Weekly Wellness Check-In + Challenge No. 4!

jacket // crop top // leggings / sneakers

Hi! Before I get into this week’s check-in, a little housekeeping! I decided to combine the Sunday/Friday posts into one post. Sometimes I overcomplicate things and this just makes more sense! So going forward, every Friday morning you will get your challenge for the week on the same day as the check-in. A little easier, and this way you will have a full seven days to work on that week’s challenge. Yay!

If you’ve been doing this from the beginning, we are now four weeks (basically a whole month!) into our challenge! I don’t know about you but I am feeling pretty good. At the beginning of the month my clothes were tight, I felt really flabby and gross. My confidence was down, I felt really unhealthy and all around bad, and while my jeans (well, most of them) still fit, there was definitely a little muffin top action happening. My mental state was the bigger issue. When you don’t look your best you don’t feel your best, but I was also s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d. I was distracted, unhappy, and not sleeping very well. Four weeks later, I feel so much better. I actually can’t believe it’s only been four weeks. It’s a work in progress thing. I still get stressed. And I certainly don’t eat perfectly. I basically ate an entire jar of penny candy at Ludlow House on Thursday (don’t think I can work there anymore?) But when you work out every day and don’t drink, a slip up like that isn’t the end of the world. The next day, I got up, took a super sweaty hot yoga class, and didn’t beat myself up for it.

This week two things happened. First of all, I started to notice a difference in how my clothes fit. Nothing is tight anymore and getting dressed has been easier. (Although let’s be honest, it’s freezing out so mostly I’m just wearing big sweaters and skinny jeans.) The other thing is that I got up at 7/7:30 every day. I know that’s not the earliest in the world but it’s a solid 2 hours earlier than I used to get up. And I’m in bed around 10 reading, asleep by 11! That feels so good. I’m really starting to enjoy being up early. You get such a nicer start to the day. I am rewarding my efforts this weekend by getting a massage. I don’t remember the last time I had one and I can not wait!!!

Before we dive in!!! Don’t forget to comment below with how you did for the week. I will pick five commenters and send them each a little treat.  Also, I respond to all comments but feel free to cheer each other on in the comments section if you read a comment that inspires or motivates you! We’ve made it so that you can finally subscribe to follow-ups on your comments… just check that box when you comment, and you’ll be sent an email if/when someone replies to your comment!


Friday – Usually I like to take Friday as my rest day but I rested on Thursday, so (after a LOT of procrastinating) I dragged myself to Equinox at 8pm and did an Aaptiv treadmill workout + stretch. I did Just Push It, which is my favorite workout on there right now. The music is great, and there are no hills. It’s perfect if you are between a beginner and intermediate runner as it’s 24 minutes of solid jogging and running. I felt amazing afterward!

Saturday – Evening power yoga session at Equinox.

Sunday – Morning Sky Ting Yoga class.

Monday – Evening Power Yoga class at Equinox

Tuesday – 25 minute (Just Push It again!) treadmill workout using Aaptiv + stretch afterward.

Wednesday – 30 minute “The Muse” class at Equinox. More on that below.

Thursday – Flow Yoga class at Y7 Yoga. I realized this is only 3 blocks from my apartment so I did a new member trial – $45 for 3 classes! It was really hard – the room is very warm and you move quickly. I lost my balance a few times!

Meditation, Dry January, Protein Packed Breakfasts: I did well with all three of these things here again; I missed one day of meditating but made up for it by meditating twice one day. At the insistence of a friend, I tried an Insight Timer bedtime meditation that I HAD to share here as it’s so good (I didn’t make it through the whole thing, I fell right asleep!!)  It’s called “Yoga Nidra for Sleep Meditation” with Franko Heke and it’s the best. Insight Timer is free, so definitely give it a try and let me know what you think!

Trying Something New: I did a lot of new things this week which I think is the key to keeping this challenge interesting and exciting. First of all, I am working on a story about infrared saunas and heat wraps, and I tried out two new spots! On Friday I went to Shape House and on Tuesday I went to Higher Dose. I really really loved both – more to come! I also tried a new class out at Equinox – it’s called The Muse. The class is only 30 minutes long but you sweat. You hold these weighted globes (3 lbs each) and do a little dance routine. Lots of curtsy lunges, lots of arm raises. Honestly, I was terrible at it. I love yoga and running because you don’t have to be very coordinated to do them. I felt like an idiot for most of the class, but for that reason would totally go back – the class really challenged me and made me want to work harder at my coordination/dance moves.

This week’s healthy links!

This week’s challenge!

