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Happy weekend, friends!  This week is a little fuzzy – a big blur of work and holiday stuff…  but I got to Core Fusion a few times, toasted my BFF’s 33rd on Thursday, and saw American Hustle last night (ah-mazing.)  Tomorrow I head home for a week.  I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get out of the city and just be with family for a while and recharge my batteries.  As much as I love this city (especially around the holidays) I am overdue for some fresh air.  I’m excited for time with the whole family, yoga with my mom + sisters, movie marathons, snuggles with our family dog, and yummy meals at my parents’ restaurant!

On an unrelated note, I think that a) I’ve found my New Year’s beauty inspiration (above) and b) I need to go back to blonde.  She’s flawless.

Here are the things I loved this week.

Some signs you’ve lived in New York for too long.

I added this print to my wall…  I’d seen it on Danielle’s instagram and had to know more.  It combines my two great loves… French and cats!

Amy is hosting a fun givewaway, but I was more obsessed with her outfit – too cute!

Shopbop had 20% off of sale this week… so I scooped up these Rag & Bone jeans and this Theory dress.  Pretty excited… love a good sale!

I’m obsessed with twitter’s new language setting.

Most stylish kids ever?  So cute.

Have you seen Frends’ new oil slick headphones?  They are kind of amazing.

Loved this Stella McCartney inspired DIY.

Also on the DIY front:  how good is this necklace?

I loved Alicia’s layered rugs.

The twenty things you need to let go of to be happy.

I love this embellished tee from Rebecca Taylor… it’s now on sale at Nordstrom through 12/24.  Same with this jacket.

And some more things, that you’ll learn in your thirties.  (It’s scary how true they all are!)

A little (random!) layering inspiration for you… I came across this look on Old Navy and am now inspired to layer my army jacket over my denim vest.

Lastly, be sure to enter my giveaway with Sisley Cosmetics… it’s valued at over $1,000!


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  1. venticup:

    The hair! That is all.

    12.21.13 Reply
  2. Jessica Rose:

    Thanks for the links and Happy Weekend! 😉


    12.21.13 Reply
  3. Meg:

    Great list! Love the thirties list 🙂

    12.21.13 Reply
  4. bclaire:

    Great links! Love the cat print!

    12.21.13 Reply
  5. akaleistar:

    Great list! I like those headphones.

    12.22.13 Reply