What I Want for Fall.


Like most New Yorkers (and most bloggers), Fall is my favorite season… both weather-wise, and to shop for. Once the temps cool down, I find myself buying fewer, better things and because of that I have built up a pretty good Fall wardrobe, full of timeless pieces that will never go out of style. That’s why I always tend to splurge on the more boring, classic things… and save when it comes to the trendier stuff!

In the spirit of fashion week I’ve already started doing a little shopping (I bought these chunky heels because they were on sale and are just awesome.. and also bought this coat because all the good Fall coats seem to be sold out by August.) As much as I love summer and my little white dresses + fun twin sets, I’m kinda looking forward to boot season (I’ve promised myself I will splurge on the Black Napa 5050 Boots this year) little black skinny pants, and comfy cozy sweaters (I ordered this one yesterday during J.Crew’s sale.) Lots of gray, that’s for sure… I really love the idea of wearing lots of black + gray this Fall, and keeping color limited to my fave red/orange lipstick.

Also… two things that didn’t make the collage: this trench dress that I want to wear open as a vest, and this sweater which I bought in ivory… it’s only $15 and the coziest thing ever– I got the tall one so it’s nice and long.

What are you guys buying for Fall? And what are your favorite things to splurge on? I tend to splurge on coats + boots this time of year and buy the rest at my usual standbys… Madewell, Zara, Old Navy + J.Crew…

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen // seventeen // eighteen

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  1. The VINCE coat is also on my list but I’m dying for the one with leather sleeves – opinions welcome, G! 🙂

    8.26.14 Reply
  2. What a fun bootie! I also have the 5050’s on my splurge list for the next shopbop sale… ridiculous for a florida girl but i can’t stop thinking about my friend’s pair. need! That j crew sweater is so cute, too.

    8.26.14 Reply
  3. SOMEday I will splurge on a fabulous leather jacket from IRO (or something similar).

    For Fall my uniform becomes motorcycle boots or wedge booties, layered scarves, and blazers or my insanely soft Vince sweatshirt on more normcore days. I switch out bags a lot but I’m currently obsessed with my Consuela small Signature bag that I’ve been testing out for work and the brown is perfect for Fall.
    I always splurge on shoes (must.stop.buying.shoes) and tend to go to TJ Maxx or shop sales for things like shirts b/c I feel like I wear my clothes out quickly.

    8.26.14 Reply
  4. Ooh, I’ve had my eye on that Vince hooded coat too! So so good.

    xx Meaghan

    8.26.14 Reply
  5. Comfy Cozy Couture:

    I will take one of everything please…especially that coat and the boots!!

    8.26.14 Reply
  6. That hooded coat is to die for! Completely obsessed.

    Warm Regards,

    8.26.14 Reply
  7. Loving the skirt and coat!

    8.26.14 Reply
  8. I like 1, 6. and 14 and I am so ready for fall! It is my favorite season!

    8.26.14 Reply
  9. Lauren:

    Sexiest romper ever…while still not showing too much. Love it.

    8.26.14 Reply
  10. nice list! I like the coat, it’s so nice!!


    8.27.14 Reply
  11. I’m with you on the coat. If you don’t purchase early they always seem to be sold out! Love the one you scooped up!

    8.27.14 Reply
  12. I’m loving this fall collection! It is an overall great mix of staples that are just essential for this fall. I am melting for that sweet Theory top (#17). The color is so perfect.
    Thanks for the post!

    8.29.14 Reply
  13. Love the grey shirt!

    8.31.14 Reply