Weekend Reading, 8.20.22.

Weekend Reading 8.20.22

How was your week? I had a good week. I’ve talked about this in my newsletter but this summer has been pretty slow work-wise (sponsored content + paid projects). Aside from the occasional anxiety about whether things will pick back up, it’s been nice. I have been using the free time to test out different things, play with reels, improve my Photoshop skills, and really dig into my analytics and think strategically. Things are picking back up again and I have a lot that I’m really excited coming up in September and Q4.

So this week, I felt very energized and excited about work. And this weekend is going to be a slow and cozy one. I was in LA last weekend and next weekend my boyfriend and I are going on vacation, so this weekend will be spent at home… my happy place! It is crazy that I move in less than two months. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great! Xox

Weekend Reading, 8.20.22

10 new books, out this week.

When I polled you for Fall shopping requests, chunky loafers was a big request. I don’t think this trend is for me but if I were to choose a pair it would be these in saffron.

Stop saying yes when you want to say no. A-freaking-men. (I’ve been really enjoying this newsletter, btw!)

Very interesting (not satire): the rise of single, lonely men.

This little Amazon set is so cozy.

Loved this article about boundaries being more than saying “no.”

A very cute, expensive-looking-but-under $100 sweater. Speaking of sweaters, love the color of this one.

This Buenos Aires home is pretty stunning.

Honesty is love.

This Old Navy dress (in the cream floral) is giving strong Doen vibes.

The best new releases over the next two months.

I want to make all of these bright & crunchy salads.

You’re going to want to add this LBD to your fall dress rotation.

This guide to Havana made me miss Cuba. I went in 2018 and think about it often.

How gorgeous is this carafe set? Would be a great gift / I want it.

A CHIC Soho loft.

This corn pasta recipe sounds incredible.

Oh my, Anthropologie has some great party dresses right now.

I ordered this one in the green. It felt important + I have two weddings this fall.

The best weekend getaways in the US.

A very good under $100 fall dress.

I cannot wait for this show about Truman Capote and his swans!

Hustle culture is dead; what comes after ambition?

I cannot get enough of these gorgeous ballet flats.

The real secret to having it all.

This sweater vest is cuuuute.

20 hobbies you can do from home.

How to take better breaks in your work day.

Seems like we are all going big on trousers this year. I have heard great things about these!

Look at this cute rare baby monkey!

I absolutely love this Alex Mill Shirtdress. The lines (and color) are so clean and chic.

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  1. Jennifer Rea:

    Love your blog and always look forward to reading weekend reads!

    8.20.22 Reply
  2. JM:

    It wouldn’t have been hard for the psychologist of the “lonely men” article to discuss the role of toxic patriarchy in training more and more men to not treat women the way women deserve. Therapy can be good but it is an individual solution that isn’t covered much by healthcare and doesn’t address the issue in a societal way. And flipping the script to identify toxic patriarchy also means that more women are realizing they deserve to be treated better than men want to treat them. Blah it’s such a neoliberal piece.

    8.20.22 Reply
    • JM:

      On another note, yay for trousers!!

      8.20.22 Reply
  3. Regina:

    That Anthro dress!! OMG. I want it in bronze, just need to figure out where to wear it.

    8.20.22 Reply
    • It’s so good. As my best friend just told me about a different dress… “just wear it to lunch!”

      8.20.22 Reply