  1. Get to the gym five times between now and Friday’s check-in. This is going to be our ongoing goal; 5 workouts a week. We can do it!!!
  2. Try something new (this is going to be an ongoing thing!) It can be a new class, a new wellness treatment, a new face mask… even a new recipe! Don’t stress, this one is meant to be fun.
  3. Meditate every day, eat a protein packed breakfast, and add to your gratitude jar.
  4. Clean out your workout clothing drawer. I did it this week and got rid of everything that didn’t make me feel excited to go to the gym.
  5. If you have been doing the challenge a full four weeks (or hell, even if you haven’t), do something deeply restorative for your body. I am getting a massage tomorrow. It could be treating yourself to a massage or facial; or taking a restorative yoga class. Something just for you, to reward yourself for all of the hard work!

photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. Congratulations on your achievements this week, Grace! You’re rocking the wellness challenge. Thank you for being a constant inspiration 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.26.18 Reply
  2. Sarah:

    This week was a little harder for me–work is starting to ramp up for what will be a very busy next 2 months. I found myself not leaving the office till 8-9pm and then trying to decide whether sleep or exercise was more important. Monday and Tuesday exercise won out, but Wednesday-Friday I had work events in the morning before 9AM and/or needed more sleep to gear up for the busy days. I tried to incorporate some kind of movement every day, but it was challenging.

    Monday – Athletic Conditioning at Equinox
    Tuesday – The Pursuit at Equinox
    Wednesday – Nothing, but did get over 10K steps in
    Thursday – Did a 25 minute Yoga by Adriene video and meditated for 10 minutes
    Friday – Nothing yet, I’m hoping to swim for 30 minutes after work if I can get out before 6PM.

    1.26.18 Reply
    • You still did great!! I am impressed that you managed to work out working such long hours!!

      1.26.18 Reply
  3. sharon:

    This week was tough for me…. Both my kids needed some extra help in various ways which meant that I slid down the priority list… I did meditate twice, ate protein packed breakfasts every day and did try dry brushing for the first time ( LOVE!)
    I went for along walk last Sunday but that was the extent of my working out 🙁
    A new week starts and I will do better….

    Keep on going everyone!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • You still did great!!!! If I had children, I definitely would not be doing nearly as well as I am… ha!

      I love dry brushing! It makes your shower so much more luxurious and it feels so good, especially this time of year!!

      1.26.18 Reply
    • Betsy:

      With kids it is so much harder! I had a week like yours last week and I was so frustrated but this week was better. I tell myself that the best health decision I make is to try to be a good mom so my kids will help me take care of myself when I am old!

      1.26.18 Reply
      • Sharon:

        Love this Betsy.. Thank you for the perspective. Really need it right now!

        1.26.18 Reply
  4. Did you end up downloading Headspace? They just added these timed sounds (not meditations) that are supposed to help you fall/stay asleep. I am LOVING them.

    I happened to watch this Ted Talk the DAY BEFORE Headspace launched the new sounds so I was extra intrigued: https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_gartenberg_the_brain_benefits_of_deep_sleep_and_how_to_get_more_of_it

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Yes!!! Headspace is my usual go to but one of my guy friends loves Insight Timer, so he got me to try that bedtime one. I felt like I was cheating on Andy!!!!

      I have to listen to the new sounds!!

      1.26.18 Reply
  5. Brianna Rooney:

    Killing it Grace & looking fantastic! I know exactly what you mean about feeling better in your clothes. I’ve been working hard for my best friend’s black tie wedding tonight and I really feel good about myself in my dress.

    I got 5 workouts in and tried a new to my gym class. Since it was the first class, it was a slight cluster but I was SO sore the next day and the music had be so motivated – the best feeling!

    Not too restorative but I am getting a mani/ pedi for the wedding tonight, a real treat for me, and when your nails are drying they massage your back/ head/ pressure points with essential oil for almost 15 minutes. Really the only reason I go!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Brianna Rooney:

      Also since you’re loving the crop workout tops, the Target JoyLab collab has a few great ones! Suck you in like Outdoor Voices but a fraction of the price!

      1.26.18 Reply
      • Erika:

        Have your tried any of the running leggings? I’ve been wondering about that new target active line!

        1.26.18 Reply
        • Brianna Rooney:

          I have the green moto style legging? I wear it more as a cute athleisure type style because they’re long and more detailed but it’s all high quality, in my opinion! I always hang dry all workout clothes and they seem to have a long life ahead.

          1.26.18 Reply
      • Thank you!!! I have to check them out!!!

        1.26.18 Reply
    • That is the best feeling – YAY!!! Great job.

      I need a manicure/pedicure so badly. That’s something I slack on in the winter… my feet are scary, but I don’t have a reason to treat myself (and I’m getting a massage tomorrow so… I feel guilty). I just gave up and took the polish off both my hands and feet.

