Weekend Reading, 6.3.23.

pull out rack with books | Weekend Reading 6.3.23

Happy weekend. I am getting this post up a little later than usual as I had a horrible migraine yesterday. That plus lack of sleep from the kitten/cat playing all through the night this week was a recipe for disaster! I’m feeling a lot better today and spent the morning doing chores and listening to this podcast, which is quickly becoming a new favorite. Julia Louis-Dreyfus interviews women who are older (and wiser) than her. The guests are incredible (think Jane Fonda, Isabel Allende) and the conversations are just wonderful. I can’t recommend it enough. Have a lovely weekend.

Weekend Reading, 6.3.23

I loved this piece about the success of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow! (A fav read from last year.)

My favorite platforms now come in black (these are so incredibly comfortable!).

Don’t avoid romance.

The best movies coming out of Cannes.

Mille’s new arrivals are just stunning. I especially love this top.

Ain’t this the truth: drowning in dupes!

The sweetest espadrille sandals.

This Sea Island beach retreat is perfect. All that green…

I can’t help it: this trailer makes me excited for S2 of And Just Like That. Also excited for Samantha’s cameo!

How pretty is this blue & white dress?

The best books of this summer.

I’ve been testing out this new eye cream and really love it; especially for dark circles.

Summer makeup tips from the pros.

Missing Succession? Read these books. (I also loved this piece, grieving its end.)

I love these pretty shell earrings.

Anyone have $49.5 million to buy this house?

Adore these cheerful red slides.

9 new books, coming in June.

36 hours in Los Angeles.

I just got this little crochet top and it’s perfect. The best with cut-offs or white jeans.

Louis Vuitton has an airport lounge?

How gorgeous is this woven leather + raffia bucket bag?

I always love reading these: dermatologist’s skincare routines.

How to befriend neighbors!

Loving all of J.Crew’s fringe stuff, especially this top and this bag!

The Sofia Richie effect is real.

It’s on the pricier side but… LOVE this happy yellow midi dress.

I’m looking forward to reading Giorgio Armani’s autobiography!

25 pasta salad recipes.. yum!

I really like the open knit (and the color) of this breezy summer sweater.

This grilled “party salmon” looks amazing.

A gorgeous summer top, for under $100.

Inexpensive things these designers bring back from their travels.

14 new books to dive into this summer.

Such a fun party dress (at a great price!)

I have to laugh about the Stanley cup obsession. This is a fun read.

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  1. Lynn:

    I’m so sorry that you had such a bad Migraine. I get them with blind spots and aura which are awful . It’s a Visual Migraine.
    Mine come from stress and no sleep .
    I am no expert but from what I experienced myself . One Kid, Cat or Dog I find manageable . Two seem to become a pack especially when one is young. Kittens and Cats don’t know what bedtime is . I think I confined my striped kitten and my older Red boy in a bathroom at night . They were not loose . They had eachother and were perfectly fine with their beds and toys food and litter. During the Day, they were loose . I had a dig so I hated the bathroom so the dog would not be in the litter or any cat food. That worked best for me until everyone slept quietly and wasn’t so playful. I don’t like to read books and my dogs were much easier over the years but I swear 2 cats conspire to make you crazy . They will be fine . It’s painful to be very firm but I had to . I hope my experience helps you too to get some rest. Who knew Tyrion would be this playful ??

    6.3.23 Reply
    • Lynn:

      I swear I spell checked this comment . So sorry . I meant I had a dog and I gated my bigger bathroom . I have issues with my own dog now not wanting to go outside to potty in the rain so animals are a real commitment. We love them but they can be so tiring teaching them good behaviors .

      6.3.23 Reply
  2. Kelly D:

    Glad you’re feeling better and always love these posts! Also: I think you need a “cat” section on the blog so I can just peruse pictures of your adorable kitties. 🙂

    6.3.23 Reply
  3. Sheenia Denae | Lifestyle Blogger:

    Thanks for sharing! And hope you feel better soon.

    6.4.23 Reply
  4. Ana:

    Ok, so I know the obsession with Stanley’s is kind of ridiculous, but hear me out. I tried all kinds of water bottles before and did not find one that hit all the marks like the Stanley quencher. I think it makes a difference for someone like me who commutes. I can’t begin to tell you how many times my other water bottles would roll around my car getting everything wet just because they don’t fit in my cup holder. So I’m definitely a Stanley stan.

    Sorry you had a bad migraine. Hope kitties let you rest!

    6.4.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I think that’s the thing, I don’t drive!!!! I totally get that. But when I see influencers in their homes using them, I am like why don’t you just use a nice water glass?

      6.5.23 Reply
  5. Amanda:

    Well, this is really showing how removed I am from social media. When I read the headline about Stanley cups, I immediately thought of hockey. Which, to be fair, I am fairly obsessed with and the finals are currently airing.

    6.5.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Haha! When they first came out I thought the same thing actually.

      6.5.23 Reply
  6. m:

    What an amazing beach home in Sea Island! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    As far as migraines go, I started getting them more often in my 40s–and it turns out birth control during perimenopause was to blame. My doctor never mentioned it could be the cause, but thankfully an older co-worker did. I suffered for two years before I simply quit the pill and have not had one since. Just putting it out there in case anyone else is desperate for relief.

    6.5.23 Reply