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This week was awesome. I feel like I always tell you in these posts how tired I am {sorry} but this was one of those weeks where I got to reap some of the rewards of working so hard. I started a 30 day yoga challenge {that’s right… yoga every single day til I leave for Mexico… but more on that tomorrow} went to a yum dinner at Mole with Victoria and Hitha, and celebrated the launch of my collaboration with Matt Bernson. It was kind of surreal. PS – Shopbop now has all the styles, and Matt and I did a fun little interview on their blog here. In other news, it is still really really cold, and all I want to do is hibernate and eat warm, gooey carbs. Oh and happy March! It doesn’t feel like it, but Spring is just around the corner.

This “selfie” video is a little cracked out but that’s why it’s so hilarious.

An interesting way to zap a zit.

I was kind of shocked to find this electric blue Tibi coat {originally $695} for $256 on sale. I ordered it immediately, earlier this week. They only have a size 8 or 10 left now, but if those are your sizes… run!

After reading this post, I’m inspired to add a little more menswear to my wardrobe.

Ten top beauty bloggers share the products they can’t live without.

I picked up these sandals {in blush} for Spring. It’s always so hard to find cute sandals that aren’t too high. I love these!!

This girl did something new every day. Really inspiring!

I want to live in this dress. {bonus: it’s under $55.}

This DIY floral ball is ridiculous! {Ridiculously awesome}

Loved this pretty little peek into Victoria’s home.

Some perfect Spring stripes. These, too… love the pocket.

This list made me realize I’m not quite as well-traveled as I thought.

Bloggers / social media addicts, bookmark this list of free tools!

I’m so proud of my friend Mackenzie – her shop turned two this week! Read her inspiring post about it here, and take 20% off everything in the store with code TURNINGTWO.

5 years later, Gisele shared a photo from her wedding. I’m not one to really care much about celebrities, but this melted my heart.

The sexiest towel campaign ever. {I love you, Noel Crane!}

This is the best Spring peacoat.


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  1. fashionsbit:

    Asos summer dress and stripy dress are both perfect. Missing the summer!

    3.1.14 Reply
  2. Sara:

    that towel campaign just made my weekend-totally random but so so great!

    3.1.14 Reply
  3. I bought the same coat!!! At that price, I couldn’t resist. My husband calls it my Smurf coat, but I don’t care, I love it and the color makes me happy (and looks fantastic with grey). Hope you enjoy it as much as I have 🙂
    xoxo, Stella

    3.1.14 Reply
  4. christina:

    OMG Noel Crane! I had no idea… Think it’s time for a Felicity reunion ASAP 🙂

    3.1.14 Reply
  5. Bee:

    The Selfie video is so fun!! Love your sandals too!!

    3.2.14 Reply
  6. Thanks for the link love, friend! Had so much fun hanging out this week — and so proud of everything you have going on! 🙂

    3.2.14 Reply
  7. Anytime someone references Felicity, my heart gets bigger. 😉 I love me some Noel Crane!

    3.2.14 Reply