      1.26.18 Reply
      • Brianna Rooney:

        My hands and feet were naked before because if it wasn’t for the wedding, I usually back off during the winter. But oh my god, it was heaven! Enjoy your massage!

        1.26.18 Reply
        • Thank you!! I had to cancel (weird 24 hour bug thing!!) but am rescheduling for next weekend.

          1.28.18 Reply
  6. a.:

    I got 5 solid workouts in this week! & a PR on the bench press – feeling great!

    1.26.18 Reply
  7. This was a pretty good week!
    Friday, Monday, Tuesday – Orangetheory class
    Sunday, ran at the park with a friend
    Wednesday – BBG arms & 20 min on elliptical

    Breakfast has been eggs- Whole 30 life!
    I almost cleaned out my workout clothes last week during a giant purge- but wanted to dedicate more time to it and actually try things on. I’ve been noticing how much better my clothes fit too!

    For my something new, my best friend and I tried recording a podcast! It was pretty fun!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Awesome job!!!!

      And FUN re: podcast. My friend and I are working on the same!!! Tell me more, I’d love to listen!

      1.26.18 Reply
  8. Molly:

    The deal that caused me sleepless nights and very little time to do anything but work finally closed and I’m so exited to get back to it! I already ran yesterday and did a yoga class this morning. Tomorrow is my first spin class at a new to me studio (thanks classpass!). And I’ve never been more excited to have time to grocery shop and meal plan (and use this weeks post as inspiration!). Thanks again for setting this up – I hope it becomes semi regular after the challenge technically ends.

    1.26.18 Reply
    • YAY! I am so glad that’s over!!!

      And yes, I’m glad that you said that. The challenge technically ends in March but I kind of want to keep it going? I worry I will fall off the wagon afterward!!

      1.26.18 Reply
      • Emily:

        Keep it going!!!

        1.30.18 Reply
  9. Samantha:

    I’ve been working on my couch to 5k running still. I’m getting massages for myself and fiance this week as well, wedding planning has us totally stressed out!
    I tried the headspace app but I just can’t get it into It! Does anyone else have any mediating tips?

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Oh man, good luck with the wedding planning!!!

      1.26.18 Reply
    • Catherine:

      Samantha – counterintuitively, longer sessions have worked better for me. 5 minutes? I couldn’t focus at all. 15 minutes – works much better. Also, try yoga nidra or walking meditations – I find them easier to get into.

      1.26.18 Reply
    • Cristina:

      I just finished reading 10% Happier by Sam Harris- highly recommended! He talks about his own journey towards meditation (and skepticism), and has great insights and tips throughout (from both him and his teachers). That might help you get into it more!


      1.26.18 Reply
  10. Erika:

    Great job this week! I’m also beginning to notice a difference in my clothes & general mental and physical state. It’s amazing what a little exercise and some healthy eating can do for your body and mind. On Friday I did a quick core workout. Saturday was an almost 2 mile run and abs&butt workout. Rest day on Sunday. Monday I did my last week benchmark workout (tracks your progress) on the NTC app & a super twist core series (this hurt like a mother)! Sunday was a go, rest repeat workout, followed by a 3 mile run and core/arms workout on Wednesday. Yesterday was another rest day, thankfully, because I was feeling like utter crap.

    Protein filled breakfast = check!
    Trying something new = getting back to my running days stride – pushing myself in my runs to go farther, faster, harder. Does that count?

    Can someone tell me more about the Aaptiv app? I’ve heard such good things! Does it cost money? Is it worth it? Thanks!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Awesome job!

      I love Aaptiv – I think it’s worth it but they have a free one week trial so that you can decide whether you think it’s worth it. Honestly, I can’t do the treadmill without it!!!

      1.26.18 Reply
  11. Sharona:

    Loving these check ins! This week, I was getting back on track from feeling sick last week. On Monday, I had to be at work super early so wasn’t able to exercise beforehand, but keeping in mind this wellness challenge, I forced myself to do a pilates video when I got home in the evening and felt SO much better for it. Otherwise, I was able to get to the yoga studio twice and the pool twice as well. The best motivation is knowing how much better you feel afterwards.

    I tried a new smoothie recipe this week and it is DELICIOUS. A healthy pumpkin spice smoothie, if you will: 1 banana, some frozen mango chunks, about 2/3 cup canned pumpkin, a few shakes of pumpkin spice seasoning, 1-2 tablespoons peanut butter, 2 handful spinach, and about 1.5 cup almond milk. So good and so filling!!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Yay for getting back on track!!! Someone once told me that you never regret working out/getting to the gym and it’s so true. Even after the longest day, you always feel better!!!

