful! xx

      • Lauren says 7.16.15

        Thanks, that does help! I like it better too, so now I know what to look for if they bring it back (or if there’s a secondhand one out there!)

  7. that cutout dress! so gorge.

  8. adia says 7.16.15

    I’ve been eyeing the YSL Tribute’s for years, and agree that expensive shoes usually are more comfortable and timeless.

  9. Sarah says 7.16.15

    Great info! I’m on the same page as you with most of the spluges… Bags, for sure. I still have trouble spending money on shoes because of how much rain we get here in Oregon – I worry they’ll get ruined… And I don’t trust myself when I wear them out at night either ha. (Although I do own and love the BB pumps!) I always love reading your blog for your two cents on skincare – your skin always looks so amazing (if I didn’t know better I’d never guess you’ve already had your thirtieth!) so thanks, as always, for all the reccomendations 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your “save” list!