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6.15.13-wkendHappy Weekend friends!  Do you ever feel like you might be falling apart?  That was this week for me.  I was still sick on Tuesday, so I finally went to the doctor.  It seems that my food poisoning left me with a bad case of gastritis.  I’m taking medicine and have totally had to change my diet (the worst part?  no coffee!)  and am finally starting to feel better but I’ve been really tired + drained.  On top of that, I spilled water on my laptop and it is not turning on.  Luckily, my bf had an extra that I could borrow, but this will be an expensive mistake.

Anyway, onwards and upwards right?  This weekend I’m headed to CT to see my aunt + sister… otherwise you can find me resting, spending some QT with my bf, and (finally) shooting a few DIYs.  Oh – and spending some time at the Apple store.  Fingers crossed.

P.S.  How cute is the top, pictured above?  It’s from Madewell – just ordered it.

I thought this round-up of lovely gold things was just so pretty!

These DIY bracelets by Aimee are so pretty (and way easy to make!)

ASOS has the best dresses right now.  Three I love:  this paisley swing frock, this navy midi number, and this strapless dress (perfect for summer parties.. I love the high low hem.)

A must-read if you had an American Girl Doll!

You can’t be in a bad mood wearing this comfy cozy sweatshirt

Advice I should probably heed:  going to bed the right way!

GAP is having quite the sale… 35% off of everything, with code GAP35.  I have my eye on this entire outfit.

This DIY ring project is really the perfect cocktail ring!  So creative.

I loved Nicole’s green style.

Also loving Alicia’s sweatshirt style, here + here.  There’s nothing better, and she’s inspiring me to mix my own sweatshirts up a bit.

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  1. I took advantage of that GAP sale and got the cutest dresses, nice links

    6.15.13 Reply
  2. Wow that sounds like a pretty crappy week! I hope you feel better soon
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

    6.15.13 Reply
  3. Oh no! I totally sympathize with the laptop disaster, but I have to tell you a story: About 3 years ago I spilled sugary tea (which is supposed to be the kiss of death) on mine and it wouldn’t turn on either (which was heartbreaking, b/c it was only 4 months old). I took it to the repair store, and they said it would cost $1200 for a new mother board or something like that (I don’t speak computer), so I figured I would just buy a new one for the about the same price. So with much sadness, I turned it off my lappie and headed to the Apple store. Two weeks later, I turned the old macbook on just out of curiosity, and it magically worked again! Long story short, I returned the new one and am typing this (epically long, sorry) comment on what I thought was a write-off laptop. If you only spilled water on yours there’s a pretty good chance that it will recover too, so I just thought I would share this with you before you shell out for a new one!

    And I hope you feel better (and can go back to drinking coffee) soon! xx

    6.15.13 Reply
  4. Love that Madewell top, and pretty much everything else that they have going on right now too!

    6.15.13 Reply