What I Packed: 5 Nights in Sag Harbor.

What I Packed: 5 Nights in Sag Harbor.

helllllo from Sag Harbor! I took the bus out here yesterday and arrived just in time for 6pm yoga practice. It’s so nice to be here. I did this exact same retreat last year and it was one of the best weeks of the whole summer. (So much so that nearly the whole crew from last year came back!!!) I have talked a lot about yoga retreats in the past…. if you’re thinking of taking one, definitely read this post! In the meantime, here are some of the important things I packed for this year’s trip! And be sure to follow along on Instagram stories though it may cause extreme food envy.

What I Packed for a 5 Night Yoga Retreat in Sag Harbor.

Tracksmith Tote

Tracksmith sent me this tote and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s a great carry-on bag actually, as there’s sleeve for your laptop.


We will have a few beach days while I am here (cannot wait!) so I am packing my Beautycounter (light since I’m really pale right now) tinted sunscreen as well as the cream and the stick!

Body Scrub

If you read this blog post then you know that body scrub is a must if you are using mineral sunscreen. No matter how good your mineral sunscreen is, it’s such a pain to take off so scrub is essential. I brought my beloved Follain scrub. It’s one of my all time favorite body scrubs.

Bath Salts

This is a funny thing to pack for a yoga retreat but I have a tub!!! I’m in my same room as last year, so I knew this. Christopher (my friend who runs the retreat) is so sweet and knows I like my baths so he gave me the room with the tub. Perfection. These bath salts are SO nice at night after evening practice.

Citronella Balm

Katie gave me this Skeem Design Citronella Body Butter and I’m excited to try it out during this trip.  It’s all natural, smells really good, is nice and hydrating, and it wards off those BUGS!

Lots of Yoga Clothes

We will be doing ten classes while I’m out here. This is the 5th yoga retreat I’ve ever taken and I remember on the first few retreats I would pack ten yoga outfits. That’s just so much to pack (and a lot of laundry to do when I get home!) Now I pack 5 outfits, and in between I rinse them in the sink and hang in my shower; wearing each outfit twice. This works well for me. I don’t sweat a ton during yoga and it allows me to bring my smaller suitcase.

My cute new set from Summersalt!

I’ve been waiting all summer to wear this… I bought this yellow + white stripe swimsuit (top + bottom) and matching sarong. It’s extra (maybe a little too extra for a retreat as yoga retreats are super casual!) but I don’t care. I’m living for the Giorgio Beverly Hills vibe!

Warmer things for at night

This is a big one! Last year I was so cold at night! This year I packed a few striped breton tees, a comfy hoodie (again – retreats are super casual!) and this MM La Fleur sweater which you know I lovvvve and wear constantly.

Four Great Books!

It may be too ambitious but I’ve packed four books for this trip. The Wedding Party, With The Fire on High, Tell Me Everything, and Lock Every Door! We shall see how I do. I will have to work a bit while I’m there but I’m hoping for two solid days of reading in between yoga classes!

Minimal Makeup.

Bronzing drops (I add in a drop to my Dr. Bader cream), mascara (this is a great drugstore find – hilarious that it’s called So Fierce as it’s really natural looking), and brow gel. That’s all.

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  1. You are always on the move, Grace! Great post and hope you’re enjoying your yoga retreat! Don’t forget to relax! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    7.17.19 Reply
  2. HI from Sag! Maybe I’ll see you around town. If not enjoy our lovely little town xxoo

    7.17.19 Reply
  3. I hope you have a nice time at the retreat! I think it’s great that you have a bathtub, I don’t have one at home so when I go on vacation or something I always try to find out if the Airbnb I’m staying at has one haha

    7.17.19 Reply
  4. Katie:

    Question 🙂 what’s the reason for starting each blog post with a lowercase letter? Have been curious!

    7.17.19 Reply
    • There’s no reason other than that it’s my blog and I felt like it!

      7.17.19 Reply
      • Oh my gosh, I’ve never even noticed this! Now I’m going to check each post for it, ha!

        7.17.19 Reply

    1. Bring flip-flops or flat sandals – no heels.
    2. Pack your floppy sun hat and retro sunglasses.
    3. Don’t forget to bring a big bag of cash. Card cards are ok, but roadside flower, produce, and yard sales usually are cash only.

    7.17.19 Reply
  6. Bryon Connolly:

    I’ve lived in Sag Harbor for 30 years. You don’t need bug balm- there are no bugs. In Sag less is more. If you go to Sag and act like you are in SH or EH : well go there instead . The sun rises over Barcelona Point and sets at Long Beach. All you need is a pair of khakis, oxford cloth button down and a summer weight worn in cashmere . The history and the locals are what make Sag Harbor charming. Take time to get to know her. Sit on a park bench with a cup of dreamy coffee from lyndas’s store, the express and a good friend…… Sag harbor is about life, not wearing the right yoga pants and lip balm. B.Connolly

    7.17.19 Reply
    • Thanks for sharing! I can attest that where we are, we definitely need it… the bugs were out last night!

      7.17.19 Reply

        I’ve lived in Sag for 57 years. You need bug spray, just as you would everywhere else in the summer. But I agree with the previous posts. Sag Harbor is quaint and uniquely splendid in it’s simplicity. Less is more.

        7.18.19 Reply
  7. Kate:

    I’ve been going makeup-less except brow gel but I may need to try that bronzer idea! I always love a good packing list. Thanks!

    7.17.19 Reply
  8. Lisa Autumn:

    Sunscreen is always a must 🙂

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    7.19.19 Reply