Weekend Reading, 5.4.24.

Weekend Reading 5.4.24

Happy weekend (and happy Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo tomorrow if you are celebrating either of those things). I have a few fun plans over the course of the weekend; a derby party later today and a Cinco gathering tomorrow. I also really want to see Challengers at some point. Same with The Fall Guy. I love having movies to look forward to! Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great.

Weekend Reading, 5.4.24

The Rest Gap: is this why women are so tired? (Huff Post)

This $20 tie front top is such a gem.

I always thought the vampire facial sounded scary but this news is even more terrifying. Yikes. (NPR)

The biggest differences in The Idea of You: book vs. movie. (Vanity Fair)

I just got this pretty floral dress and it’s perfect. Plus you can skip a bra.

A great profile of Nicholas Galitzine (and his chemistry with Anne Hathaway) (Bazaar)

If you are looking for a quiet luxury type handbag, I really like this brand. I’ve been debating purchasing this one.

I really love this West Village apartment. (Clever)

3 things to do if you’re feeling that “summer body” pressure. (Self)

This Reformation dress is pretty perfect.

Everything we know about Season 3 of And Just Like That. (Bustle)

J.Crew’s new arrivals are super strong. I ordered this dress (in red!) on the spot.

Welcome to the golden age of Ryan Gosling. (Time)

The truth about medical grade skincare. (Self)

This white Farm Rio top is so pretty. I ordered immediately.

The 12 best new beauty products of April. (W)

I will never be over this Boden kaftan. It is so pretty and a great price.

Why a little bit of restraint can do you a lot of good. (The Atlantic)

Why gossiping can be good. (The Everygirl)

I love this cute little mini dress. This colorway too!

The battle for attention. (The New Yorker)

This blue & white dress is such a stunner. Love the embroidered details.

A first look at the Black Barbie documentary, premiering later next month. (Shondaland)

Lupita and her red carpet cat. (Vogue)

Just another excellent Free People dress!

Polly Mellen refuses to get nostalgic. (W)

A perfect white dress for all your summer gatherings.

Are we all going to be drinking p*rn star martinis this summer? IDK it looks delicious.. (Delish)

The allure of an unbranded bag. (The Zoe Report)

I really love this white eyelet top – another Amazon gem!

A great profile of Law Roach (NY Times, gift link)

This rope tote is fab and a great price. I love the stripes!

The best dinnerware sets. (Clever)

Robinne Lee on if The Idea of You is really Harry Styles fan-fiction. (Elle)

I love these tailored looking denim shorts (and the secret elastic waist).

The best east coast beach towns. (Conde Nast Traveler)

This is the perfect work tote!

The history behind The Met Gala. (Time)

12 spring fashion trends to know! (Glamour)

This blue & white midi is so cute and a great price.

A great interview with Gucci Westman. I love her minimal routine. (Marie Claire)

The best movies, TV shows, etc. coming in May. (NY Times)

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  1. Allie Townshend Pena:

    A few months ago TIBAL mentioned a pop culture podcast (Shameless) and their deep dive series, Scandal. I pulled up their archives to find one on Anne Hathaway (and “Hathahate”) from 2022. It’s a two-part series and interesting listen!

    Loved getting to watch The Idea of You after reading it in 2019 via your and Ashley’s rec! Hope you had a fun weekend with Becca 🙂

    5.5.24 Reply
    • Ooh interesting, I’ll take a peek!

      5.5.24 Reply
    • Katherine:

      Love to hear people recommending Shameless! It is a wonderful Australian podcast by two Australian women who are shaking up the media landscape here. Definitely recommend their Scandal series – and also their book club podcast too!

      5.6.24 Reply
  2. I always look forward to Weekend Reading. Have you ever thought of sharing more blogs instead of just larger sites? I’m an avid blog reader and would love to find more to support.

    5.5.24 Reply
    • I try to but honestly, most of the blogs I love don’t post as much anymore!

      5.5.24 Reply
    • Cy:

      Cup of Jo is great!

      5.6.24 Reply
  3. Cy:

    Hi Grace, I just watched the idea of this weekend and did enjoy it. I read the book right after you and Becca had read it and recommended it. l liked some of changes they made , although it felt a bit short ( after reading the book) . Spoilers, if anyone hasn’t read the book yet or seen the film!! I liked the film ending, I liked that it was hopeful. I felt so sad that she lied about her feelings and that he never knew that she loved him. I know she did it for him, but why shouldn’t they be given a second chance? Women, we are so selfless. There is a real love and regard between the characters and I was cheering for them. I could be a bit biased . When I turned 50, I had a boyfriend who was 16 years younger. He had no idea what my age was when he asked me out ( I later learned he thought I was turning 40). Obviously, a different situation, not being famous. I don’t remember getting much push back from anyone. He was kind of an old soul and I’ve always had a youthful spirit so it worked for a while. We broke up for reasons that had nothing to do with our age difference. I admit I don’t understand and wouldn’t want the 53 year age difference like Al Pacino has with his wife. That I do not understand, except you know he’s filthy rich. I feel sorry for a child that won’t have one of his parents around for very long. Money doesn’t change that. Thanks for the fun round up this weekend!

    5.5.24 Reply
  4. m:

    What a fab NYC apartment! Thanks for sharing the link.

    5.7.24 Reply
  5. sarah:

    Please no more tiered dresses… on most people they look like they’re wearing a night gown…

    5.7.24 Reply
  6. Brittany:

    I just got back from the UK and Paris and can confidently say a P*rn Star Martini is delicious and dangerous in the best way possible. Didn’t know they were potentially a drink of the summer but highly recommend having at least one.

    5.15.24 Reply