Weekend Reading, 8.12.23.

Weekend Reading, 8.12.23

I am back in Charleston after a truly wonderful week away. I felt sentimental driving (being driven) down the streets I grew up on, going to my favorite ice cream and seafood spots, walking along the beach. We had the best week. So much beach time, so much family time, watching my niece and nephews play together… I wish I could bottle it up. Every time I leave the Cape, my heart breaks a little bit. It’s the same way I feel when I leave New York (I always cry a little?). At the same time, I was also eager to be home in Charleston and back into my house and my routine. All of the emotions! I hope you have a great weekend.

Weekend Reading, 8.12.23

Not having children doesn’t mean you’re going to be lonely.

I just got this sculptural necklace and love it. It looks like it would cost much more than its under $100 price tag.

How to travel with friends.

I can’t wait for Elizabeth Acevedo’s new book (her first for adults!)

I just got this cute little Amazon set and it’s great in person. In case helpful: I got my usual medium, + the shorts have elastic in back.

The best art exhibits in NYC right now.

A very pretty fall dress.

Another great article about The Guest. This one explores the ending!

Aristotle’s 10 rules for a good life.

I’ve been ogling this pretty printed Rixo dress for a while and it just got marked down. Will work well for fall too!

36 hours in Prague.

This shirt dress has been a best seller and is back in all sizes. The small fits me perfectly.

I of course pre-ordered the new Slim Aarons book.

A cucumber recipe for hot nights.

Love the pattern of this pretty little mini.

You don’t need to be rich to work with a financial planner.

Madewell’s new arrivals are so good; especially: this rugby shirt, this stripey button down, this trench.

Okay, frozen negronis need to happen.

The best books for August 2023.

I just ordered these jeans for fall. I really like the wash.

A Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house in Queens.

Such a pretty cropped cardigan; I love the fabric!

How to host a hot dog party!

A good read: did clean beauty go too far?

I have been looking for a good pair of dressy pants and these are chic.

SJP on the realities of aging.

These $13 earrings were a really good find; they look like fine jewelry.

The best hostels in the world.

Everything we know about Season 5 of Virgin River.

This $68 blouse is very good; just got the white!

The fashion lover’s guide to Copenhagen (I want to go back!!).

This sweater blazer is a fav and it’s 30% off right now. I have it in two colors!

The best thing to do with your friends is absolutely nothing.

New thrillers to read!

A super cute and affordable stripe set: top + shorts.

Brooke Shields’ self care essentials.

I ordered these mary jane flats — they are very cute and on trend… and under $100.

I want to stay here.

A stunning 1890 Brooklyn Brownstone.

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  1. The Reluctant Blogger:

    I loved looking through these links lovely!

    8.12.23 Reply
  2. Cy:

    I hosted a hot dog party a few years ago and it was so fun. Simple foods bring bake memories for people. I always equate hot dogs with 4th of July and Summer camp ( My sisters and I went to the coolest camp when we were kids). I made my own hotdog buns ( I think it was a Joy the Baker recipe). I bought several kinds of good quality hotdogs and polish sausage. I made macaroni salad, coleslaw and put out all kinds of condiments including sauerkraut. Everyone had so much fun topping their “ dogs”. Thank you for the reminder and all the other great content here!

    8.12.23 Reply
  3. m:

    Thank you for including the article about The Guest ending. I had my own theories, but it’s so fascinating to read about what other readers thought happened. I loved that book and this article gave me food for thought.

    8.14.23 Reply
  4. Katie Strumpf:

    The article about being childless yet not lonely resonated deeply. I love kids, but knew from a very young age that I didn’t want to be a parent. I fluctuated on that as societal expectations indicated that I should want kids. Yet, I knew deep down that I didn’t. You can still be a nurturing person and not be a parent. We have so many relationship hoops we are expected to go through in society, significant other, engagement, marriage, kids. It’s OK to not jump through that hoop.

    8.14.23 Reply
  5. Wendy:

    my parents sold our Cape house last Fall and I cried like a baby leaving for the last time. I miss it so much.

    8.15.23 Reply