Weekend Reading, 8.29.20.

Weekend Reading 8.29.20
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Oh man. This week. On Sunday night I looked at my calendar and thought to myself, “wow, what a nice, balanced week ahead!” Lesson learned: never do that… you’ll curse yourself! I was prepared for an easy, breezy, perfectly balanced week and it ended up being a total hot mess. Everything was broken and anything that could go wrong did. So I am beat! Last night I stayed in, ordered sushi, did my skincare, and got caught up on work which might sound depressing but it really truly wasn’t – It made me happy to get caught up on all the stuff I wanted to do: writing, content planning, etc… the things I couldn’t do because the rest of the week was so scrambled.

And I did it from my couch (a quarantine rule has been that I always always work from my desk or at least dining table to feel productive) but for a Friday night I let myself cozy up under a blanket and work at a more leisurely pace. This weekend should be pretty chill. I have a little more work, dinner plans (that may be cancelled because of the storm?) tonight, and plans with my sister. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great! Have a good one and stay safe and dry!!!! XO

Weekend Reading 8.29.20

To my New York based readers: you can request your absentee ballot right this way

Did you see that Old Navy is selling (very cute) five-packs of masks for just $12.50?

Do I need a pink kitchen!?

I’m loving L’Oreal’s eco-friendly commitment.

Speaking of eco-friendly: these paperless paper towels are genius. I am trying them as a swap and happy so far.

This Venice home. WOW.

This cozy waffle tee is only $15 and it’s the best! Size up for a roomy fit.

I loved this op-ed – a good reminder to envelop yourself in those small pleasures.

Behind the development of a rapid-result COVID test.

I ordered this hoodie (in army green) this week and love the oversized shape (I got a men’s medium). Also scooped up a pair of these tortoise sunglasses (a $15 fav!).

What a sweet, joyful reunion!

Eat these foods to boost your immune system.

I got this dress (which is actually a nightgown) this week and really love it. So breezy! Def throw it in the dryer to shrink it a little.

So cool! This website gives you book recs based on destinations.

GOLD BIRKS! I wrote about these earlier this season (here), they always sell out.

How to overcome feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed.

The best vote merch.

Such a pretty fall dress from Target. (This pretty babydoll, too.)

All about one of my favorite ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid.

Love this classic pullover.

Christian Siriano’s Connecticut home is the actual dream. Wow. I’m blown away.

The best face mask for sports!

I call these my summer joggers. They’re so comfy – I have two pairs (size S and M) and wear both equally.

How to be a smarter, more sustainable customer.

We are only truly feminist if we are also anti-racist.

It’s way too early to think about sweaters but I do love this one.

Loved this op-ed from Kamala Harris. VOTE!!!!

Helena has the BEST style: love these 5 go-to outfits and will likely copy them all.

Why everything is annoying. This one resonated this week!

Fall’s most exciting books!

I die for the rainbow smocking on this breezy white dress. Just wish it was a bit more affordable. Will be waiting for it to go on sale.

How to apply concealer like a pro.

I scooped up several of these rattan baskets this week. H&M home did well with these…

The best teen movies based on classic literature.

Oh, did you see Reese is creating a home organization TV show with The Home Edit? I’m intrigued.

I’m craving this panzanella recipe BIG TIME – thinking of making it on Sunday.

One of my personal cooking conundrums: which oil to use?

25 famous women and the moment they “made it.”


photos by Allie Provost.

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  1. Glad you at least got a chilled Friday evening, after the messy week. Looking forward to see which books you will pick for fall reading!

    The Career Edit

    8.29.20 Reply
  2. Eve:

    I don’t mean this in a horrible way at all but I do find it a bit cringey when I see influencers and bloggers recommend things like reusable paper towels with one breath and with the next list all the cheap fast fashion they have bought this week. I feel like so many people just want to feel like they are saving the planet by BUYING MORE STUFF (such as reusable paper towels and straws) whereas actually what we all need to be doing is buying far, far less stuff full stop and using reusable towels does not mean we can then buy as many pairs of $15 sunglasses as we want guilt free! Sure, making sustainable swaps is a great thing to do but actually cutting out fast fashion and buying less in general is a million times more important. Again I’m not trying to be horrible as I enjoy your blog (mainly for the books!) and I know you are far from the only influencer who does this or worse. I just find it hard to see people preaching sustainability while not only buying obscene amounts of clothes but also constantly selling them to their followers. Just something to think about I guess…

    8.29.20 Reply
    • Hey Eve,

      I totally get it. I’ve been hesitant to share some of the reusable things I share (like the stasher bags for example, or my reusable straw) because heaven forbid I drink a dunkin’ coffee out of a plastic cup, someone will jump down my throat as I’d endorsed something eco-friendly and then drank something out of single use plastic.

      I guess it’s about balance. A BIG part of this blog is about shopping, and coming to a blog about shopping to complain about that feels like going to a steakhouse and being upset that there aren’t enough vegan option. I love fashion and shopping and I realize some people may find that awful and consumerist and I have never branded myself as a minimalist or sustainable living blogger. That being said, I am a human being who cares and do try to make good swaps when I can.

      I am gonna be really honest it’s been a long week, I’m emotionally spent and I don’t have the energy to defend myself, so I’ll just say that sorry it made you cringe but I love the reusable towels and I am happy that you enjoy my book recs.

      Have a great weekend!

      8.29.20 Reply
  3. Lillie:

    Long after the shelves have been restocked with TP and PT, a decent dinner napkin is nowhere in sight. I’ve been thinking cloth might just be the way to go, and I have snatched up those paperless paper towels to do the trick! Bonus: our daily dishes are a rainbow of Fiestaware! Thanks for the tip, Grace.

    8.29.20 Reply
  4. Thanks for the links, Grace. Have a great weekend! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.29.20 Reply
  5. I think that a pink kitchen is an absolute must!


    8.29.20 Reply
  6. Mackenzie:

    So many good links! Thanks for sharing. The article about being annoyed with everything going definitely resonated with me. I read another article about surge capacity and it’s so true.. I am emotionally spent.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I ordered a chappy wrap blanket last night with your code. I am SO excited, I have wanted one for soo long but hadn’t pulled the trigger. I also looked at your book search on your blog and how you can sort by rating and filter for certain genres. I love it!! So helpful.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    8.29.20 Reply
    • Feeling so much of the same. And I will tell you… if you are feeling that way, that blanket will be perfect. I have spent so many cozy nights under it, it’s the best. Please let me know how you like it – and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

      8.30.20 Reply
  7. mimi:

    So many good reads this weekend, Grace !! Thank you so much for sharing the story of Pipsqueak! And the one about overwhelm– thanks to that article I now know of an affordable way to have a therapist while uninsured.

    8.29.20 Reply