      That smoothie sounds INCREDIBLE – thank you for the recipe!!!

      1.26.18 Reply
  12. Christina:

    It seems crazy that it’s the end of January already! I got all of my workouts in this week and the challenge has actually inspired me to switch up my routine a bit. I am such a creature of habit and if I don’t go to the gym before work, it usually doesn’t happen. This week, I went twice in the evening – one pilates class and one treadmill work out. While it’s usually a gamble on when I’ll get out of work most days, I actually noticed that working out in the evening helped me combat the stress of the day more than morning workouts do. I went to Trader Joe’s after Pilates and almost went to the wrong register – THAT’S how relaxed I was. I never would have realized how restorative it is to hit the gym after work if I hadn’t been pushing myself to get all five workouts in!

    For new things – I tried Bon Appetit’s cauliflower soup recipe and it was definitely a recipe to repeat. I think it would still be great without the bacon if you’re vegetarian, but otherwise it’s such a small amount that it’s not terrible and it helps to keep the soup from tasting one-note. Highly recommend! https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/cauliflower-soup-with-hazelnuts-and-bacon

    1.26.18 Reply
    • I know, I really don’t know where the time went! I totally agree how working out can be so restorative after a stressful day. It’s funnny, I’ve been trying to do morning workouts to get them out of the way but your comment made me remember how much I love a good workout after a long day (followed by a trip to Sweetgreen after, ideally!)

      That soup sounds amazing!!! I love bacon anything. 🙂 I made the Cheesy Cauliflower soup from Cup of Jo this week and it was just okay. It might not have been as good as hers as I swapped out the milk and cream for cashew milk, but it was still pretty good… just very healthy tasting! 😉

      1.26.18 Reply
  13. Catherine:

    Can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks! I’m going strong on my workouts and meditations – but have been feeling a lot more distracted lately during meditation. Need to figure out what’s happening there.

    I failed on the gratitude jar – I thought I would do it on my notes app on my phone, but totally forgot. My apartment is cluttered enough, didn’t want to add more to it. I really didn’t have a something new either.

    But! I am wearing jeans today that haven’t fit since I had my baby over a year ago! They are a bit tight – but they fit! That’s pretty exciting! And I’m going to need to take in some work clothes I bought when I still had a little baby weight last year, they had been loose for a while but now they just *don’t* fit. That’s pretty great! Thanks Grace, have a good weekend!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • I know, right!!!?

      Congrats on the jeans, that is huge!!! have a great weekend, Catherine!

      1.26.18 Reply
    • Betsy:

      Catherine, I started a gratitude account on insta a few years ago to track my gratitude and it’s so easy! I just take a snap of what I am feeling grateful for and write a few lines. It’s totally private and it has really helped me mentally.

      1.26.18 Reply
      • Catherine:

        Great idea – thanks Betsy!

        1.26.18 Reply
    • leah:

      As someone still struggling to lose the baby weight (even though she’s now 7 months…) that is AMAZING, way to go!! It can be so hard to find time to work out and make healthy meals with a baby! Hoping to be where you are soon.

      1.26.18 Reply
      • Catherine:

        You can do it Leah! What made working out easier, honestly, is I’m at a new office that has a gym in the building. It’s hard to make excuses when you don’t even have to leave your office to get to the gym. Be kind to yourself, your body is recovering from an amazing but hard thing – and you’ll get there.

        1.26.18 Reply
  14. Melissa:

    I have been struggling this week. I was traveling for work and did get in 5 workouts, but I didn’t eat particularly well or get enough sleep and I just feel ick.
    For next week, I am committing to getting up before work to do my workouts every day (my usual habit, but I’ve had a horrible time getting up lately). I’m also meal planning/prepping and doing no sugar on weekdays.
    One of my favorite mantras is “Don’t give up on yourself,” and I’m focused on that going forward.

    1.26.18 Reply
    • It’s so so hard when you are traveling!!! Don’t beat yourself up too much.. it’s amazing that you still managed 5 workouts while you were traveling!!! Don’t give up 🙂 (love that as a mantra!)

      1.26.18 Reply
    • Emily:

      What a great mantra Melissa! I’m going to add that to my mental list… my workout mantra for December/January while I’ve been trying to get back into a routine is simply “show up” which is working well so far but I need something new to keep up to motivation in February!

