Weekend Reading | 4.13.19.

Weekend Reading | 4.13.19 on the blog

happy weekend! This weekend is actually pretty packed with plans – a brunch, a party, a comedy show, etc. Becca and I stayed in to do a bunch of work and recording last night and I have to work tomorrow so I’m trying to avoid my computer as much as I can today. ALSO it is supposed to be 75 and sunny today here in New York. Hell YES! Lots of fun links for you though…  enjoy!

Two of my favorites colliding! Garance and Katie Sturino!!! I loved this interview.

I got sent this palette of cream highlighters and blushes this week and it’s so so pretty. New fav. (The oil lip tint is also GORGEOUS on.)

DM Etiquette – a must-read, in my opinion!

Loved reading Divya + Lindsay’s morning routines

My favorite clear bag (I have the white) now comes in a fun bubblegum pink. Love… I’m excited for fun bags for Spring.

I missed this while in Mexico so this is old news but WHOA – this boycott. Actually, I had to read and re-read it as I was so upset and couldn’t believe it was real. I was actually planning to stay at the BHH this week in LA and changed my reservation to a different hotel.

Tara from Follain has me hooked on this high performance (but clean) serum. It’s a lot like a retinol.

How cool is Everlane x the NYT’s Earth Day collab!?

One of my beauty go-to’s… in Morocco they call it natural botox!

How CUTE is this yellow button down shirtdress? (Comes in plus size too)

You know how much I love body wash – excited about Coveteur’s roundup.

I would ruin the Hermes sandals; so these are a great (way more affordable) alternative. I have in white!

The art of NOT having an opinion.

Loved this review of Sally Rooney’s new book (we’re discussing it on the pod in May!)

I know I keep raving about it but this trench is just the best ever. Sizing can be a little confusing – I wear a size 6 and bought a 2XS

How to deal with “haters.”

I got these espadrilles and LOVE them. They’re surprisingly extremely comfortable.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors so naturally I love both of these looks!

Planning a trip to Boston? Check out Jess’s guide!

This stripe jumpsuit is SO fab and a great price. I love it. (Plus version here!)

What to buy at Trader Joe’s.

Love this little wicker bucket bag.

Loved reading about Victoria’s favorite things from this year… she has great taste.

The best coffee shops in New York (and I love Krystal’s outfit – couldn’t believe it’s Old Navy!)

The coolest, most dramatic earrings. I’m obsessed.

Love these everyday basics.

I splurged on this Veronica Beard blazer when Katie and I went shopping. It is so perfect and the fit is just so great. It’s available up to a size 22 on their website.

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  1. I gotta read a couple of those articles, the topics seem interesting and I didn’t know how much I actually liked reading that sort of articles until I started reading your blog and paying attention to your weekend reading posts.

    4.13.19 Reply
  2. Have fun this weekend, Grace! I’m jealous of the weather you’re having! It’s gloomy and rainy this weekend here, sigh!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.13.19 Reply
  3. Lisa Autumn:

    YAY I am always looking forward to these posts 🙂

    Happy weekend!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    4.13.19 Reply
  4. Great links! Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a great day.


    4.14.19 Reply
  5. Shawna:

    Hi Grace! Thank you for the good reads-I have to say, you are the embodiment of “how to deal with haters” 😉

    4.15.19 Reply
  6. I’ve never heard of using cactus oil on your skin. If it will make me look not as old, it is worth the try!

    4.15.19 Reply