Weekend Reading, 4.27.24.

chair and plants - Weekend Reading

Happy weekend! This weekend I have a few family things, am planning on getting back on the workout train (accidentally took the whole week off, whoops), and spending as much time outdoors as possible. It is really really beautiful outside right now and that perfect “not hot but not cold” sort of warm weather we all love.

Weekend Reading, 4.27.24.

Why is Gen Z so obsessed with “old money style?” (GQ)

This $130 jacket could pass for Nili Lotan.

A martini tour of New York City. (New Yorker)

A guide of American museums to visit this year. (NY Times)

The sweetest little red flats!

Loved this interview with Emily Henry. Her new book is fantastic! (Elle)

The colors in this gorgeous midi dress are just stunning.

Just how far would you go to track down a discontinued beauty product? (Allure)

The best vermouths for negronis. (Food & Wine)

I just ordered one of my most favorite dresses in this pretty embroidered white color.

The coquette aesthetic, explained. (Vogue)

I just got this little swingy dress (in green of course) and love it so much.

The ten best places to travel in June. (Conde Nast Traveler)

How Gmail became our diary. (NY Mag)

LOOK at this under $100 raffia and leather bag.

The best romcoms to watch right now. (The Cut)

This white tee has become an instant favorite. The cut is just right!

Substacks worth paying for. (Book Enthusiast)

More Links for this Week

What does preppy style mean today? (Elle)

How fun is this happy crochet set (top & shorts)? I love the color combo.

The best brunch recipes! (Eater)

I really love this dramatic wrap maxi dress.

I’ve loved east-west bags for a while now so I’m happy to see they’re a trend! (Marie Claire)

The best beach reads of 2024. This is a good list! (Bazaar)

Love this tie front top. I own it in white but love this stripey version!

This yellow kitchen is surprisingly sophisticated. Really love! (Apartment Therapy)

Perfect drop shoulder stripes.

The absolute best clean beauty brands on the market right now. (W)

Everything coming to Netflix in May. (Vogue)

I maybe need these sambas. The colors are so pretty! I love this pair as well.

13 going on 30 was one of my favs, naturally I loved reading this piece! (Cosmopolitan)

Still my number one most favorite button down.

Wow: can’t get over the size of this first class airline seat. Can you even? (Travel & Leisure)

Fashion editor approved going out outfits. (Marie Claire)

Oooh this Ref dress is a good one.

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  1. I came for the beach read round up and the martini tour (hello, Saturday Group Text working on me), and then I saw my lil’ ol’ article linked too. Thank you friend!!!

    4.27.24 Reply
  2. Marsha:

    I haven’t even read the post yet, but I had to stop and tell you that I am in love with your porch!!! the fence, the cozy feel, watering can, criss-cross boards, the whole thing. Shady paradise!!

    4.27.24 Reply
  3. Leah:

    Great links ! What size would you recommended getting in the sezane button down? I’m usually a 6.

    4.27.24 Reply
    • Get your usual size! It will be a little oversized but looks better that way. If you want it to be more fitted then I would size down (but the beauty of this one is its more oversized silhouette)

      4.27.24 Reply
      • Leah:

        Thank you!!!

        4.27.24 Reply