      1.26.18 Reply
  15. Kirsten:

    I just found your blog this week and am stoked to start the wellness challenge! Easing into it – Saturday: 3 miles, Tuesday: yoga sculpt @ corepower, Wednesday: 3 mile run. Goal for today is another run and hot power yoga!

    1.26.18 Reply
  16. Betsy:

    I did five workouts this week and I feel so good! I’m in my mid-40s with young children and it’s no joke that it gets harder as you get older. My jeans fit better in the waist and thighs, which is the best.

    My new things was a new recipe: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/vinegar-braised-chicken-and-onions. If you love tart food – definitely recommend! If you hate vinegar – avoid! Plus the broth left over from cooking stretched for the week to add to roasted vegetables which we loved. And we had enough for multiple meals. It was either cook or try running again…cooking won by a landslide.

    1.26.18 Reply
  17. Elizabeth:

    I’m going to start the challenge in March once I’m done training for my marathon bc I know I’ll go through a “post marathon slump”. I know the official challenge will probably be over by then but hey, you have to do what works for your schedule! Since I’m currently Running 5 days per week I guess I’m kind of participating 🙂

    1.26.18 Reply
  18. KM:

    I had a good week! Got in 5 work outs, still no alcohol, my something new was taking magnesium supplements and generally feel pretty great! One note: You wouldn’t think drinking would make such a big difference, but I have to say, I think that’s been the most significant reason for feeling so productive, happy and healthy. It’s a little scary to think how much a glass of wine or two can really derail you and not drinking has been a real game changer. Meditation…oof. I’m trying. Sooo hard. haha.
    Saturday – Rowing class (RowHouse)
    Sunday – Yoga (Y7)
    Tuesday – Switch Playground Class (I guess this could be something new as well. It was a great workout, but kind of odd…It was dark, there were strobe lights (?!), felt a little bit “sensory overload” for me)
    Wednesday – morning arms workout at home using Jefit
    Thursday – morning ab workout at home using Jefit

    1.26.18 Reply
  19. Lauren N:

    I did 5 workouts this week and tried Barry’s Bootcamp for my something new. We just got a location in Dallas, and it is a great workout!
    I have just recently gotten into medidtation and it has been wonderful. My mind usually goes a mile a minute when my head hits the pillow at night, but Headspace has helped to calm that down.
    For my protein packed breakfast, I’ve been on a green smoothie kick. I got my smoothie ideas from the Body Love book by Kelly Leveque. She’s been on a bunch of podcasts lately and might be a great person to interview for the blog.
    Thanks again for putting this together. I think your wellness challenge is such a great motivator and focuses on making good decisions for our bodies rather than restricting and punishing.

    1.26.18 Reply
  20. Katie:

    This is some serious SoCal nonsense I realize, but this week I commuted to work a different way for four days (I was traveling for work on Friday, so technically a plane was certainly different!) I rode my bike, walked, roller bladed, and paddleboarded to work last week! Inflatable stand up paddleboards are amazing by the way, I was able to deflate it and walk to my office (5 minutes) then keep it under my desk and use it to get home too! It was fun, and kept my coworkers wondering how I would be arriving in style 🙂

    1.26.18 Reply
  21. SR:

    Wow I feel like you are reading my mind! I had clean out my workout clothes drawer on my to do list for this weekend already AND happen to have a massage booked for tomorrow as a gift from a friend! Think I’m way too excited about the fact that the challenge is things I was already planning to do haha- have a great weekend!

    1.26.18 Reply
  22. Kelsey:

    I love this update Grace! And I love that everyone is sharing their accomplishments here with one another. I am a member at Equinox in Boston and gave a new class a try (Ropes and Rowers) upon your recommendation. It was a bit intimidating, but quite fun in the end. Next up on my list to try: The Muse!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Thanks Kelsey! Love reading everyone’s updates!! Keep me posted on how you like The Muse!!

      1.28.18 Reply
  23. You are seriously glowing — making the no booze look good! I just booked a trip to Sonoma for my 35th so am going to try to do like…99%? no booze until then because I’ve been feeling so so puffy. (Um, it’s only in two weeks, I just really <3 my booze, not gonna lie.)

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Aw thank you friend!!!

      Get a jade roller for your face! Keep it in the fridge – totally amazing for puffy skin.

      1.28.18 Reply
  24. Emily:

    Hi Grace,

    This continues to be so fun to follow along with, great job this week!

    From my end things went pretty well, I’ve been to the gym 4 times so far this week (tonight or tomorrow get me to give) including before work two days in a row. Getting up at 5:30 to get to the gym for 6:00am classes (yoga and spin respectively) was definitely something new for me and something I’m going to try to incorporate into my weekly routine. I’d been feeling like my whole evenings were taken up by going to the gym so this was a nice change. I’ve also been making an effort to read more both in my apartment and from various local coffee shops. I’m new to Chicago so making efforts to get out and about in my new neighborhood. We’re in the process of setting up a Chicago Stripe Readers Book Club starting in February!

