Weekend Reading, 6.11.22.

Weekend Reading 6.11.22

Happy weekend! This was a busy but fun week. My boyfriend was here, we launched the new site (THANK YOU for the kind words and encouragement), I threw a fun cocktail hour with Tanya Taylor, and we are now ready for next week’s big stationery launch. Last night I just hid away… I finished Meant to Be Mine (so cute – my full review is in The Library) and started a new thriller TV series (The Perfect Mother on Netflix, seems promising so far)! Lots of fun links this week, I hope that you enjoy them! xx

Weekend Reading, 6.11.22

Money is emotional… I loved this article and thought it was helpful.

My Faherty code is back again, just for the next 48 hours… use GRACEA20 to get 20% off sitewide (see my favorites here!)

These frozen watermelon jalapeño margaritas look SO good. Adding to my summer bucket list.

Loved this tiny kitchen makeover!

I love the look of this chic but cozy striped crewneck.

10 LGBTQ+ documentaries to stream during Pride Month.

Two fun new Amazon finds: this $2 lip gloss (Love Language reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk!) and these $15 raffia hoop earrings.

The best new launches (movies, TV, art, books etc) over the next two weeks.

How to apply sunscreen. Sounds simple, but a lot of us are doing it wrong!

If I had a fancy party I would 100% buy this fringe dress. It is fabulous! (I find this brand is cut a little small).

Big news re: And Just Like That.

Another really gorgeous summer sun dress.

The latest (ick!) dating trend: roaching!

I love the idea of “the going out book.” I always do this when I travel alone.

My cuticles have gotten so ragged. I ordered this kit at a reader’s recommendation. Will keep you posted!

The most anticipated books of summer.

Okay this smocked Old Navy dress is really really cute. Same with this little mini.

The best workouts for you, based on your Myers-Briggs.

As an INFP all signs point to yoga for me!

How to recycle electronics and other trickier things.

The perfect little white dress for summer.

Loved this interview with Jonathan Adler; I share his V&A fantasy!

I ordered these green earrings this week. They are just so gorgeous and I’ve been into larger studs.

I love labneh dip and this one with sizzled tomatoes sounds delightful.

This sounds like such a fun party idea: DIY ice cream tacos!

One of my all time favorite blouses, now in subtle stripes with a pretty pin tucked back.

The sweetest love letter to the stand-in fathers.

The dramatic ruffle sleeve on this top is so fun!

Yum – grilled watermelon sounds like the perfect summer treat.

Solo travel keeps coming up in my DMs and email questions. Here are some destinations to try.

Mille’s latest new arrivals are all so pretty. I am eyeing this pretty dress.

A summertime digital detox.

Awww, look at this baby tamandua!

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photography by Laura Saur.

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  1. Katie:

    Just saw the new library portion of the blog. I love it! Your reviews are such a great snapshot of each book. Thanks for creating.

    6.11.22 Reply
  2. ah! That money + emotions one is so good. I have one particular financial situation that has an incredibly simple fix logistically but could have massive emotional repercussions, so I’m not ready to take it yet or maybe ever.

    6.11.22 Reply
  3. I feel like it’s important to note that the SATC/And Just Like That update said the CHARACTER of Samantha was coming back, not Kim Cattrall specifically. For all we know HBO might try to pull a fast one on us and slot Jean Smart into the role, who knows at this point, lol.

    6.11.22 Reply
    • HAHA You are totally right. I just got so excited, I miss her!

      God, I wouldn’t mind Jean Smart (ideally as a different character) making a cameo… can’t get enough of her on Hacks!

      6.11.22 Reply
  4. Kristi:

    Love the “going out book” article! I do feel inexplicably sexy when dining alone and reading a book, but I prefer lunchtime.

    6.12.22 Reply
  5. Meghan:

    That finance article was AMAZING. Thanks for sharing it. My husband and I invested in a financial advisor because money stresses both of us out, but after reading this, a financial therapist is what we actually need. Had no idea this existed!

    6.13.22 Reply