Weekend Reading, 7.2.22.

Weekend Reading 7.2.22
We are all Tyrion this week.

This week, I felt a little more hopeful, or at least motivated? Motivated with a side of jet lag and rain-induced fatigue. I reached out to get involved with two local politicians that line up with my values (Annie Andrews for Congress; Joe Cunningham for Governor). I am helping with a fundraiser for Annie on July 13th here in Charleston (come, if you are local!) and have a meeting set up with Joe’s team that week. It is important to me to do everything I can to help get these people elected. If you are looking for more ways to help and get involved, my friend Jess pulled together some amazing actions to take in a post-Roe America.

Besides that, this was just a packed week of work! A shoot, several meetings, planning for a video content day (I have hired a young person to help me!), ETC. Wishing you a wonderful long weekend.

Weekend Reading, 7.2.22

On channeling grief and rage into power and progress. (Elle)

How can we fix the supreme court? (Glamour)

These sunglasses make me feel a little more cool.

On finding exercise that you actually enjoy. (The Good Trade)

If Zimmermann and La Vie Style House had a less expensive baby it would be this ASOS dress?

Mmm, pasta recipes! (Bon Appetit)

Such a gorgeous smocked dress.

Gahhhh, Nancy Meyers’ house. It’s even better than I imagined! (AD)

Made me laugh; mid-century Millennial is totally my aesthetic. (The Guardian)

A really fun statement bag at a fairly good (under $200) price.

How to be hopeful, even when you feel anything but. (Self)

I love this simple little black dress. This one too. Both are under $100..

I enjoyed reading these beauty editors’ bedtime skincare routines. (Allure)

The ultimate guide to bar accessories (Punch)

What to do in Kiawah! (Alicia Tenise)

The back of this pretty midi dress gives it a really special twist.

How to level up those daily walks (NY Times)

I can’t stop thinking about this collapsible sun hat. It’s so fun.

I really need to be doing these neck exercises. (Bustle)

The best vegetarian dinners. (Eater)

I want these monochrome Tevas.

Just can’t seem to pick a color!

Very exciting Cameron Diaz news. (Glamour)

Elle’s guide to The Hamptons.

This jalapeno lime appetizer looks really good (Hello Adams Family)

A chic little shirt dress, for under $100.

The ultimate guide to finding your perfect luggage. (CN Traveler)

The best, coziest, oversized tee.

Great advice: be friends with people who make you a better person. (The Atlantic)

How to find a financial adviser (The Cut)

Really love these fisherman sandals (currently 25% off!)

This little closet makeover is pretty fab! (Apartment Therapy)

Loved Helena’s under $200 jewelry roundup.

These pajamas just scream FUN.

I am really enjoying the new season of Domino’s podcast. It’s hosted by my friend Julie and this season is all about design rebels, starting with Christian Siriano!

Loved this conversation between Jessica Yellin, the Duchess of Sussex, and Gloria Steinem. (Vogue)

The prettiest (almost delicate-looking) straw beach tote.

This farmhouse – WOW. (AD)

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  1. arlene:

    Love, love, love your blog!

    7.2.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thank you!

      7.5.22 Reply
  2. Katie:

    Can we do a poll from the Caro writes article to see how many terms the significant others get right? Mine missed 6- fallopian tube, ectopic pregnancy, ovum, follicular phase, luteal phase, menorrhagia, uterine fibroids. Love that they told me luteal phase is something I talk about a bunch but they have no idea what it is (and never chose to clarify this!). The call to action at the end is so good.


    7.2.22 Reply
  3. lynn:

    All such great topics, some that I really needed to read right now especially about staying hopeful . I was looking at the sandal reviews and some said they were so good for wide feet. I like them too , but my feet are quite narrow and my toes, well I won’t go into them. My BIL once told me that I had pretty feet after a few glasses of wine at a family Barbecue which my sister denies very strongly that he ever said , but he sure did say that !!! Lol. That was before I broke several toes at one time and opted for no surgery. My happy thought at the moment since I can’t move is to think of what I can do as in growing older with a really nice long silver braid, wearing a midi pretty print dress and my original Levi’s Jean’s Jacket that I have saved that I wore to some really awesome Concerts. But, I’ll be happy to fit in Gold Birkenstocks too anytime. Have a Happy 4th. Such great news about the new house !!!! So very happy for you!!

    7.2.22 Reply
  4. Danielle:

    So many great links sweetie!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    7.2.22 Reply
  5. Anne:

    Really appreciate the fact you’re campaigning for a progressive candidate and taking a stand re: gun violence, women’s rights, pro-choice. Thank you!

    7.8.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Just trying to do my best to help… 🙂 it’s a hard time right now.

      7.8.22 Reply
  6. Laura:

    I just wanted to to let you know that I recently found your blog through JessandKirby and love it. I have been watching to see how the few bloggers I follow handled the Roe issue. I appreciate that you are bravely choosing to use your platform to speak up for reproductive rights. Thank you!

    7.8.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thank you so much for the note, I so appreciate it!

      7.8.22 Reply