    Making breakfast is something I always do, lots of toast with eggs/peanut butter and bananas etc this week. I bought myself fresh flowers and took a meditative yoga class. Now if only I could get myself to open the headspace app I downloaded… perhaps this weekend.

    Thanks for the motivation!


    1.26.18 Reply
  25. Christina:

    Did pretty well this week! Went to the gym 5x, ate cereal with a ton of chia seeds poured in there, continued to meditate and have been making sleep time more of a “ritual” like you have been, too. Looking forward to next week!

    1.26.18 Reply
  26. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    Considering that my collarbone is still popped out of place (although currently taped with some lovely argyle kinesiotape) and possibly has a stress fracture (I find out Monday), I had a pretty good week. Got in 5 workouts, including 3 runs and 2 bootcamps. One reason I love living in Texas is that even in winter I can do most of my workouts outside!

    Even though I’ve had a few difficult moments – Friday after work anyone? – I’ve been so happy with Dry January that I’m a little nervous for it to be over next week. My goal beginning in February is to limit myself to a couple glasses of wine on the weekends but stick with no alcohol during the week.

    I meditated several days, but on the days I didn’t, I actually am trying a new method of journaling that I hope will stick. I’m not much of a journaler, although I love to write. But I think I’ve found a format that works for me, so my personal goal is to either journal or meditate every day.

    I almost always have a breakfast with protein, so this is pretty easy for me. I did treat myself one day and had queso for breakfast, which has virtually no redeeming nutritional value … but DANG it’s good every once in a while!

    My new thing is that I agreed to chair a local professional organization for the next year. I’m not much of a joiner or club person, and I don’t typically volunteer for things like this, so when I was asked to step up, I thought I’d take the leap. It will be good for me professionally, and personally it’s good to step out of my comfort zone.

    I’m looking forward to coming up with something restorative for this coming week! I’m in training right now for a race in May, so rest and self-care are extra important to make sure I stay healthy.

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh I can’t believe you are doing all this exercise with a popped collarbone. Be careful!!!!
      I’m with you on no alcohol during the week! I don’t really miss it, I’m a social person so miss that camaraderie of wine with friends but during the week it’s just not necessary.

      I hope you don’t have a stress fracture – will keep you in my thoughts, keep us posted!!

      1.28.18 Reply
  27. Alexandra:

    Can’t believe it’s been four weeks! It’s amazing to feel such a difference after being so lethargic and blah at the end of the year.
    This was a great week of work outs: Friday lunchtime core, Saturday hot aromatherapy yoga (so good!), Sunday at-home Daily Burn strength video, Monday barre, Wednesday lunchtime arms/core, Thursday barre. The variety has been so helpful and I’m seeing/feeling a difference in how my clothes are fitting.
    Whole30 means dry January anyways so that’s been easy enough. Like you’ve been saying, not really missing it! My protein breakfast was also my something new since I tried a new meal prep recipe for the week. I made prosciutto spinach egg cups which were so good! Brought two to work every day and they were filling and felt so indulgent. I haven’t been officially meditating, but I’ve been consistently using the Breathe app on my Apple Watch before bed and I think it’s helped me fall asleep faster. Overall, a really good week!
    Take care!

    1.26.18 Reply
  28. Rebeccca:

    I’m a little disappointed in myself because I missed one of my five workouts this week. There was one day that I put off my gym session too far into the day, and I reached a point where I was unable to fit it in. It’s my own fault, but also a lesson learned. To make up for it, I went to an 8 AM session the next morning, which is slightly earlier than when I normally go. My day felt much longer and I was so happy to have already accomplished something important early in my day. This week, I heard a fitness trainer say that exercising in the morning makes her feel like she is already successful before the true responsibilities of the day have really begun. I liked this mindset a lot, and am trying to think about working out in this way moving forward.

    As another small success, I meditated twice this week for the first time in a long time. I was a subscriber to the Calm app and had fallen off the meditation wagon some months ago. However, I was in high-stress mode all week and was having trouble at night settling in to go to sleep. As soon as I turned on my meditation app, I was able to calm down and had no problem going to sleep. This is something that I want to become more consistent with moving forward, because every time I remember that meditation is an option, I am so thankful once I complete a little session!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • I love that mindset. I have been trying to work out in the mornings as well and agree, you feel like you already accomplished something, and you start your day so much better!!!

