Weekend Reading | 7.13.19.

Weekend Reading | 7.13.19.

happy weekend! This was a busy week on the work front so I’m looking forward to chilling out a little bit. I had a fun movie night with my friend last night and I’ve got a few workouts planned today and tomorrow, and my mom comes to town on Sunday. Also on the books: a baby shower for Mary. In writing that all down I realized it’s not exactly that chill, but it should still be really fun. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great… ENJOY THE WEEKEND! (I’ll be back tomorrow with your requests from the Nordstrom sale – beauty, basics, and things I’ve bought over the years that I still have + use/wear.)

Weekend Reading | 7.13.19.

Becca and I were featured in The Daily, talking about our podcast! We had a two page spread (!!!) which was the coolest, but you can read the interview here if you’d like. And also, Krystal and I were featured in The Atlantic (!!!) talking about our friendship.

10 apps to help you manage your money, investing, + financial literacy.

A gorgeous midi wrap dress for under $100.

All about restorative yoga. (I went yesterday and it was amazing.)

6 women talk about not having children.

These rainbow stripe pants just got marked down and they’re SO chic. (I’d pair them with this fun fruity top.)

On crying in public.

My most favorite curling iron is part of the Nordstrom sale.

Must try making this salsa!

For when you don’t want to work (aka me this week), I loved these productivity tips!

The book I can’t put down.

Sustainable cookware for under $100!

How cute is this little makeup bag?

Yum – I want to make this creamsicle cocktail!

Loved this: a data driven look at summer’s best books! Lots of favorites/TBR’s on here.

These personalized hair clips are SO good.

What’s really the deal with food expiration dates?

Living in my Amazon nightgown/dress. (Have it in two colors and thinking about more.)

This home in Oaxaca is BEAUTIFUL.

What a pretty idea: DIY watercolor throw blanket.

Love these woven mules.

The benefits (+ risks) of caffeinated skincare.

This is the perfect sun hat; for a great price.

Three women share their most transformative moments.

Germaphobe tips for traveling.

Love this woven straw bag – can you believe it’s only $28!?

The best money hacks.

Definitely need this cute PJ set from one of my fav brands.

Photo by Jami-Lyn Fehr.

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  1. Laura:

    Congrats on the Atlantic piece! Loved the article and your input.

    7.13.19 Reply
  2. What a fun week! Definitely take some downtime and enjoy the weekend. Thanks for the links, Grace. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    7.13.19 Reply
  3. Lisa Autumn:

    YAY Happy weekend lovely!

    x Lisa

    7.13.19 Reply
  4. Katie:

    Thanks so much for sharing the food expiration article! My roommate is always throwing away perfectly good food because of the date (sell by, use by!) on the package. I’m definitely going to share this with her! And thanks for all the finance articles, always my favorite.

    7.14.19 Reply
    • So happy you enjoyed this week’s links! I thought that article was fascinating! xx

      7.15.19 Reply
  5. I did not expect it, but that interview on your blogger friendship was so interesting to read. I haven’t written anything on my blog for years so I cannot relate in any true way still get what amount of work goes into it but this was an insight on another level. Thanks for sharing that conversation with us (The Atlantic).

    7.15.19 Reply