Weekend Reading

Eeeek – so happy the weekend is finally here! This week dragged on and I’m not really sure why… it just felt really, really long! I’m looking forward to an easy, low key weekend. I really need to get organized – start my taxes, clean my apartment, and do all that boring stuff I keep putting off. Today I’m pretty excited as I have a hair appointment with{the amazing} Aura Friedman at Sally Hershberger {it’s part of the project I’ve been working on with Nexxus} so I’m changing my hair – yet again… nothing too too drastic, though! Whatever you are up to, I hope it is fun and/or relaxing… whichever of those two things you happen to need most. ūüėČ

Budget-friendly natural beauty products can be hard to find… but¬†here¬†are some good options!

I scooped up these {h-o-t} heels in black from Shopbop Рseriously in love.

I loved seeing all of Molly’s¬†Paris photos!

This Clueless music video is kinda awesome.

Navy on top. Gorgeous street style!

This striped cover up is going to be perfect for Tulum.

I loved Bradley’s snuggly¬†gray look.

I am obsessed with these Rag & Bone Sandals. So good.

Life rules from Jenna Lyons.

I adored this post on the things creative people do differently.

I’m obsessed with all of Yara’s¬†piercings. I just got my ear head pierced two weeks ago, but I really want my tragus – I just don’t know if I have the guts.

Something about this t-shirt makes me feel happy + nostalgic. I ordered it immediately. {Take 25% off with code HAPPYSHOPPING}

And I can’t even handle all of the yummy gluten-free recipes on¬†this blog.

Psst – make sure you enter this week’s giveaway… you could win a¬†bejeweled Vaseline!

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Leave a Comment


  1. Jessica Rose:

    Thanks for the weekend reading list…always love the weekend to catch up with blog posts..


    3.8.14 Reply
  2. Erika:

    I love that striped sweater! Any idea where it’s from?

    3.8.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      I’m sorry, I don’t!!!

      3.8.14 Reply
  3. Jackie {York Avenue}:

    Hey Grace! I have my tragus pierced from years ago, and I really like it…so I say go for it! It only hurts for a second when you get it done. I wanted to ask, where would you get to get it done – do you know of any places that have cute small earrings for a piercing like that? I still have in the hoop it was originally pierced with and I’m absolutely dying to change it out for something nicer. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!!

    3.8.14 Reply
    • Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache:

      I love Venus by Maria Tash. It’s in the WV area and they have such beautiful delicate stuff. I’m really considering another piercing and I want to go in and get new earrings for my triple helix. If you want to take a shopping trip down there sometime soon, let me know

      3.29.14 Reply
  4. fashionsbit:

    Love the sandals! I always enjoy ur weekend readings, so much stuff to discover!

    3.8.14 Reply
  5. pinkschmink:

    I always love these posts of yours! And that Clueless music video … that was such a brilliant nostalgia trip. ūüôā

    3.8.14 Reply
  6. caitlin:

    you could totally handle a tragus piercing! i got mine pierced last summer and love it. i also have my forward helix pierced too, and found the pain/pressure from the piercing to be the same!

    3.8.14 Reply
  7. Emily S.:

    Hi Grace! LOVE your blog! Just a thought on the tragus pierce– to me, it’s not the pain of getting it that matters, but if it hurts/is sore long term. For me, any cartilage piercing can be sore for quite a while. I pierced the inner helix bc it’s regressed infrom the outer ear/tragus so it’s protected when you lay on it or brush up against it. Just a thought!
    Xoxo Emily

    3.8.14 Reply
  8. Meghan:

    I got my tragus pierced years ago and still love it–the piercing made a weird popping noise going through the cartilage, but that was the worst of it. It was sore for a day or two but I don’t even notice it anymore. I use earrings designed for Monroe piercings because they have a flat back and are typically pretty small–they work really well!

    3.9.14 Reply
  9. Rose:

    Ahh you’re going back to Tulum again? Take. Me. With. You. (kidding, but not really…so beautiful!)

    3.9.14 Reply