      1.28.18 Reply
  29. Bridget:

    Great job, Grace! And may I say I’ve been loving the content during this challenge, like the bedtime routine post this week. Really looking forward to the posts on saunas and wraps!

    I definitely had a busy week but still feel pretty good about what I got done 🙂 Saturday I went to the Women’s March – not exactly a workout but I was on my feet for 6ish hours so I was quite tired out by it! Sunday I was still pretty tired and we spent the day at my in-laws, but I did a 12-minute barre type workout on Aaptiv, and 25 minutes of yoga. Tuesday I stacked some Aaptiv workouts of stair climber, sprints, and strength, Weds went for a run (outside for the first time in like 3 months!), Thurs went to Orange Theory. Tonight I’m going to Corepower after work, so so excited to stretch in the heat.

    I think the gratitude journal was the first challenge that I haven’t tried at all before. So I guess that’s my new thing as well 🙂 I got a little notebook to keep by my bed and have kept up with it for the week, it’s a nice way to end the day. I think I got in 4 nights of meditation, a couple night I was just too tired and passed out the minute I hit the bed!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Thanks so much Bridget!!! And great job with this week’s goals! I was sick over the weekend and didn’t do a bedtime meditation – just passed out!!!

      1.28.18 Reply
  30. Kate:

    Killing it Grace & love that outfit! i’m loving this challenge! so.much.

    Friday-Trianer 45 HIIT incline and interval woodway workout.so intense – i don’t think i’ve ever sweat so much!
    Saturday – Aaptiv 30/60 treadmill sprints & aaptive stretch from head to toe cool down
    Sunday – 25 min intervals – 7.0/2.5
    Monday – aaptiv reach for your goals yoga workout. it’s laughable how not bendy I am lol
    Tuesday – Aaptiv Just Push it workout
    Wednesday – arms abs and HIIT with my trainer
    Thursday – Rest Day
    Friday – Worked out legs with my trainer (single leg stand, and weighted squats) then sprints on the woodway for 25 mins. doozie

    I tried a new face mask last night – and while I couldn’t sit still for the full 20 mins, I really loved it and today two people mentioned how great my skin looked! (could have also been from the terrible boston weather/wind!)

    I had an awesome protein smoothie almost everyday this week as well as clementines for a snack & couldn’t get enough. I actually ate the whole bag by Wednesday!

    I signed up for my second ever yoga class tomorrow so we will see how that goes. I am absolutely treating myself to either a massage or a sauna trip. I am so sore and can’t believe how much laundry I have to do! Looking forward to HELLOFresh too, have you tired it? so.easy.

    I actually bought all new hangers with the intention of cleaning out my closet this weekend and will also clean out my workout clothes, too! What a great weekend idea!!

    thanks grace!!

    1.26.18 Reply
  31. Emily:

    My week was simply okay. I had to travel to Seattle for a wedding which has thrown off my workout schedule but I still worked out four times and could not be more proud of that! I made it a priority and made it happen. I blame my inability to make it a fifth time on logistics. But I am looking forward to getting back on track this week!

    I also tried something new – Sequins & Stripes Italian Soup! It was good and I am looking forward to making another new recipe this week.

    Meditating and gratitude jar did not happen but I couldn’t do it all this week with my schedule. The gym was my priority and I made it happen!

    I wish I had access to trying all of the new workouts that you can in New York City! Keep up the awesome work! My biggest goal is to make a habit out of working out and this fitness challenge has been the best thing for that! Thank you! I also love reading everyone’s comments each week to pick up different tips – they are so helpful!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • That soup looks so so good!!!

      And working out 4x a week is still great… when you’re traveling it’s so much harder!! Great job this week. xx

      1.28.18 Reply
  32. Betsie:

    Okay so I didn’t post results last week, but did stick with challenge. Last Friday I had a concerning dermatologist appointment facing a possible melanoma situation and became so scared and depressed. Wanted to go home and cry, but instead worked it out in an afternoon spin class. Fast forward, results thankfully came back benign. Promised myself that if so I would be more committed than ever to making me the best and healthiest version of myself. I’m feeling so grateful that I’m physcially able to do so. I clocked 6 intense workouts, ate clean, drank lots of waters, improved my sleep habits, and exercised extra kindness. A good week! Most important lesson, what we can control we need to. And all the beautiful ladies out there, protect your skin, our largest organ. Wear sunscreen and get regular skin checks. Hope everyone has a great and productive, successful week. Health is wealth!

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Allie C:

      Wow this post made me cry. I had surgery in December to have my gallbladder removed after being super sick the back half of last year. I can totally relate to the new found feeling of trying to be the best you you can be! You’re such an inspiration! Practicing extra kindness today and next week thanks to you!

