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4.7So, this is the week where I’m starting to get back into shape.  Try not to judge me too much, but I despise exercise.  Hate it.   It wasn’t always the case… I used to really enjoy it… and even ran marathons.  I’m determined to change my lazy ways.  So, I started bootcamp this week.  Two days a week… and we’ll go from there.  On Tuesday night, I broke out in hives and got sick afterward.  I took the class again last night and it was a little better.  Baby steps.  As for this weekend, the bf is away… so I’m catching up on cleaning, taxes, blog stuff, and crafts.  I swear, I’m not eighty years old… I’ve also got plans for  a facial, a massage, time with my sis, and a boozy dinner with one of my best pals.  Overall, I’m just very thankful that it’s the weekend… I’ve been on a work/blog treadmill all week long, it’s time to step off and get some R&R.  Last night I enjoyed a sushi dinner in bed, while watching House of Cards.  Pretty much perfect.





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  1. Have a great weekend! Taking time for yourself is always important 🙂

    4.6.13 Reply
  2. Your sister’s illustrations are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    4.6.13 Reply
  3. So many awesome links! I really want to make that DIY braided rhinestone necklace a la Honestly WTF. And I hate working out, loathe it, but I force myself. Boot camp sounds scary!

    4.6.13 Reply
  4. Oh I like exercise so much! I wish I had more time, because it’s quite “relaxing” for me, and it makes me feel good. I never go to the gym, I just do exercise at home, listening to music.
    But have a great weekend, and great links!

    4.6.13 Reply
  5. Thanks for linking to my interview and illustration!
    Had so much fun yesterday 🙂

    4.7.13 Reply
  6. where are you guys going on vacation? im jealous!

    4.8.13 Reply
  7. Haha, you are so funny! I too signed up for a bootcamp 2 weeks ago (used to be a 3x a week runner, like you mention) and am now creaky and in pain – can barely type, LOL.

    Great links this week -love the Game of Thrones beauty tips!!

    4.9.13 Reply
  8. Thanks Grace! loved interviewing you and having you on the site as a guest curator – check out Grace’s must haves here http://bit.ly/10LnJ5I BIG X

    4.9.13 Reply