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Yay, weekend! This week was a busy one at work — and in life (tax time — yuck!) It was fun though. Lots of good workout classes and I went to a concert on Wednesday night. I don’t know if you’ve heard of James Vincent McMorrow but his voice… just so beautiful! Definitely recommend checking him out {start with If I had a boat + We don’t eat if you do!} On my weekend agenda is finishing up my taxes, some fun classes at the gym, and a little bit of day-drinking. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s fab.

First of all, two blogs that I’ve been devouring lately: The Fielding Report and Blame it on Fashion. I’m going to try to be better about telling you about new favorites on a regular basis.

I loved this all black look from Helena.

Liz gave her site a pretty makeover.

C’est parfait! I love this t-shirt.

I loved this feature on one of my dearest friends – meet Aly.

Flawless airport style.

I scooped up this cute hearts tunic.

The sexiest sandals.

I’m with Merritt… would die for one of these clutches.

No makeup! Loved Leandra’s post.

would totally wear these sandals.

My sis launched another new collection {for Calypso!}

How adorable is Jessica in mixed patterns?

More reasons to love J.Crew + Jenna… a fun story.

I love the Coqui Coqui in Tulum. Now dying to go to their Merida location. Pure magic.

Gold leaf easter eggs. So pretty.

Fellow introverts: You’ll love this!

Also – why living alone is pretty great.

I agree with Sally. Love these bracelets.


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  1. wockyjabber:

    I always love these! As a fellow introvert I fully agreed with that letter. Spot on. Especially, the thing about weekdays being “me days”. Ha!

    4.12.14 Reply
  2. Jessica Rose:

    Thanks for all these links…and I love Blame it on Fashion too!


    4.12.14 Reply
  3. Amanda @ Hammer & Heels:

    The letter to all extroverts is spot on!!! I feel like I need to send it to all of my extrovert friends so they understand where I’m coming from! lol


    4.12.14 Reply
  4. Clara:

    OMG his music! I’m in love! Thank you thank you for the rec 🙂 xo

    4.12.14 Reply
  5. debra @dustjacket:

    Thanks so much for the link-love xx

    4.12.14 Reply
  6. Kodi:

    I love the coordinates bracelets too! Thinking of getting one with where I met my husband and where we got married.

    4.13.14 Reply
  7. Isabel:

    I love James Vincent McMorrow! I went to his concert on Saturday in Willisamsburg. Hope you had a greatt weekend!

    4.14.14 Reply