Weekend Reading, 4.17.21.

Weekend Reading, 4.17.21.
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Happy weekend. Life is starting to feel really good here. I started to feel a little more settled this week. Yesterday I made a huge dent in the boxes, and I am also having some fun! On Thursday night I went over my friend Liz’s for dinner with a few blogger girlfriends. Liz is one of the first friends I made through blogging (she was Sequins & Stripes and I was Stripes & Sequins) back in the day and it is pretty cool to get to live in the same city. Last night I went out with my usual crew (friends from New York who have moved here over the years) and today I have brunch with a newer friend.

Everyone here has been so kind to me and I feel really lucky and excited to make new friends and strengthen older friendships that were once long distance. Links are coming at you a little late in the morning, but it’s a good list… I really hope you enjoy them and have a great weekend ahead.

Weekend Reading, 4.17.21

How good do these lentil taquitos with avocado crema sound?

I bought this white blouse during the Shopbop sale and it’s really, really cute in person.

How to engage your imagination as a spiritual practice.

I found this informative: what to expect if you plan on flying this summer.

Aerie is doing a great sale: sweatshirts and sweaters are both 40% off right now. I have and LOVE this beachy sweater – just be sure to size down!

9 home decor trends from instagram to help your space feel brand new.

Target does it again: I absolutely love this tiered dress.

How to buy happiness.

How to be better at posing in photos

TikTok tips!!!!

This tiered cotton midi dress is pretty perfect (and only $39), and it comes in so many colors.

OH! This bedroom makeover is SO good.

What a cute pajama set.

On breaking up with politeness.

Is anyone else really excited about DVF’s upcoming collab with H&M Home!?

LOFT may become my new secret spot for chic, well-priced sunglasses… love these!

Oh boy – how trauma, isolation, and uncertainty have affected our brains.

This faux crocodile tote looks designer, for $45.

The best books of 2021 so far. (Also: 8 great books to read in April and the best romance novels of 2021).

Got Zoom fatigue? It has a new name: cybersickness.

Helena always looks so chic and has me thinking maybe I need some Converse?

This $20 peplum top is so cute!

What a cool kitchen floor.

You know I can’t resist a fruit motif… love the tiny watermelons on this sweater.

Viola Davis’s beauty advice is a must-read. I love her attitude toward self love.

Cool! This museum exhibit explores the relationship between glass and wine.

Love the scrunched handles on this fun shoulder bag.

LOL. Now you can coordinate meals with your cat.

An easy, elegant alternative to rubber flip flops (for only $20!).

Curious penguins!


Photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re settling in well! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.17.21 Reply
  2. Betsy:

    Well, I was all excited to ditch my black cane chairs and now I feel like I have to keep them after reading the home decor piece! And we have a bust of Abraham Lincoln on our sideboard in the dining room thanks to my 10 year old son…next to our black and white gallery wall. I guess I have needed to update for so long that I came back around again. Off to order some gold frames and a boucle ottoman!

    So glad you are settling in and having some fun! Cheers to a new chapter!

    4.17.21 Reply
    • No no no! Black cane chairs forever! My cescas are my beloved chairs… the best! 😉

      4.17.21 Reply
      • Cy:

        So elegant!

        4.17.21 Reply
  3. Cy:

    Love the article on politeness . Sometimes it’s easier to just do it ( like with my dad’s very problematic girlfriend who flies into crazy “rages” often with no warning)but most of time I’m all for it. I catch myself moving out of the way when walking down the street because men expect you to move. Then I get mad at myself because it’s so ingrained and I do it automatically! So glad you are feeling at home in your new city 🙂

    4.17.21 Reply
  4. Welcome to South Carolina!!! Living on the coast is so much fun, I’m a few hours north in Myrtle Beach 🙂

    4.18.21 Reply
  5. Emma:

    I just got the faux croc tote from Nordstrom after reading this and it’s INCREDIBLE in person! Can’t wait to wear it this weekend. Thanks, Grace!

    4.21.21 Reply