Weekend Reading, 6.24.23.

Weekend Reading 6.24.23

This photo is from last weekend, curled up reading in the sunshine… a mood I’d like to emulate this weekend. Today I have my friend’s son’s sixth birthday; tomorrow I have yoga and another friend bringing her kid over to play with the cats. Lots of kid time! I’m deep into this book and all I want to do is be cozy and read. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great. xx

Weekend Reading, 6.24.23

Nine funny book recommendations from The Atlantic.

These $26 earrings could pass for Mociun.

A shopping guide for trans youth, according to trans families.

Put down the Juneteenth ice cream and read these books.

Ordered this week: a happy, sorbet striped tee.

Really want to stay here. And this restaurant too.

Dorsey’s James tennis necklace is finally back in stock (this is the one with the round setting; one of my favorites!).

21 books by Black women we all need to read.

New and emerging LGBTQ+ authors to read for Pride 2023.

I’ve become a big fan of Misa and ordered this dreamy dress this week. Their fabrics are so light and airy and the patterns are divine!

Oh my gosh: Aerin Lauder’s Palm Beach home is just stunning.

The perfect beach to cocktails dress.

From the A Lot of You Have Asked newsletter (I like this a lot, she also keeps me current on influencer trends and drama): A great read: Confused, uncool, and nowhere to scroll: The internet has become hostile for millennials like me.

Pickleball rules for beginners. Have you played? It’s so much fun.

The fringe on this kaftan is just so fun!

7 great walks to take in 7 great cities.

Everything about this black dress is just so fun – and it’s under $150.

Easy summer dinner recipes.

This saffron butter pasta recipe looks so good.

Can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous ring. It’s like a little piece of art.

How gorgeous is this DC townhouse?

Cats + emerald green? Meet my dream pajamas (ordered this week!).

I think I need to get on the frozen coffee trend.

A review of the new season of And Just Like That. I was disappointed in the first season but will watch these characters do anything. Looking forward to watching.

A very pretty LBD.

The best shower oils.

This dress looks like Reformation and this one looks like Farm Rio. Both are priced so well at just $69.

Was Carrie Bradshaw a wise fashion investor?

A guide to long weekends in the Catskills and beyond.

I also love these neutral Nikes!

How to reapply sunscreen over makeup without making a mess.

These are probably going to be my next dad sandal purchase. I also love the color!

This month’s best beauty launches.

How to fight for abortion rights.

Very very into this easy stripey button down.

Very interesting stuff: these foods can help you avoid jet lag!

A beautiful New York City apartment. So many stunning treasures.

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  1. Jocelyn:

    Amazing links as always! You do the best roundups 🙂

    6.24.23 Reply
  2. Lynn:

    I’m all for the slushy coffee which I used to drink Frappes for a lot at work breaks in town at Starbucks . . Definitely make your own . Ask and try to drink bottled water if you are on the Islands like we were . Years ago on my first Cruise we stopped in St. Thomas . My first stop was sighting a coffee shop standing on its own . I asked about the coffee ice cubes and their water. Obviously not thoroughly. It’s kind of funny looking back 10 years ago, but boy at Harry Winston’s jewelry store ( very nice by the way ) thank goodness they had a bathroom. So embarrassing. I’ll do mine at home . You are right . They do get diluted . So do Starbucks so I order without ice and add my own home . Gotta be resourceful in Florida and the South . Iced Coffee is everything on a hot day! Thanks for the tip!

    6.24.23 Reply
  3. Molly:

    Thank you Grace! I’m taking the lovely house tours this week.

    6.24.23 Reply
  4. Alicia:

    I couldn’t read the Atlanta article, but I saw in the first paragraph that they listed A Confederacy of Dunces. That is my all time favorite book and so funny. It doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion. Great list!

    6.25.23 Reply
  5. Sunnie:

    Love these links! Can you please link the white dress you are wearing in the photo?

    Thank you!

    6.26.23 Reply
  6. Elizabeth:

    Thanks for posting the frozen coffee. I decided to make coffee ice cubes which spilled and then I cleaned my entire freezer and refrigerator which was sadly, embarrassingly way way overdue. Lol so now I can sip a frozen coffee looking at my clean shelves.

    7.3.23 Reply