      1.27.18 Reply
      • Betsie:

        Aw you made my night! Thank you so much Allie!!! ❤️

        1.27.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh that’s so scary!!! Good for you to getting back to the gym and I am SO glad that the results were benign. This post made me get a little bit teary as I have been through the same thing and it is so scary!!!!

      Fantastic job this week – I am so impressed!!! And yes to getting regular skin checks! xo

      1.28.18 Reply
  33. Taylor:

    Got in my 5 workouts, which feels great despite the longer work hours. By using Aaptiv and following BBG workouts, I’m no longer a slave to rigid class times and cancellation policies the way I used to be while using Classpass. Now I just go to class when I know I have time to commit to one and make the other workouts fit in throughout the week. Took some tips from one of your earlier guest blog posts and packed healthy breakfast options and snacks in the work cubicle — which are helping me stay healthy during the day! I was actually able to take the savings from not drinking/bar tabs, more cooking and less takeout, and no boutique studio classes this month to finally upgrade my tv and buy new speakers, so I’ll count those as my something new! Looking forward to the next week of the Challenge and reading everyone’s comments on Friday.

    1.26.18 Reply
    • Amazing job!!!

      That’s what I love most about Aaptiv too! I feel like I can be flexible and take classes on MY time, which makes such a difference.

      1.28.18 Reply
  34. Allie C:

    This challenge has kept me so motivated on hitting the gym.

    Oh my gosh though, my new thing this week was a foot mask, you guys! And oh my gosh it is the grossest yet most amazing thing ever. My feet have never felt smoother but what a gross experience!

    Can’t wait to see the challenges for next week!

    1.27.18 Reply
    • I am so happy to hear that!!!

      Was it a baby foot peel or something else? I’m intrigued!!

      1.28.18 Reply
      • Allie C:

        Yes! It was the baby foot peel and I got it on amazon!

        I followed the instructions exactly and then 3-4 days later my feet started peeling (gross!) but now they have never felt more soft and smooth!

        1.28.18 Reply
        • I did it a few years ago and LOVED it (while also being so grossed out!!!!) It’s the best!

          1.28.18 Reply
  35. Congrats on all your progress Grace!


    1.27.18 Reply
  36. Nicole:

    So this wellness workout and check in has really helped keep me accountable! Thank you for creating a space for this! My workouts this week included one bout of rock climbing, a yoga class, and a 4 mile run! I’ve been attending yoga classes more regularly this year, and have found that it really helps me focus on my breathing while I run! I love that!

    My most exciting was trying something new– I recently became a grief counselor at my church. It’s a heavy ministry to lead in, but one that I was really greatful for when I needed it. Our first meeting was Tuesday, and I needed to go somewhere after to just breathe– to kind of escape the hard emotions for a moment. I found a bar that did kereoke on Tuesday nights! I just stumbled upon it, but next thing I knew I was on the stage belting train songs! 100% sober, by myself, but having the time of my life! I hope I have courage to do that again, but at least now I have a place I can unwind after grief counseling on Tuesdays 🙂

    1.28.18 Reply
    • I’m so glad you are enjoying it! Rock Climbing – I’m impressed.
      And wow that is amazing about grief counseling, good for you!!! It’s nice that you are doing something that will make such a big difference in other peoples’ lives!

      1.29.18 Reply
  37. kate:

    This was the worst week for me. I got in a car accident (someone hit me trying to change lanes…but I was in the lane). I’m fine, but my back was really sore for a few days and the doctor said not to do anything for awhile. Tonight I just had to do something so I downloaded the Aaptiv app and did a beginners walk/jog outside and an ab workout with a stretch after! It felt great. I’ll be starting over this week, and hopefully it’ll be a much better week, I just did some lunch meal prep using some of the guidelines from your guest post a few days ago 🙂

    1.29.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that – that’s crazy!!!! I hope you feel better and are on the mend!

      1.29.18 Reply
  38. Erin Tenneson:

    I was on such a great roll until this past week. I had a lot of work events and my first date since breaking up with my boyfriend last May, so I was a little overwhelmed and lacking the time I needed to invest in myself. Needless to say, I still did pretty well. I continued to eat healthy breakfasts, meditated almost every day, tried something new – dating lol, and worked out 4 days (which I’m most upset with). I am going to try not to let my lack of workouts from last week affect my motivation for this week. New week, new start, right?! I didn’t start a gratitude jar, but I write in my “The Five Minute Journal” every morning which reminds me to be grateful and focus on the positive.

    1.29.18 Reply