Weekend Reading, 7.30.22.

Feather heel sandals | Weekend Reading 7.30.22

Happy weekend. This weekend I am laying l-o-w. This week kicked my butt. To be honest, I’m not fully sure why (I have to stop blaming the heat but it’s just been so bad!), I just know that when that happens it is time to hunker down, maayyybe hang out with small groups, do some yoga, nerd out with a good documentary, get to bed early, hydrate, and have one of those Sundays where I read an entire book. That’s the kind of weekend I want. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s just the kind of weekend you are hoping for.

Weekend Reading, 7.30.22

Thanks to a reader suggestion, these turkey burgers are next on my “to make” list.

A gorgeous lightweight blazer at a great price.

Thought this was a GREAT read: Mastering the Art of Influence.

Wow, this restored Sicilian palace is pretty incredible.

This tennis bracelet is costume jewelry but looks like fine jewelry. I ordered mine on the spot!

Woof. Thought this article about the anti aging industry was really thought-provoking.

I love the look of this sweet little sundress.

Irritated by instagram’s updates? Here are four things you can do to make your feed a little more enjoyable.

15 extremely fun things to do in LA for under $15.

How pretty is this matching crop top + skirt set? Love!

How to be happy in a recession.

Behind fashion’s new “bimbo trend.”

It’s too early for me to think about coats but this bright green one sure is fun – and on sale!

The newest arrivals from Hill House are pretty fab.

I really love the billowy sleeves of this pretty t-shirt. Almost ethereal.

How to fix your sleep schedule.

I’m really looking forward to watching Netflix’s new show Uncoupled this weekend. (It premiers tonight!)

This is truly, 100% the absolute best bronzer ever.

I wear the “light bronze” shade.

This fried eggplant recipe looks so good!

I have no fancy parties coming up but if I did I would be all over this stunning maxi dress!

Definitely must make this sheet pan pizza!

The best, most glamorous hotel lobbies in the world.

If you liked the look of my Tibi leather shorts, you may really love these!

How to start conversations that will attract new friends.

Reformation’s new arrivals are *chef’s kiss.* I can’t get this silky number out of my mind!

I can’t wait to make this TikTok famous lemon pasta… yum!

15 items to own by age 30.

This pretty open stitch cardigan just got marked down. Perfect summer topper.

How to maintain your friendships when your friends start having kids.

This little Wisconsin bungalow is tiny — but so well decorated!

One of my fav easy dresses is back in stock. I tie it a little higher to have a smaller cut-out.

Love these outdoor space makeovers!

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  1. KG:

    Hi! Can you provide the source for the awesome pink feather shoes in your photo?

    7.30.22 Reply
  2. Rachel:

    Oooh I’ve been wanting to try the Saie Sun Melt!

    7.30.22 Reply
  3. Sarah:

    I really enjoyed reading the article on anti-aging products. I’m a huge product junkie and had a semi-successful skincare/makeup blog between 2007-2012. But, now that I’m almost 40 (in a month!) I feel I have really honed in on products that actually work. As much as I hate it, because I love a fancy product, the truth is basic is best for skincare. I also make sure to only buy things that are researched by dermatologists (I’m a huge fan of dermatologist Dr. Dray on instagram and youtube- she tells it like it is and has really debunked a lot of brands/products I used to use). Now, I have a skincare routine that is proven, practical, and more wallet friendly. It’s not very glamorous, but my skin has never looked better. I feel like I’m doing what I can to take care of my skin in a healthy way and it also has helped me embrace myself better as I age.

    7.31.22 Reply