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This week was a little painful.  Work was crazy, blog stuff had me crazy, and I didn’t really sleep much.  On top of that I had my first book club, made it to yoga (but only once…grr) and had French class.  Also I spoke on a panel about social at General Assembly and this happened.  So I’m a little tired out.  This weekend is all about family.  I spent yesterday out in NJ with my aunt, uncle, cousins + grandmother and today I have a fun brunch with more of my family.  Whatever you are up to, I hope it is absolutely fab!

I’m on an “eyebrow plan” of sorts right now to grow my brows out a bit and this essay about eyebrows made me laugh.

I bought this dress on Cyber Monday and it may be my new favorite going-out dress.

I thought that this crayon lipstick DIY was really inventive and fun.

Loved this DIY a real lot…  a gold ring display!

This dress is another favorite.  Love leather.  (It’s also half off right now!!)

This was a good read… what does it even mean to be a “Needy” girl?

This video is everything.  You shall not pass, dog!

I think I wore this lipstick every day this week.  Red Square is definitely an old fave that I’d forgotten about.

So… how do we feel about Radiant Orchid?

I loved this DIY ornament – so pretty.


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Leave a Comment


  1. I think Radiant Orchid is a beautiful feminine color, but it’s not one of my favorite, I was quite sure that it was gonna be a hue of blue.

    12.8.13 Reply
  2. I love the collaboration…the ballet flats are so cute! Can they come in size 5.5 next time? The article about needy girls was really interesting to me too.

    12.8.13 Reply
  3. I love the article you shared about who exactly is a needy girl, i ended up sharing it on my facebook wall! also, that dress you got on cyper monday? swoon! It’s so lovely. I hope things calm down for you soon dear!


    12.8.13 Reply
  4. Love your new dress! And I feel like I’m the only person who is happy about radiant orchid haha!!!

    12.8.13 Reply
  5. that cat link is hilarious. made me miss my kitty.

    12.8.13 Reply