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Greetings from Boston!  I’m just here for a quick trip to hang with my college girlfriends.  I haven’t been back since the Spring… and sometimes its fun to just have a little change of scenery to stay inspired.  This week flew by.  Besides the fact that it was freezing out, it wasn’t easy getting back into a more… ahem… structured schedule.  After two weeks of staying up as late as I wanted, it was tough to make myself get into bed by midnight.  Still, it was a productive week.  I got a lot done at the office (and over here, too)  And I got to the gym a bunch as well – a few core fusion classes and a yoga date with two of my best friends.  I’m excited for the weekend… time to have a little fun.  Whatever you are up to, I hope it is fab!

I liked this post… some things you don’t need to justify.

In my next life, I’d like to live here.  So amazing.

Zodiac + Sweatshirt = two of my favorite things, right here.

I go on and on about Core Fusion.  Gilt City has an amazing deal…  if you live in NYC, do it!

Loved this Isabel Marant inspired DIY Sweatshirt.

In love with Alicia‘s redesign.

This knit blazer.  I want it.

My sister is now selling her beautiful pillows at Calypso.  This is just too exciting.  Check it out here!

I can’t stop thinking about a {warm} vacation.  Maybe in February.  Despite having nothing planned, I bought this… I always feel like all the good coverups sell out so quickly.  The back is everything.

This salad sounds so, so delicious (and healthy, too)

I’ve been contemplating splurging on a juicer.  This post on Juicing 101 was really helpful + informative; as was this one – complete with two recipes that sound amazing.

Loved this list of apps!

So good… the broke girl’s guide to Céline.

I freaked out when I spotted this dress – it is literally, my essence.

I’m obsessed with this article about Jenna Lyons.  Besides having incredible taste, she’s such a great example for women in business.

I loved this post – it made me want to try not to say the word “busy” for a month, and see what happens.

How fab are the oversized buttons on this trench coat?


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  1. Love these posts…love discovering new things. x


    1.11.14 Reply
  2. Thanks for posting the Gilt City Core Fusion deal….I have been wanting to check it out for the longest time and this deal is amazing! I can’t wait to try out my first class!!!

    1.11.14 Reply
  3. Hope you’re having a great time in Boston!! Looking forward to getting together Monday!
    Thanks for including my pillows in your link roundup 🙂

    1.11.14 Reply
  4. I LOVE that article about being busy. Something I’ve thought about before but haven’t been able to articulate this well. Busyness is totally overrated. Great links.

    1.11.14 Reply
  5. Nyc:

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile and love how much time you’re devoting to YOU. Why it takes us until 30 to do it, I’m not sure. I was compelled to comment because you mentioned a juicer. Girl. Changed my life lol. I have a Breville Elite and while it takes significant counter space, it devours beets whole. It’s crazy. You would actually be surprised the number of people who offload these things (new!) on eBay. Just a little tip. I do hope you get one 🙂

    1.11.14 Reply
  6. I really enjoyed the article from Thought Catalog…so true. Need to get myself a Capricorn sweatshirt as well!

    1.11.14 Reply
  7. That Gilt deal is awesome, thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.

    1.11.14 Reply
  8. The broke girls guide to Celine is too fun! Love that.

    1.11.14 Reply
  9. Jumping on that Corefusion gilt deal and I love that thought catalog article, love that Michelle Obama quote!

    1.11.14 Reply
  10. Fashionsbit:

    Love your weekend reading posts! So much to explore…

    1.12.14 Reply
  11. I just read that Jenna Lyons article late last night and, I agree, it is fantastic. I thought to myself – yes, that is exactly what I strive for. She gives business-people everywhere a good name – just icing on the cake that she happens to be a woman, right? 🙂

    1.12.14 Reply
  12. Meredith:

    Buy a juicer…they are awesome! I have been able to cut my juice buying habit over the past 2 years. I do buy a fresh juice from time to time while out and about or to taste new flavor combos.
    It requires prep work, yet in the long run worth the extra money in your pocket. Plus you can buy awesome reusable glass juice bottles on amazon.

    1.13.14 Reply
  13. Really loved the last two articles and shared them on my twitter and with my friends. Thanks!

    1.13.14 Reply