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Yay, weekend! It’s finally here. And this week kicked my butt. Again. Lotsa work, lots of social obligations, and so on and so forth. This morning I get to sleep in, which felt really good. I really love the photo above because it reminds me of a few of my close girlfriends and I. I”m so lucky to have girlfriends that bring out + encourage my sillier, zanier side. For a while I felt like I had to try to be this perfect human all the time… being silly and making mistakes is so much more fun. But anyway, I digress… here are some of my favorite things from this week.

I can’t wait to try this cool brow trick.

The best shampoo for blonde hair… who knew!?

Are you following Cara Delevingne’s bunny?

I’m loving everything Sea right now and ordered this lace back dress.

Liz looks so casual + cute here.

I also really loved Alicia‘s easy black + white look.

I loved this #GIRLBOSS feature and was happy to see my friend Amber among the mix.

Perfect stripes, and you can monogram them! {I got blue + white with a red monogram.}

I thought this post was a very real take on blogging advice.

Mackenzie rounded up some great graduation gifts.

After talking about them in Wednesday’s post, I got a pair of black sneakers.

I really loved this post by Victoria about her year in New York.

I absolutely loved this DIY bracelet! Erin has been killing it with her tutorials.


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  1. I really want a bunny now…that Cara has a lot to answer for!!


    5.17.14 Reply
  2. You’re right- being silly is so much more fun! Also, I use that brow trick every morning- works like a charm. I was going to post one myself, but that one is just so good.
    Thanks for the link love Grace, so sweet of you. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    5.17.14 Reply
  3. Aw, you’re so sweet Grace, thank you! Glad you liked that bracelet. I love that photo too– girlfriends you can be silly with are the best!

    5.17.14 Reply
  4. fashionsbit:
    5.18.14 Reply
  5. Great list Grace! I really enjoyed the link about blogging advice. Thanks for sharing

    5.18.14 Reply