Weekend Reading, 7.9.22.

Weekend Reading 7.9.22 The Stripe

Happy weekend! After being away for the past two weekends I am looking forward to a quiet and cozy weekend at home. Seeing family, relaxing, maybe gobbling up an entire book. I said this earlier in the week but I have been focused on purging before I move this fall. I have two big closets in my apartment: one, you see pretty regularly. The other is a toxic wasteland. My goal is to make a dent in cleaning out that closet; it’s become a catch-all for chaos and I need to get it under control. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s wonderful… enjoy this week’s links! Xx

Weekend Reading, 7.9.22

Confessions of a perpetually single woman. (Elle)

The AGOLDE Long Parker (my favorite shorts) in white have been sold out everywhere but I found them! Ordered immediately.

Bookmarked this one: the best murder mystery movies to watch right now! (Town & Country)

The most anticipated books of July (Bustle)

This Etsy shop has such great straw and rattan bags that are a little different from everything else I’ve been seeing. I especially love this picnic bag and this crossbody.

I am a big fan of overnight breakfasts when I have guests in town or having people over for brunch and this overnight french toast from Cup of Jo looks incredible.

It is indeed, exhausting to live in America right now. (LA Times)

9 spectacular chef’s kitchens (AD)

Hear me out. I ordered the Diptyque bug spray/body mist. I am looking at it as a new summer fragrance with bug-repelling benefits. I’ll report back.

Making this asap: tomatoes with creamy feta (Bon Appetit)

I saw this swimsuit in orange on Mary earlier this year and obsessed over it. Do I need it in forest green?

On training the voice in your head to be nicer (Shondaland)

Cooking with cucumbers! (Self)

Healthy, hearty, salad recipes (Southern Living)

My favorite strapless bra is included in the Nordstrom sale if you have early access. Also, this Chantecaille mascara deal!

How to help a friend through a divorce. (The Cut)

My favorite list!

All the best stuff coming out over the next two weeks. (Vulture)

I have been thinking about these lucite sandals. Can’t get them out of my head (the neutral ones!). Am I crazy?

I love this tiny modernist apartment (Clever)

How cool are these rope Ulla Johnson sandals?

Adding this to my fitness routine: a quick, once weekly abs routine. (Self)

What an insane cast: I cannot wait for Amsterdam! (W Magazine)

Getting major 60s vibes from this striped mock-neck pullover. I love it!

How to become an abortion clinic escort (Glamour)

Health summer dinner recipes for when it is too hot to cook (The Everygirl)

How Stanley Tucci travels (CN Traveler)

The perfect breezy white top.

On taking smart risks (The Atlantic)

Very tempted by this little woven tote.

On managing anxiety about money (The Cut)

7 Indigenous-owned beauty brands worth knowing (Allure)

This Ganni little black dress is impeccably chic and just got marked down.

Tory Burch is an inspiration. (Bustle)

Madewell does it again! Love this pretty midi dress. The bodice is gorgeous.

Ooh want to stay at this chic New York hotel!!!! (Vogue)

The best West Coast beach towns (CN Traveler)

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  1. Christina:

    Great great list this week! Opened up so many tabs to read 🙂
    [I generally skip over the shopping/consumer goods links bc I’m trying to buy less/purge more, or buy second-hand /from sustainable brands – but I love your blog and voice so I welcome when there’s more for me to read!!]

    Thank you and happy weekend!

    7.9.22 Reply
    • Kathy:

      As someone who gets eaten alive by mosquitoes, I love the idea of that fancy body spray. Can’t wait to hear your review!

      7.9.22 Reply
    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      7.10.22 Reply
  2. wowww the perpetually single one was a little too good!

    7.11.22 Reply
  3. Mary:

    Oh man, that Diptyque bug spray is sold out and I have to know if it works. Please let us know as I put myself on the waiting list.

    7.11.22 Reply
    • I will keep you posted – wow!

      7.11.22 Reply
      • Mary:

        UPDATE: The product is NOT sold out, but Diptyque is having trouble with their website which makes it look sold out when you try to place the order. I had them guide me through the checkout process so I could get a bottle. Can’t wait to try. These dang skeeters need to buzz off.

        7.12.22 Reply
  4. Jenifer:

    Here is an even better French Toast recipe, some of it you can prep ahead like mixing the wet ingredients the night before you bake it. This is to die for!

    7.11.22 Reply
  5. Cy:

    Wow the perpetually single woman; I have been for awhile. I love my life and feel whole. I am also open to meeting someone who will enhance my life. I have friends I know who try constantly to have “instant “ boyfriends and wonder why the guy turns out to be another “crazy”. Or at the very least a completely wrong fit. I am of the notion that it takes four seasons to really know someone and a crisis doesn’t hurt either. Will this person have your back when things get bad? The author spoke a sad truth; it’s really hard to meet someone “IRT” because no one looks around! I did go on a couple of dates with a guy at my yoga studio (it does happen!) It didn’t work out, but we did meet “in real time.” I agree that the apps are depressing. The person you choose should add to your life, not make it more difficult. I’ve been married , so maybe that takes the pressure off some. I just don’t feel desperate or burdened anymore. The big question is; why do people think something is wrong with you if you are single? Why do people stay in relationships that don’t serve them ? Why is being on your own a bad thing? Are all the couples you know happier than your single friends?too many people let relationships just “happen” to them instead of making a conscious choice. You have value and should treat yourself in kind. I suggest another narrative; “I choose to be single because that is the healthy choice for me at this time.” We need to change the conversation and stop making people feel bad because they don’t fit into societies box. Another good answer is; “ I haven’t found anyone worthy of me yet”

    7.15.22 Reply
  6. Cy:

    Amsterdam looks amazing! Also stumbled on the new Julia Roberts, George Clooney rom-com; it looks fun too.

    7.15.22 Reply