Weekend Reading


Greetings from Dallas! I’m here for a blogger conference and having so much fun catching up with some of my favorite ladies. I’ve made so many great friends through blogging and love getting to see everyone in one place + make some new friends. Hope you all are having a great weekend…

Miranda Kerr is really hot. That’s all.

This Kate Spade dress is so cute. One of the girls at the conference was wearing it and I just love the print.

I love Sam’s easy laid back denim style.

And Liz just looks adorable in these photos.

Splendid makes some of my fave stripes and I adore this french terry dress.

My sister’s pillows look SO good in this store.

I’m not one to get worked up over an umbrella, but this… so fantastic.

Inside Grace Coddington’s apartment.

These sandals are pretty perfect and the price is definitely right.

Seriously obsessed with this DIY tassel tote!

Loved this – how to be better at reading product labels.

IRO kills me. Over and over again. This pink moto jacket = wannnntttt….

I kinda want one of these coats.


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Leave a Comment


  1. Charlotte Hartwell:

    Oh the tassel tote!! It’s so incredibly perfect I’m definitely making one of those!

    4.26.14 Reply
  2. Martie:

    Love your weekend readings. Always very inspiring. Grace Coddington´s apartment is fun!
    Have a great time in Dallas!

    4.26.14 Reply
  3. Becca:

    Thanks sister!

    Also love the article on how to read beauty labels…so helpful!

    4.26.14 Reply
  4. Amanda @ A Hammer & Heels:

    What is the blogging conference your at? I’d love a recap on the event and any great tips you learned! I went to my first blogging conference a couple weeks ago and had an absolute blast!


    4.27.14 Reply
  5. Simone:

    Yes, that IRO jacket is definitely a winner! 🙂 Greetings from Holland! http://www.flaircat.com

    4.27.14 Reply