Weekend Reading, 5.18.24.

Weekend Reading 5.18.24

Hello! We are up bright and early to go to Harbour Island. I have been looking forward to this trip for months and now it is finally here. I am really looking forward to sunshine and girl time. This week’s list is a good one. A fun feature on Pookie & Jett. The best airlines depending on how you fly. Two exciting movie trailers. An excellent reading list. I hope you enjoy it; have a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Reading, 5.18.24

I thought this rent/buy calculator was super interesting. (NY Times, gift link)

This $78 free people “nightgown” is serving up major Doen vibes. I’d just wear it with a nude bra and half slip.

How Pookie & Jett won the Internet (The Cut)

Gahhhh… the Wicked trailer! It looks truly incredible. Chills. (W)

My favorite little travel pouches were restocked. I absolutely love these!

100 carefully vetted travel picks! (The Strategist)

I just got this green & white dress in the mail and it’s perfection!

Next level luxury travel experiences (NY Times, gift link)

A silly thing but I am rather intrigued by this ice cream scoop review. (Food & Wine)

Madewell made the perfect wear-everywhere dress.

I don’t know about you but I have a ton of blueberries. Here are some yummy blueberry recipes! (Bon Appetit)

I love that these Adidas Sambas are basically all white. The perfect summer sneaker.

How to visit Oslo. (Travel & Leisure)

Why are we still shocked seeing older women in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit? (Allure)

A really cute, very well priced top and skirt set.

The Atlantic‘s summer reading guide.

How gorgeous is this patterned button down?

Vogue editors share their best bedding picks.

A peek into the O.C. creator (Josh Schwartz)’s beautiful California home. (Architectural Digest)

Amazon has a very cute dupe of the Anthro Somerset dress!

25 easy summer dinner ideas. (The Everygirl)

I really love the colors and print of this floral dress.

This summer’s key accessories trend. (Marie Claire)

These are the best airlines for economy, business, and first class. (Conde Nast Traveler)

Staud made one of my fav dresses in a really pretty green print.

How to become a more thoughtful collector. (Clever)

This linen camp shirt is sooo chic.

11 Italian cocktails that taste like vacation. (Food & Wine)

How to start strength training. (Time)

How fab is this under $200 tiered dress? Love.

Dressing up for dinner isn’t just for fun, it’s a question of respect.” (Vogue)

Such a cute summer mini dress!

Very excited about the trailer for It Ends With Us. (Vulture)

How to be your best, even as time passes. (The Atlantic)

This bright pink lip oil is like a jelly shoe for your face.

Loved this interview with Lainey Crowell (founder of Saie Beauty) (Elle)

Ultra chic, ultra minimalist sandals. I love them.

What’s next for the Michelin Guide? (Bon Appetit)

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  1. Cy:

    Lots of great stuff to get through here Grace. I was shocked to when I read the article about the older Sports Illustrated models, not to see Padma Lakshmi’sname not mentioned. Arguably one of the most stunning models they have ever had on the cover whatever her age ( 53). She’s such a powerful activist as well. I’m an Amex, Delta miles card member. They are still good airline, but I was shocked when I flew from SFO to JFK and there was no meal ( and the purchase choices were not great). Generally I bring my own, but didn’t expect to as I had flown them to Mexico City last Spring and was served. Apparently, it’s because it’s an international trip, even though it’s 4 hours and NY is 6. Doesn’t make any sense to me. I usually fly premium economy with them and one of your perks is “ dedicated above your seat storage”; guess how many times that doesn’t happen? It’s fine, just don’t tell me it’s a perk, cause I’m paying extra. So annoying. I flew Scandinavian airlines to Italy last May, I splurged for business class ( bought my ticket last minute and Delta was twice as much!) What a dream. Gorgeous food, warm nuts and cocktails , great little amenity kit and the seats convert to a a cozy bed. The flight attendants were wonderful too! Both movie trailers were so fun to watch. Can’t wait! Have you tried any of the Naked Sundays spf line from Australia? Really loving their hydrating glow face mist, sheer glow balm and Cabana glow mineral serum drops. All spf 50 ( I’m very fair). The Supergoop glow screen isn’t quite right on me. Also enjoying the Saint James pore smoothing for less sunny days ( spf 30) or days I’m just out for a short time. Back to more reading. Your girl trip sounds amazing.

    5.19.24 Reply
    • I know, it’s a bummer that they don’t feed you! I think it’s international flights only which is tough as some domestic flights are 6 hours long!!!

      5.21.24 Reply