Weekend Reading, 6.12.21.

Weekend Reading, 6.12.21

Happy weekend! I’m excited for the weekend. I spent the morning reading and then went to the farmer’s market with my mom. Two of my best friends here are moving back to New York (I’m only slightly devastated… I just got here!) and we are toasting them tonight with a party at my friend’s house on Sullivan’s Island. Besides that I am probably just going to read a lot, get caught up on work and chores, and do a bit of lounging at the pool. I’ve been on a reading KICK which feels good after being in such a rut earlier in the year. Have a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Reading, 6.12.21

I’m going bananas (maybe literally?) over this home collab.

I ordered this cute smocked tank in black and white this week. Perfect with cutoffs and a low heel.

Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who love to cook.

Jane Fonda’s best beauty moments.

Our Place is doing a really great deal: THIS WEEKEND ONLY (6/11 – 6/14), take $50 OFF when you buy the Always Pan alongside their new Everyday Chefs Knife with the code TWOFAVES. 

13 Black-owned wine brands to add to your rotation.

Okay, this Etsy shop has such good beaded necklaces. Great quality and I love the magnetic clasps.

How to apply liquid blush.

OOH – Virgin River trailer!

How pretty is this bouclé sweater tank? Such a good layering piece.

Deeply curious about the Stanley Cups after reading this post. Anyone have one? I don’t feel like this is something I need but all the hype makes me think I’m missing something!

Looove this floaty midi dress.

A great explainer on the meaning of Juneteenth.

I really liked this essay from Liz and could relate to it as I feel like I may have gone a bit too hard socially and with work the past couple weeks: More is not Always More. 

Healthy recipes to make this week.

This body scrub is incredible

Zapped the bumps on the backs of my arms in a few weeks.

The death of the girlboss.

Getting so excited about the Gossip Girl reboot.

These Amazon sandals are cute and surprisingly very comfy. I have the red and am going to get the tan too.

Outdoor entertaining essentials!

Love this easy breezy little black dress.

V excited for the new Anthony Bourdain doc.

Such a good (inexpensive!) kitchen makeover.

My current favorite hyaluronic acid serum.

The most anticipated books of summer.

I absolutely must make Venita’s breakfast nachos!

This New Orleans hotel looks beyond… time to plan a trip?

I love this breezy peplum tee. Such a good update on the classic tee.

Everything we know about the third season of Succession.

How pretty are the details on this little white dress?

Loved this take on post-pandemic style: it’s going to be all about pleasure vs. comfort. YES.

Love this: on learning what you don’t want from a job.

This is a great statement blouse at a good price!

This Parisian apartment is just spectacular… WOW!

Did you see Ralph Lauren’s new hot dog stand!?

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photos by Clay Austin.

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  1. Susan:

    Grace thank you as always for the links! It’s a very fun Saturday ritual for me as I love to peruse and catch up on all of the blog content from the week that I sometimes don’t have time to read in real time! Thank you for sharing! Also your dress in the photo above is fabulous! You look oh so lovely!

    6.12.21 Reply
  2. The breakfast nachos is a drop box link to some vids of you. Just an FYI!

    6.12.21 Reply
  3. Becca:

    Lol! when you said Stanley Cup I legit thought you were getting into hockey and the upcoming semifinals.

    But when I realized you meant the thermos I also can vouch for that! I’ve had classic-neverleak-travel-mug for 10+years and it has been dropped, kicked, forgotten and returned and it still keeps things hot (or cold) all day!

    6.12.21 Reply
  4. mimi:

    Oh my goodness !! I want to see that hot dog stand in person…. wonder if there is a website with it’s tour stops….I’m in the Midwest. Loved that article about not wanting the job. Have a great week!

    6.12.21 Reply
  5. Karen:

    The smocked tank link doesn’t seem to work. Is it just me? Thanks. Love your blog

    6.13.21 Reply
  6. Maggie:

    For some reason the link to the smocked tank just takes me to my (empty) Amazon shopping cart. I tried it through my feed reader (Feedly) and going directly to your site though the Safari Browser.

    6.13.21 Reply
  7. Meagan:

    I have two Stanley cups and prefer them to my Yeti tumbler because of the handle and larger size. It’s just an insulated cup, but it is a good one. I bought two last week for pregnant friends (no kids myself but I hear they are great for nursing moms) and two more for me because I loved the new colors and I use one every day.

    6.13.21 Reply
  8. Yes to the KP Bump Eraser! I’m on my second tube. It is great for the arms but I’ll even use a bit on my elbows and knees.

    6.13.21 Reply