Weekend Reading, 7.31.21.

Weekend Reading 7.31.21Um, how is today already the last day of July? So wild. This summer has been really really fun but it’s flown by so quickly! I have a pretty low key weekend ahead of me. Last night was a big night celebrating one of my best friends’ birthday… the rest of my weekend will probably just involve spending time with my family, reading, and getting organized as I go to New York and the Hamptons for 5 nights (can’t wait!) on Tuesday. Also: if you have any good TV recs, drop ’em in the comments… I need something new to watch! Have a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Reading, 7.31.21

Dolly Parton’s favorite beauty moments.

My most beloved Vince sneakers are a part of the Nordstrom sale!

Loved this essay about the importance of adding play to your life (and how to do it!).

This 5 ingredient gnocchi with tomatoes and squash looks like heaven to me.

Loved this LBD roundup + styling advice from Carly.

I got this gingham dress in the mail this week and love it. Such a cutie.

The new Public Hotel looks pretty luxe.

This top and this skirt make for such a gorgeous (and affordable) matching set!

A reader (thanks Pat S!) sent me this and I thought it was SO cool.

It’s a literature map. Type in an author you love and it will show you other authors that people who love that author love.

Love this little Princess Diary inside scoop!

My new favorite military jacket.

How to rebuild your wardrobe after pandemic weight gain.

I bought this inexpensive travel makeup bag and love it so much. It’s compact, holds all my things, and I love that when it’s hanging up I can easily access everything!

Anyone else really, really excited about Hulu’s upcoming murder mystery series?

7 easy ways to de-stress throughout the work day.

The pattern on this smocked dress is so good!

Need to try this leave-in conditioner!

This sustainably made dress is one of my absolute favorite recent purchases.

How glycolic acid works to get skin glowing.

Very into this new restaurant trend.

Anthropologie has been hitting it out of the park with their dresses lately. Love this one.

The emotional benefits of wearing color.

Such a chic little sarong!

Some dreamy new New England hotels…

Love this minty kitchen!

This $26 Amazon blouse came in the mail this week and it’s GORGE. I recommend sizing up.

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Photography by Clay Austin.

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  1. E:

    Good morning
    Curious about the military jacket, 3/4 sleeves? And the gorg blouse from Amazon is polyester. Please update after you wear them please.
    Happy Saturday

    7.31.21 Reply
    • Hi! I don’t mind the 3/4 sleeve, it’s a cute lightweight jacket. It’s not for keeping warm, more for having a cute extra layer.

      And yes it’s polyester which is why it’s so inexpensive. But it’s a cute fun top. Will be sure to put a pic on stories next time I wear it.

      7.31.21 Reply
  2. Thanks for sharing this sweetie!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    7.31.21 Reply
  3. Cy:

    So many fun things here; That kitchen! Such a pretty blouse. I just finished binging “ Truth be told” on Apple TV and it was great fun. Octavia Spencer is the lead with a talented ensemble cast. Murder mystery,podcasting? Very fun !

    7.31.21 Reply
  4. Jennifer G:

    Cruel Summer!

    7.31.21 Reply
  5. Kristen:

    I’m really enjoying Physical on AppleTV with Rose Byrne!

    7.31.21 Reply
  6. I don’t really watch TV but I am very excited about the new Hulu show. The cast is a strange mix so it could be hilarious or terrible.

    7.31.21 Reply
  7. AG:

    Hi Grace, I just wanted to say thank you for posting the article about rebuilding your wardrobe after pandemic weight gain. I’ve been feeling a lot of similar frustrations and melodramas that the author describes, and I felt (hoped?) that I’m not alone in that. It was validating to see this not only published in a major outlet but also shared by you, so thank you 🙂

    8.1.21 Reply
    • I am so happy it resonated! Thought it was really well written (and it was refreshing to see Vogue publish something like that). XO

      8.1.21 Reply
  8. Caroline:

    Are the Vince shoes true to size?

    8.1.21 Reply
  9. ms:

    I’m watching The Pursuit of Love on Amazon. It’s stylish and silly and British— think Gosford Park if directed by Wes Anderson, and it’s only three, one-hour episodes.

    8.1.21 Reply
  10. Megan:

    Music Box on HBO is a wild ride! It’s a documentary film about Woodstock ’99 – what happened, what factors led to the chaos, etc. It’s fascinating, sad and enthralling all at once, even if you’re not at all a Woodstock person.

    8.2.21 Reply
  11. The literature map is really fun and every author’s name I have tried has shown other authors I have read but some new ones to check out. The gingham dress from Amazon is so cute. Waiting on my order of the marble sauce dishes from Amazon. I always love the Weekend Reading blog. The new Hulu show looks like a fun one. Pat S

    8.3.21 Reply